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  1. You're right Thomas. It was Detail Boy who persuaded me to get on with it and buy the riveting tools!
  2. Are the rivets raised or just flat round circles please? andy
  3. Thanks Colin. You are right about Eduard. It cannot be that hard to get things exactly right. Take a look at the wheel well. The brass does not fit but I don't know if this is because it is for the CH-53 and that has different deeper wheel wells. My apologies to Eduard if it does, however for the prices charged, they could do better with the colours. andy
  4. But none of them are in real money! Two GWH MiGs for eight quid is a good deal though, even I have to admit that, but the rest? 😀 Andy
  5. hi all, I bet you thought that i had given up on this one! After six weeks of general procrastination, pathetic excuses and wimping out, i have finally summoned up the courage and started to rivet the whole airframe. Basically, i couldn't make up my mind how to do it and whether i should use individual resin rivets (only a masochist would do this on an MH-53!), Archer decal rivets (good but only on flat surfaces and not compound curves), HGW decal rivets (they aren't raised) or plain old Rosie-the-Riveter tools. In the end and having studied lots of good close up photos, i found that the main airframe is covered in small rivets, so i have gone with the riveting tools for subtlety and will use resin rivets for the larger items. I may resort to Archer ones too, but i'll see later. So, after lots of heartache, here are a few photos. All told, it came out far better than i could have hoped for but i will have to be carefull that the small holes don't fill up with dust or paint. It's not perfect by a long way but at least it isn't a boring flat airframe as the kit would have it. I've also built up the massive side sponsons and added some brass details into the main landing gear wells. It looks awful in the photo but in true life-size it is okay, but i may revisit it to tidy things up. Photos never lie, right? Above are some of the tools that i used. The top one is a cheapy riveter that actually works really well, the wooden handled ones were bought at Telford and the bottom one has a Radu Brinzan riveter in it which is also very good quality. If anyone has any suggestions or tips, please let me know ta Andy
  6. SEVEN MODELS????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll say no more Andy
  7. hi Craig, That is looking very nice indeed even though i thought you would have finished it already I do like the faded wash. Far better than most you see on the circuit Andy
  8. that all looks very nice Craig. Have fun with the decals Andy
  9. looking good still Craig. As some have sugested, maybe overdo the lightness and then overspray everything with a thin filter of grey to blend it all in once decalling is finished. Either, it's coming along nicley Andy
  10. Looking good Craig, keep going, andy
  11. You're both tight! Andy
  12. hi Craig, That is looking great. I hope you are going to do some rescribing and get rid of those scratch marks too. Markus 'Detail Boy' Wuellner is on board now!! Andy
  13. Good job on this one Craig. It looks very impressive indeed. have you finished the MiG yet? 😉 Andy
  14. It is looking great craig. Keep going andy
  15. That is nice to hear ddelk. I have yet to use them as I keep getting dragged off onto other jasdf subjects thanks and glad you like them andy