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  1. ivand

    Airfix 2020

    And why not a new Chipmunk at that?
  2. ivand

    Airfix 2020

    and a Spitfire XIVe, Harvard II and twin stage Mosquito in 1/72nd scale.
  3. And you did that very well! Ouch, that's a nasty surprise.
  4. Very nice, Julien! But which Humbrol red? Even now they have about 6 of them on the charts.
  5. Very nice work! I really like the colour scheme too, makes a change from the ubiquitous olive drab. Were the Spanish decals in the kit?
  6. But is that good or bad? AFAIK, Esci's 1/48 line didn't quite have a good reputation in general, while some of their 1/72 kits became the industry standard (F-5, F-100,...). Even then, some of their 1/72 offerings were quite bad too (Crusader, Mirage F-1, ...). Apparently, it all depended on who made the moulds, as they always outsourced that. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
  7. I thought so. I'd really like some of these to be available in 1/76 or 1/72...
  8. What a great result! The diorama really adds a lot of atmosphere. Are the vehicles in 1/87?
  9. Quite a lot of French delta goodness, lately and none too soon. Like the proverbial buses...
  10. Adrian, very nice and clean build, very neat result!
  11. Thank you for teaching me that word!
  12. Well, if you ever get one of those, don't aim it too low - you don't want to shrink what is sheltered under that belly.
  13. Why do we need this? What's wrong with the Matchbox IIIB? No, seriously, I find this more exciting news than their Mirage IIIE.
  14. I bought two on Saturday at a local hobby shop. They were going fast, I got the last one of the 'early' boxing.
  15. Despite its size, it's such an elegant airplane, from the time when machines looked fast without being brutish - Jaguar E-type springs to mind... Wonderful work!
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