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  1. That Phantom could also be Italeri's own mould, with raised panel lines.
  2. ... also provided in later boxings of the 1/72 Airfix Mosquito (be it for an NFXIX without the two stage Merlins): https://www.scalemates.com/nl/kits/airfix-03062-dh-mosquito-nfxix-j30--145454
  3. It will probably be the R.V. Aircraft kit, which has already been reboxed by (new) KP: https://www.scalemates.com/nl/kits/rvaircraft-72004-nord-nc701-martinet--160968
  4. Those are preserved aircraft. They were probably less oxidized when in service about 70 years ago. Also, when restored, they often receive a coat of metallic paint. You may want to look at period footage from the time when the ground crews took pride in keeping the silver birds shiny...
  5. I do think we're talking on different levels here. The OP asked a question in the 'does it look good (enough)' register, as I read it. Of course, citing humbrol mixes doesn't pretend to any objective correctness, but it might get the OP closer to actually finishing his build...
  6. This guy , who worked on the real aircraft, used a mix of Humbrol EDSG lightened with 50% white for the grey and Humbrol 163 darkened with 20% black for the green. He used some Hu27 and 86 to represent repainted patches...
  7. I found these RAL equivalents here: gris-bleu1970-...Surfaces supérieures : chasse et pénétration basse altitude 5024 gris-vert1970-...Surfaces supérieures : chasse et pénétration basse altitude 6033
  8. So it is, thanks for that!
  9. The French use a different colour system, Celomer IIRC. Do a search for previous threads about the French grey/green/aluminium scheme that was used for the Mirage IIIE, 5F, IV, 2000N and D, Jaguar etc.
  10. That was in fact a Heller tooling and I wonder if it is still available.
  11. Frankly, as Airfix just recently have done a brand new Buccaneer in 1/72, I can't see why they wouldn't do a Javelin sooner or later...
  12. The reissue of the Atlantic is very good news, as was the recent reissue of the Transall.
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