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  1. I believe Lucasfilm should contact you and hire you for the next movies. Lovely idea, perfect execution as always.
  2. Eventhough I have zero knowledge about Gundam, after building many nice Star Wars model kits from Bandai, I ordered that one which arrived on Friday:
  3. So there have been many additions to my evergrowing collection. All I need is a bigger display area I've tried to convert a second TIE fighter to a Mining Guild TIE fighter (after seeing one example on another forum RPF and I have zero idea about the animated serie but it looked cool to me). I discovered that to make a perfect one, I should scrathbuild many things (such as the joint of wings etc.) which was beyond my plan and/or abilities so I decided to draw a line and finish with minimum alteration I'm too lazy to paint all the model but take time to paint the mini figures (1/144 and my eyes ache)
  4. It seems to be a limited run kit and web exclusive to Japan only. Meaning anybody else around the globe would pay -at least 30%- more to get it. There are forwarding sites such as tenso.com which means more shipping&service cost. A big loss for hlj, if they were not prohibited, they'd sell hundreds (thousands?) of it to US and Europe alone. I fear if the domestic demand in Japan would digest all the supply resulting in fewer kits available for gray market with double price
  5. Correct me if I'm wrong, this is the first plastic injected kit of 5 footer a.k.a. THE Millennium Falcon (all others being 30 incher)
  6. Herd of AT-ATs

    Haha, lovely herd there too. Much more skill and work can be seen in your herd.
  7. Sir David Attenborough voice in: Lead by oldest female, AT-AT herds can be spotted anywhere around the galaxy, here with grandma, young mother and the cubs Here is a quick glimpse to compare 1/144 Bandai AT-AT with 1/144 and 1/350 F-toys. Bandai is very big compared to F-toys (Fine Molds)
  8. Latest addition, Battle droid and STAP "Lookie! No hand!"
  9. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FNSS_ACV-30#Korkut_SPAAG
  10. OK, this is not a new model kit announced but it seems it's a right place to share this. I'm building the battle droid & STAP that arrived recently and I'd like to share a jaw dropping feature that I came across with Bandai. Maybe it's been already used for many years (/dothraki voice in: "it's known" /dothraki voice out) but it is the first time I see such thing. While building the arms of battle droid, there is that part that I don't know how they could succeed to mold. Please look to the picture below, the left arm (B-6) is on sprue while the right arm is already disconnected from the sprue (you see it on lefthand side). And as you can see, the joints are moving! I mean, you cut it and with little force the joints are moving, without any assembly/alteration. I don't know how the female-male parts are molded. For storm troopers etc. you build the parts separately and you click the joints to their cradle, but with this one, it's already in their cradle. Battle droid sprue[/url] Maybe it's old news and feel free to make fun of me, but it's the first time I come across such thing. My hat off to Bandai. And if Bandai did not import it from a parallel universe, the use is limitless, few things that come to mind: aircraft landing gears, tank working tracks, all figures' joints can be produced such way
  11. Some translations: It will be a snap-fit kit. I'm skipping the intro which is about the company manufacturing this UAV that TanModel worked closely. FEATURES OF THE KIT: - Plastic parts in the same body color as BAYRAKTAR TB2 HAIR - Camera parts that are realistic and can turn 360 ° right-left, 360 ° up-down - Separate transparent camera parts for modelers who want to paint the kit - Correct decal set - All color, easy to understand construction manual in TURKISH - Easily interlocking design for each level of modelers (Snap-Fit) - Detailed landing gear and nest (or whatever it is called) - Precision panel lines and rivet details - MAM-L ammunition and pylon pieces with realistic details - A transparent display foot allowing to display the model in a flying position - Part quantity: 74 - Difficulty level: 1 - Length: 287mm - Wing Opening: 515mm - Height: 94mm - Height including display stand: 173mm
  12. Tan Model -on their facebook page- explained that the scale is chosen by the manufacturer of the real thing, so desktop model for potential customer theory makes more sense to me now
  13. Today Metallica's latest album is hitting the shelves but yesterday, what they made was spectacular (at least for me). There are 12 songs in the new album and they had already shared on youtube, 3 songs videos during last 2 weeks. And yesterday, they've put new music video every 2 hours. So they have 12 music videos for 12 songs. I haven't heard about any band who prepared video for every song in their album before. Maybe Iron Maiden should go that way too. Their decisions of which song they'd make a video, are usually strange (again at least for me) and they'd guaranty not to make video to the weakest song of the album (The Angle and The Gambler?) and leaving out songs that deserve having a video.
  14. Turkishmodellers on facebook page are asking why they chose that scale too, it would be great if it was 1/48 My guess is, for 1/48 it is too small so they doubled the scale. On the other hand, there are not many options for a diorama with an UAV (at least in my mind), so to be in the same scale of some other planes etc. won't be a big concern IMHO.
  15. B0-R15 Protocol Droid

    Flawless as expected. Congrats!