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  1. Cooked a burger for lunch today and noticed that the round metal splatter shield I was using had a nice, fine mesh/grid that might suit. in fact, probably quite useful for a lot of modelling applications. Cheers, Dennis
  2. Thank you, Massimo, I appreciate your comments. Cheers, Dennis
  3. After Martian mentioned Little Cars lenses on his ...Dorman thread I ordered a selection from Modelling Tools. Both the -2F and -2G have three large lamps in the nose cap and these lenses looked just the thing for the -2F and -2G that I've been working on. the bumpy bit of styrene is a scrap from a previous vacuum forming mould. I shaved a couple of the bumps off and cemented them behind holes I had drilled in a spare nose cap that I had plunge moulded. The bezels are just slices of tubing drilled out to the sizes of the lenses. A dab of Vallejo aluminium did for the reflective backs. The lens on the left is 2mm, the one on the right is 2.5mm. 2mm is about 6" scale and I'm guessing that's about the diameter of the 1:1 lens. This was just a trail run but I think it came out ok. These lenses are very nice but they are also prime Carpet Monster food. Drop one and forget ever seeing it again. Cheers, Dennis
  4. Well, you wasted no time getting it done. Looks great. Dennis
  5. Following along on Tony's suggestion, and based on my recent stay, you might want to consider the following: a sleep mask mask of some sort as they don't switch all the lights off at night, Also, you'll most likely be woken up every couple of hours to have your bp taken. ear plugs as the wards can be quite noisy at night. Think some poor fellow trying to pass a kidney stone. bed socks: they keep the wards cool for obvious reasons. a book. something for the nurses when you leave. They work very hard and appreciate an appreciative gesture. Best whishes, Dennis
  6. Telford Shopping List

    Well, it's coming 'round again. Where has the year gone? Quite enjoyed going last year although the day was cut a little short because of rail problems from Birmingham. After a few false starts since I started modelling again, I seem to have found my muse in the form of (often) peculiar looking machines with stonking great fans on top. So, after reading Chickenhawk and Low Level Hell, I'll be looking for a Huey, a Cobra and a Loach. All, probably, in 1/48. Not sure about the Loach but the Huey and Cobra will be Revell/Monogram kits. I realise there are better kits available but I've read a few reviews and think I can deal with the kit's shortcomings okay. Whether I ever get to address them is another matter, however. What about you, anything special on you list? Dennis
  7. Thanks for all the "likes" guys and you especially, nontas, as you must have used up your month's allowance. Dennis
  8. Finished the starboard stub wing on the -2G and added a few more bits. That device in back of the doghouse should have a disc of some shape on top but I'm not sure if it should be round or oblong, or what. still looking for a photo that will explain all. Did a little work on the -2F. The intakes looked a unfinished so I made up a new set. Also, the kit exhaust is flush in the pod but should protrude a little. A little surgery will fix that. Looking for a Loach on eBay I found this and couldn't resist it. Looks like an ASW fairground ride. Cheers, Dennis
  9. Hello Martian, Before you start investing in Evergreen styrene, have a look at the styrene sheet prices on the following site: http://www.stationroadbaseboards.co.uk/cart_plastic.htm For instance, one sheet of Evergreen, .060, on a random eBay site is £5.95 plus postage. One sheet of .060 styrene on Stationroadbaseboards is £1.38, with a £3.90 minimum purchase. I use his styrene for plunge moulding, vacuum forming and general modelling. No problems whatsoever. Unfortunately, the site is primarily for model rail roaders and there is little else of interest for aircraft modellers. Also, he posts orders very quickly. I had intended to throw my suggestion for your next helo build in the ring but I suppose I'm a little late for that. My only request is that as I'm getting on a bit perhaps you'd cut back a bit on the super scratching so I'd be around to see it finished. Cheers, Dennis
  10. nThe NHS occasionally catches a bit of flack but I recently had a "procedure" done at Nottingham City and spent a few days getting straight. I have to say they were nothing less than wonderful, Simon. They will look after you. All the best, Dennis
  11. Chickenhawk

    Right, nipped to my local library and found this. Eighty pages in and it's as good, I think, as Chickenhawk, especially since it seems that Mason might have fudged his narrative a bit. Dennis
  12. I've got the HobbyBoss Seahawk kit, #87231, which looks to be an ok kit. Never the less, if you persevere with this build I'll follow along to see how you do. Not that many helo builds pop up on WIP. Cheers Dennis
  13. Sea Dragon!

    Very nice. Eleven months well spent. Dennis
  14. NTL Woes

    Sorted, apparently, thanks to my wife who is considerably more savvy with IT then I am. No explanation, however, on why this happened in the first place. No suspicious activity on eBay or PayPal. Thanks for the replies. Dennis
  15. NTL Woes

    Yes, Paul, a few have but most seem to be a few years old. Nothing recent, but I will keep googling, Dennis