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  1. Figured since progress has been slow I would wait a while until there was enough done to make it worthwhile! I have been laboriously adding the heat protection to the cockpit/nose area of the orbiter, it's not completely accurate to the actual shuttle but I have tried to get the general layout and feel the same. The medical tape 'flexible blankets' pick up dirt really easily (the black paint was rubbing off on my hands from so much handling!) but this isn't to dissimilar to the patina on a real orbiter after the rigours of space flight so I think it adds a shade of realism. Curious a
  2. Just a craft knife to be honest! I’m sure there’s probably a specific tool for the job but as a first-time modeller I only have a few bits and pieces so far.
  3. Hi guys, so latest update... I have masked off the windows, nose and tail and painted those areas black. The edges are a little rough but it doesn't matter since it's only to stop any grey/white showing through the tiles I will be adding. I have then tiled the area around the windows and added the masking tape solution to represent the nomex felt heat protection blankets. It was at this point I really appreciated how inaccurate this area is compared to the actual shuttle! The tape has gotten a little grubby since I put it on but i thinbk this is a bonus as the real orbiter is grubby
  4. Orbiter has been primed! I can see some areas that aren't as smooth as I thought they were but they shouldn't be an issue since the whole outer surface will be covered in a physical material of some kind. Plan next is to paint the black tile areas, then I can add the electical tape detailing around the windows, install the cockpit windows and cockpit and then fit the bay doors into position.
  5. That’s a lot of shuttles! Is the plan to build them all or will you want/need to kitbash the best parts from all the kits you have to make a few great models? Thabks for the compliments, if you can learn from my mistakes it’ll be worth the effort and if I do anything right all the better!
  6. Still working away on the orbiter, latest progress includes: - Filled the nozzles on the nose as they aren't particularly accurate and for launch config they are covered anyway (will be sanded smooth) - Sanded the OMS pods to a more accurate shape and attached the New Ware aftermarket parts. These have also been attached to the main body and once the filler dries I will sand smooth the gaps. Of course I went to the trouble of drilling out the thruster nozzles to be more accurate before realising that these are also covered at launch so then ended up filling them in... doh - Fini
  7. So today has been a slower day... - I have added some shims and putty to the base of the tail to recreate the drag chute which isn't on the original Revell model. - Added some putty inside the OMS cowlings in anticipation of some reshpaing the forends to be more accurate. - Affixed the end bulkhead of the cargo bay. - Cut out the inner window framings and added decals to some clear plastic for the windows themselves. The clear plastic will be sandwiched between these frames and the outer shell of the orbiter. - Carved out an area for the photo etched door from New Ware
  8. Yeah I saw that, it’s a great technique but I don’t think it will scale well to 1/144 and in any case the blanket tiles are probably the easy bit, it’s the little ceramic tiles that’s gonna be the ballache! I want to try and do the individual tiles Just to see if it can be done and how the end result looks.
  9. Thanks! I may have bitten off more than I can chew but it’ll be a good learning experience none the less.
  10. Been trying to scratch build a 144 scale cockpit (bearing in mind I haven't done any of this before!) and maaking some steady progress. I am not working to exact dimensions or anything, so long as it looks 'about right' to the MK1 Eyeball it'll do for me. I'll be painting and applying some homemade decals for the control panels and floor details and using some cut down model car aerials for the control columns. I have also made some little chairs from styrene and black thread.
  11. I’m assuming it will be far less as by the time I’ve done 5000 I’ll have gone completely mad and be in an institution...
  12. Next steps I have glued on the wings, filled the gaps, sanded them smooth and carved out the detail in the landing gear doors. I also carved out between the flaps and reshaped the outer edges to be more accurate. I have also drilled/sanded the holes for the New Ware resin star trackers. Next steps will be to scratch build some sort of simple cockpit!
  13. First update... I have glued the two halves of the orbiter together after smoothing off any artifacts from the casting process, I then filled in the various gaps along the join and sanded them smooth. I also want to make the windows more realistic by giving them some depth so instead of using the kit supplied window and decal I used some plastic shims and filler to craft them out.
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