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  1. Humbrol Silver Plate

    Years ago, Humbrol 11 could be used for that. Not any more, as you pointed out...
  2. Destroyer

    Indeed, it looks as if it was forged from massive steel!
  3. Revell 2018

    No, they reboxed the Italeri 'Streak in 1/72: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/138503-revell-04372-f-84f-thunderstreak Still, that was quite some time ago and in my opinion, the Italeri F-84F is the less pleasing option in 1/72 (the other one is the Airfix rendition which is a bit more recent, from their "golden period"). Apart from the PJ productions resin model (which is quite nice but not cheap and not available right now), there is indeed no modern alternative in 1/72. Wonder if Trumpyboss will ever scale down their 1/48 offer and if that would be a good thing...
  4. Heller 2018 online

    The decal sheet with the current boxing of the F-84G OTOH is superb. Very detailed and well printed. The box is worth buying just for the decals.
  5. Heller 2018 online

    ... and a new tool Alpha Jet in 1/72... Both the Airfix and Heller toolings are getting a bit long in the tooth. Funny thing is, Heller had to rebox the Airfix Alpha Jet in their most recent releases, as they don't have their own tooling anymore, which, if I'm not mistaken, is with Lodela in Mexico (as is for instance the T-6 Texan tool). Both the Heller Alpha Jet and Texan were most recently reboxed by Revell. Funny things happen with those toolings. Last I heard, the Heller Saab Draken is also in South-America.
  6. Airfix 1/72 F-86 Sabre (Italian)

    Funny thing is, those sabres had a British paint job if I'm not mistaken. But then, of course, those Italian roundels do look a lot more sunny... ;-)
  7. That came out all right! Good job! I'm glad you used these Xtradecals after all, they really make the entire model look better, even if someone suggested it may be a waste...
  8. Mistercraft Hunter F.6, 1/72.

    Your Hunter is coming along nicely, by the way. I think the fact that you chopped off an end of the exhaust, makes for quite a visual enhancement.
  9. Mistercraft Hunter F.6, 1/72.

    There you go! It does seem usable. I think there are other threads, including builds. This kit is sold under different brands. Here's another interesting discussion.
  10. Mistercraft Hunter F.6, 1/72.

    Just to be perfectly clear, the suggestion in this review that this kit is a rebox of the Frog Hunter, is utterly wrong! The Frog Hunter doesn't have engraved panel lines to start with, which this kit has (sort of). Meindert De Vreeze lists the inaccuracies of the Plastyk kit as follows (very interesting page about Hunter models in 1/72, BTW): - The nose profile is too blunt and needs sanding into a more pointed shape. - The fuselage dorsal spine is too pronounced and deep. - The fuselage diameter is a bit too small, making it too slim. - The main landing gear legs are too long, about by about 5 mm. - The main tank pylons won't fit if you do not move the pylons a bit more outboard.
  11. Mistercraft Hunter F.6, 1/72.

    The origin of this kit is ZTS Plastyk. It is also still sold under that name, AFAIK Mister-/Mastercraft only rebox. The Plastyk Hunter may have been loosely "inspired" by the Frog Hunter FGA.9 (both Frog Hunter moulds are still churning out kits in Eastern Europe I think), but it is a new production. While the late Frog Hunter has a rather portly rear fuselage, the Plastyk has a skinny one. It is far too slim towards the rear end and this is difficult to rectify. Easiest mod may be to clone an Arfix Hunter rear fuselage to the Plastyk body. There are other problems with this kit, but I can't tell you which off the top of my head, apart from the fact that it is pretty primitive and the nose is a bit off (as is the case for most Hunter kits). I wonder if this kit is worth the Xtradecal markings! You can find a quite decent decal sheet for the Airfix Hawker Hunter on Ebay for next to no money: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/AIRFIX-HAWKER-HUNTER-FGA-9-02073-1-72-scale-decals/362183852224?epid=2254395407&hash=item5453d700c0:g:JB0AAOSw1DtXKgCI Anyway, have fun with it, I have a couple of those in my stash too!
  12. Revell 2018

    I wonder what markings they will include with the Hunter. The days of Revell kits with up to four decal options seem to be gone too...
  13. 2 Stage Merlins for Mosquito

    Biggu and Beefy, thank you very much for your help! I think I will wait for the Blackbird ones to be restocked.
  14. 2 Stage Merlins for Mosquito

    Thank you, but those are 1/48, I'm looking for 1/72.
  15. 2 Stage Merlins for Mosquito

    Yes, I noticed that and I'll definitely keep an eye out for those, but then I'm still stuck with a Tamiya Mosquito.