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  1. ivand

    Airfix E-3D 8/23(R) SQN ZH103

    It's mentioned in a previous build:
  2. ivand

    Airfix E-3D 8/23(R) SQN ZH103

    Watch out for the engine pylons. IIRC, they will make the engine pods hang too low if you don't take appropriate measures: slimming down the pylons where they attach to the wings or tilting them to one side...
  3. ivand

    F-4C/D - Europe1 scheme

    Mind you, all the aircraft in the Creek Klaxon days were in the ADC grey scheme (at least on the photos I saw). Regarding the reason the ANG stepped in, I thought it had to do with the USAFE F-4's being replaced with F-16's.
  4. ivand

    Heller Spitfire MK XVIe

    Very interesting. They do seem to brush well.
  5. ivand

    Heller Spitfire MK XVIe

    No, they definitely did not. It's a fault that is typical for this kit. They should be sky, I think. The later issue of the Matchbox Spitfire Mk. IX/XVI does have decals for the same plane in the right colour. Note: the blue signature colour of 349 (Belgian) squadron is also a lighter blue. That's a very nice effort. I think that the most visible improvement you could make to this model is painting the canopy framing. What paint did you use? It came out quite well, even if a bit thick in places, like the yellow details. Yellow is a difficult colour, but still the mantra is several thin layers instead of one thick one.
  6. ivand

    Matchbox kits...

    That would make sense. It's just I've read the phrase "the mould has been irrevocably changed into ..." so many times.
  7. ivand

    Matchbox kits...

    The Mirage IIIC may be a bit of a problem, as it was retooled to a Mirage IIIB (of which I would like a repop too). The recent two reboxes of the Twin Otter by Revell are still everywhere, though. I agree with most of your list.
  8. Pity if that's not the right shade of blue, as it looks very good on that kit!
  9. That's very impressive, shows a lot of skill! By the way, it's nice to see we share the same first name, even if mine is the French spelling.
  10. Forgot to mention the most important bit: that's a very nice "Saath Efriken" Harvard!
  11. The Academy one could be described as a rescribed version of the Heller example, as was the case with several of their products at the time. There is also the easy build Hobbyboss Texan, but that's a T-6G too. Mind you, the original Airfix one, which I think could be described as a Harvard IIb, was only ever offered with post-war markings, AFAIK. Oh, you also have the Hawk T-6/SNJ, which is even older and simpler and comes with the benefit of molded-on national insignia if I'm not mistaken!
  12. Is that the same "desert" camouflage for an Iraqi machine as the old Esci F.1EQ? I seem to remember reading somewhere it was not realistic. Maybe it was after all.
  13. All in 1/72 I would very much like to see: - Fokker F27/28/50 - DHC Beaver (an Otter would be nice too) - Islander/Defender - Puma - Gazelle (an Ecureuil would complement that nicely, by the way) - (R)F-84F There is no modern alternative for the Airfix versions of all these models.
  14. ivand

    Humbrol Silver Plate

    Years ago, Humbrol 11 could be used for that. Not any more, as you pointed out...