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  1. It's not a proper model kit but Hasbro will probably be releasing Jabba's Sail Barge (The Khetanna) with something that looks like a kickstarter project. Sold only in the states (being around 120 cm, it will be hell to try to have it shipped somewhere else). It has a huge potential for customization. https://www.hasbrolab.com/
  2. From what I've read on their Facebook, they'll be soon launching their renewed webpage in English. They produced a Turkish UAV model kit:Bayraktar, probably sponsored by the manufacturer of the real aircraft and they are doing a Turkish self-propelled anti-aircraft vehicle: Korkut, again my guess is, they are backed by the manufacturer of the real thing. They've prepared also an already assembled/painted ones that will probably presented as a gift by the manufacturer. It seems, they were busy with the cash cow and after they finish their commitments they'll return their attention to their announced model kits and again with my guess first with the Su-33. All are my guesses, I'm sure they'll be soon officially informing all of us (after Korkut is released).
  3. An assembled/painted version is prepared as well:
  4. Thanks again for your kind comments. From tip to tip it is ~73 cm. With my pace, yes it would take around 2 years to have landing gears deployed
  5. From first sprue cut to final finish, it took me 7 years to finish this state of art model kit with my extraordinary(!?) skills. You can find the WIP thread as well. It is far from being good (noticed the not symmetrical walkway decals?) but any way it is finished. What I liked about it: I finished it (a rare outcome for any model kit) I was able to rescribe it and turn the raised details to recessed. Not bad fit if you take into consideration how poorly the kit is molded. Every finished kit is another experience (and with this speed of improvement, I'll be able to make the model kit as I want to in 80-90 years ) What I haven't liked: Too much expectation which required skills beyond my reach Poor execution of good ideas Zillion of errors Short cuts and compromises taken to finish
  6. When last year Modelcollect announced that they'll release a new mold 1/72 B-2, I decided that I should finish my build and buy the new one from Modelcollect. But first, I couldn't finish Testors one as fast I wanted to. Second, eventhough the Modelcollect seems an upgrade (recessed details for example) after seeing the first few sprue pictures, I decided not to pay such sum for that kit (again, it seems not bad but I don't see myself paying $100 for that kit) So the only good outcome was it was a push for me to finish that model that was collecting dust. To be able to finish, I made some compromises. First decided to have the landing gear retracted. No addition of detail for aileron. No open ears on engines etc. After passing a lighter gray, I've begun masking which took some centuries to finish for me. And I could not find a perfect guide to mask it. Every aircraft seemed to have different patches and even the same aircraft was different colored on different times (because probably the stealth coat is patched every few flights). So I took "artistic license" and applied the most common seen ones. Than a darker gray was applied over When I've begun to take out the mask, the result was not mesmerizing but I already decided to finish it no matter what First applied Future. Than I've begun the decal. The ones from Testors were already too old and brittle. Good that I had the Begemot set. But it was yellowed by time. I've stuck on window and left for day sun to whiten a little, I'm not sure if it worked, to my eyes, it was the same. BTW the numbering of Begemot decals was really very hard to understand and at least for one decal wrong. Anyway, with common sense one could understand which one goes where. And the final matte finish over the decal ended that stealth bomber soap opera.
  7. After putting the project on hold for several months, I could collect my energy again to dare the next step and finally I was able to put the primer Which brought nothing but more frustration, all my errors were highlighted again which needed retouch and sanding And primer again And the project took it place on my never ending agony shelf for...6 years
  8. I filled the lower leading edge to be able to rescribe with joining panel lines More sanding and correcting I know it was an overkill but I used photoetch set of Eduard (which was intelligently including the pedals in the cockpit too (and you've seen the cockpit, right?)) And I was still trying to perfect the details, correct not only my incompetence but also the errors and rough details of the kit
  9. When I assembled the central lower part, and I used CA glue to have a strong joint and filling the gap of bad fitting parts, a bad surprise was there for me: no joining panel lines. I made this join in a hurry and my mistake not to dry fit and check before. On the other hand, have a look at how bad are the corner/edges of the parts, roughly shaped details etc. So it was time to unglue it which needed a special debonder First try with debonder, with some force, I could disassemble the wings. As I decided to fit the wings to central part not the other way
  10. And joined the lower side of the wings Put some weight under the cockpit so it won't be a tailsitter (but later I scraped the idea of having the landing gears deployed)
  11. It was high time to take care of that canopy fit That is probably when I discovered that I was trying to realize something beyond my abilities but I kept trying to make my best And I closed the canopy that will stay like that 7 years (unknown to me at that time)
  12. And more filling and scribing A dry fit of canopy(?) showed I'd need to order more putty Back to filling and smoothing the area after the motor intakes More sanding, filling, scribing and sanding, filling and guess what
  13. As suggested, first I have joined the wings to upper central part (fuselage?). Here you can see the raised details. So the rescribing took some ages a. Because it was one of my first attempts at doing so and b. I was very clumsy and many times the needle slipped which I had to sand, fill and rescribe again. I also had to fill some sunken plastic on almost everywhere on the model (this is the lower side of wing)