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  1. Well, image won't come up on reply page. Test to see if it does when I submit reply Dennis Hmm, http 404 error, whatever that is. Annoying! Okay, there it is. Proper Ludite sometimes. Sorry! The wing intakes on the three F8F kits are all not quite right. On this Testors kit I added a bit of styrene to the opening and re-shaped the upper and lower lip (right side in photo). Also, the outer cannon blister on the -2 is noticeably larger the its fellow so filed the blisters off and added slightly larger ones. Finished re-shaping the lg openings and lined one with .010 styrene. Also (finally) finished applying all the necessary rib tapes. Glad that's over. Cheers, and thanks for looking, Dennis http://village.photos/images/user/22123fdd-eeb7-4ada-89a7-d519154ec580/3a787e3e-2732-46e6-9053-d77dd5194dcc
  2. Game of Thrones: recommended?

    Well, Cadman, thanks for the spoiler alert. I didn’t read your reply as we are waiting for HMV to lower their price on series seven. We have, however, gone through the first six series (as recommended by BM members) and enjoyed them very much. No stinting on production values and the acting was pretty convincing (I developed a loathing for certain characters based solely on the actors’s performance!) Anyway, thanks for the reply. Doubt I,ll come back and read it, however, as I prefer to retain my suspension of belief on these sorts of films. Loving the dragons. Cheers Dennis
  3. Not a lot of modelling done over the last couple of weeks. Decided to try angling the cowling down (-4.5A degrees according to Mr Temma) a bit by placing a 040 thou shim between the aft end of the cowling and the kit 'firewall'. The shim should actually be at the firewall as the cowling should be equal width in its circumference not wider at the top. But easier this way. I traced the outline of the cowling inside and out and removed the inside first with a large punch then trimmed the excess around the outside and cemented it to the cowling. After matching the shim to the cowling I sanded it at an angle to get a wedge shape. Just need to angle the firewall a bit so the Quickboost replacement engine lines up with the cowl ring opening. Also finished applying the 'tapes' to the top and bottom of the port wing. Quite time consuming thinning down the wing trailing edge and then cementing all those tapes. HGW makes rib tapes for WWl aircraft and I'm thinking these tapes might work as the tapes on the F8F, and others. I have another F8F, Italeri boxing, and I might try it out. Cheers and a Happy New Year to everyone, Dennis
  4. F-3A Havoc info sought

    Hi Larry, i have the aformentioned Patton book. A few pics and a couple of diagrams on the F-3A but mostly on P-51s and P-38s. Still, pics and camera diagrams would probably be of use to you so no problem to photocopy and post to you. Let me know. Ex: Starize colour profile shows turret in place. (I lived in West Palm Beach for a few years. Really miss the weather sometimes.) Cheers Dennis
  5. Thanks, Troy, for taking the time to put that reply together. I have a couple of those photos and it looks as thought it might be rather a mixed bag as far as the -2 cockpit is concerned. Predominantly black (dark grey for scale) will no doubt be the way to go (ingnoring the dark blue of the Eduard fret). On on the other hand, the scheme in the cockpit of an F8F (restored, no doubt) in this link provided by 72modeler (Mike) looks ok to me. We’ll see. http://www.navalaviationmuseum.org/nnam/virtualtour/?s=pano13556 Thank you, again, for the reply. Cheers Dennis
  6. I had planned on having a closed canopy with minimum cockpit details but after looking over the Eduard PE sets for the F8F decided to go "whole hog" . This fret is for the Hobbycraft kit and the IP and right side console have a blue background which doesn't seem correct. The blue is dark enough, however, so that it really won't be that obvious. The fret for the Hobbyboss kit is much more elaborate, and more expensive, than this one featuring rudder pedals and full consoles. This one will do nicely for me as not much can be seen once the cockpit is in the fuselage. Unlike many of you, I've not had very much experience with PE. My first was about 30 years ago with a set of FW 190 rudder pedals frim Aries and more recently with Airscale instrument bezels and the like. Some of these parts are so small that I'm sure sacrificing them to the carpet monster is an inevitability. In the last photo you can see that the PE fits exactly under the reworked IP cowling and also on the scratched console. A bonus, in fact. Not that sure about the interior colours. I expect the seat and sidewalls will be standard interior green(ish) and the rest dark grey. I have a few interior photos but they are either b&w or of restored 'cats. Time to look into that, however. Cheers and thanks for looking Dennis
  7. Thanks for the “like”, Zac. They’ve been pretty thin on the ground lately. Cheers Dennis
  8. Did a little work on the port wing and made up a dihedral jig based on Temma’s drawings. Cheers Dennis
  9. Liquid Poly: a cautionary tale-update

    Thanks for that, Vinnie. Yes indeed doctors can be your best friend when you’re on the wrong side of 70. Cheers Dennis
  10. Liquid Poly: a cautionary tale-update

    Thanks, I’ll stick to the occasional beer to get high (doesn’t take much these days). Dennis
  11. Liquid Poly: a cautionary tale-update

    Thanks ,Matt, although my wife might question your use of the word normal. Well, no damage from the cement then. Still being extra carful, however. Thanks, Mitch Dennis
  12. Finished the empennage rib tapes. These tapes are not as prominent as the stitching as can be seen in photo 11 in the net-maquettes link below. Tried to simulate the stitching but it was no go. The tapes will be reduced in prominence wit a couple of coats of primer and some sanding. The LG cover opening needed a little reshaping. I used the Temma drawings as a guide but the Hobbyboss kit one is a pretty close approximation. Also began work on removing the kit raised ribs. I try to retain the hinges hence the tape over them. And, I added a little ribbing in the cockpit. I ordered an eduard cockpit set from "model-hobbies" almost two weeks ago but they've never arrived. Have asked for a refund but nothing yet In eBay's hands now. Cheers, and thanks for looking Dennis https://www.net-maquettes.com/pictures/grumman-f8f-bearcat-walkaround/
  13. Liquid Poly: a cautionary tale-update

    Just thought I should post an update. Indeed I did see the doctor on Tuesday. Found out my pulse was at 130 (two days after the event, never been that high) so he bumped the beta blocker from 7.5 to 10mg once a day. Aftershocks have subsided so hopefully that’s that. Doubt the liquid poly had anything to do with the increased rate but nevertheless have modified my cementing practice somewhat. Many thanks to all who expressed concern. Cheers Dennis
  14. Bearcat Controls

    Thank you, Bob, Mike and Noel. Most likely I read it wrong or the fog of failed memory strikes again. You have enlightened me. Cheers Dennis
  15. Liquid Poly: a cautionary tale-update

    Well, yes, having the time to indulge yourself in wherever your interests take you is indeed a luxury. But the time usually comes with age. I never make good use of the time I can spend on a kit. Too much faffing about with scratching extra details. It’s a curse. Glad you got the “odd things” sorted out. If you’re lucky enough, however,to hang around for a while then things do begin to happen. Cheers Dennis