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  1. Still looks like an A-109 on steroids to me... not that that's a bad thing!
  2. Yes, the Revell 1/72 P-47 is quite good, just a little shortlegged (literally). A Tamiya rebox (does that ever happen?) would be nice, but they only do a P-47D.
  3. Indeed, I remembered the Dutch ones just now, but you beat me to it. The 1/72 Revell F-16A provides both the 'Belgian' and the 'Dutch' tail base extension.
  4. Quite correct. The Norwegian ones, OTOH, used this kind of housing for a brake 'chute.
  5. About time they finally rereleased the Esci F-5A, it was announced quite a while ago. OTOH, I don't think even a super decal sheet can compensate for the obsolescence of the RF-84F...
  6. F-5A is the Esci mould by definition as Italeri only ever kitted the F-5E/F themselves. Funny thing about the C-47 boxings is that both the Italeri ('Skytrain') and Esci (Dakota Mk.III with a very nice decal sheet) moulds are on the same page of the catalog...
  7. That Phantom could also be Italeri's own mould, with raised panel lines.
  8. ... also provided in later boxings of the 1/72 Airfix Mosquito (be it for an NFXIX without the two stage Merlins): https://www.scalemates.com/nl/kits/airfix-03062-dh-mosquito-nfxix-j30--145454
  9. It will probably be the R.V. Aircraft kit, which has already been reboxed by (new) KP: https://www.scalemates.com/nl/kits/rvaircraft-72004-nord-nc701-martinet--160968
  10. Those are preserved aircraft. They were probably less oxidized when in service about 70 years ago. Also, when restored, they often receive a coat of metallic paint. You may want to look at period footage from the time when the ground crews took pride in keeping the silver birds shiny...
  11. I do think we're talking on different levels here. The OP asked a question in the 'does it look good (enough)' register, as I read it. Of course, citing humbrol mixes doesn't pretend to any objective correctness, but it might get the OP closer to actually finishing his build...
  12. This guy , who worked on the real aircraft, used a mix of Humbrol EDSG lightened with 50% white for the grey and Humbrol 163 darkened with 20% black for the green. He used some Hu27 and 86 to represent repainted patches...
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