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  1. I searched but probably I could not find the correct keywords 'cos I couldn't find what I was looking for. I'm planning to build a diorama (or two) for 1/24 rally car(s) (from first half of year 2000's) and as long as the pilot and co-pilot are not invisible, I'll need pilot figures (which don't come with the kit). Any suggestions for figures? I only found car-model-kit.com website with proper figures but they are little costly. Any experience with them? Any other suggestions? Thanks
  2. Sure, there are others, what I tried to say was, it was evaporated in such a small window of time in hlj stocks which surprised me. Hlj is not the sole source of course, but strange nonetheless. There is no review or building threads that I could find and I wondered if there was a problem with the kit (not likely), or maybe a very small production run (strange) or possibly the domestic demand is so high that it dried the stocks in very short time.
  3. Already discontinued on hlj. Anything wrong with the kit? Very high domestic demand?
  4. ICM announced a 1:16 Night King http://www.icm.com.ua/news/ I was not into figures until Bandai gave us as model kits from Star Wars. That one seems interesting as well
  5. My expectation was so low, after change of director(s), that acting coach brought for Alden etc. And I loved it! I loved it so much with many references to OT. A BluRay version is a must for pausing on many scenes to check the details of Falcon, scenery etc. After that TLJ catastrophe (IMHO) it was nice to see SW back on track.
  6. Thank you I've bought from Daco's website. It measures about 32 cm, 737 being one of smaller aircraft. It comes with the decals, actually it looks like you buy the lovely decals and a very simple body comes with them for free.
  7. It is not a proper model kit but it was nice for practicing painting and applying decal for me. A short note to ones that will build this model: you need Daco decal setting for the decals. I've bought Daco decal setting thing years ago and after I tried once, I found it was not working as MicroSol. When applying the decals of this model, MicroSet-MicroSol pair did not work as they should, so I went with Daco one and it worked perfectly. So it means there are different kind of decals needing different setting solutions.
  8. Because it is not officially announced by Bandai that they'll release it. They showed it in an exhibition like they did with walking AT-AT and big scale Star Destroyer that never made it to the production. For B-wing, I'm sure that will not be the case but Bandai made no official announcement that they'd be releasing a B-wing
  9. During my HMS Ambush build, I've made my own
  10. I haven't taken enough picture to make a WIP, so I'd share few steps here if you don't mind. The resin winglets (Contrails) is a must for this kit as Revell's winglets are wrongly shaped. Very few sunken area to fill And not so much headaches
  11. Let's put some color to the sky. It took me 7 years to finish it, this bird was almost finished and waited so long that I add landing gear. Eventhough the decals (Two Six Decals) were a little pixelated for my taste, the livery is so colorful and joy bringing that you overlook easily.
  12. After this video I can say Korkut is ordered by manufacturer Aselsan as a pre-assembled/painted display kit and if they'll be offering as a model kit is not a sure thing (but they'll probably release)
  13. Just saw this video with Mr. Tansoy (the owner of Tan Model), so some translation helps for you Well it proves me in many points. Bayraktar (the UAV) was a work ordered by the manufacturer Baykar. Korkut was again ordered by Aselsan, the manufacturer of SPAAG and not as a kit but a pre-assembled/painted kit that will be presented to mostly officers etc. They are still not sure if they'll be releasing it as a model kit. He said, they have to freeze other projects while trying to deliver those two projects (Korkut has not been delivered yet) and they'll
  14. It's not a proper model kit but Hasbro will probably be releasing Jabba's Sail Barge (The Khetanna) with something that looks like a kickstarter project. Sold only in the states (being around 120 cm, it will be hell to try to have it shipped somewhere else). It has a huge potential for customization. https://www.hasbrolab.com/
  15. From what I've read on their Facebook, they'll be soon launching their renewed webpage in English. They produced a Turkish UAV model kit:Bayraktar, probably sponsored by the manufacturer of the real aircraft and they are doing a Turkish self-propelled anti-aircraft vehicle: Korkut, again my guess is, they are backed by the manufacturer of the real thing. They've prepared also an already assembled/painted ones that will probably presented as a gift by the manufacturer. It seems, they were busy with the cash cow and after they finish their commitments they'll return their attention to
  16. Thanks again for your kind comments. From tip to tip it is ~73 cm. With my pace, yes it would take around 2 years to have landing gears deployed
  17. From first sprue cut to final finish, it took me 7 years to finish this state of art model kit with my extraordinary(!?) skills. You can find the WIP thread as well. It is far from being good (noticed the not symmetrical walkway decals?) but any way it is finished. What I liked about it: I finished it (a rare outcome for any model kit) I was able to rescribe it and turn the raised details to recessed. Not bad fit if you take into consideration how poorly the kit is molded. Every finished kit is another experien
  18. When last year Modelcollect announced that they'll release a new mold 1/72 B-2, I decided that I should finish my build and buy the new one from Modelcollect. But first, I couldn't finish Testors one as fast I wanted to. Second, eventhough the Modelcollect seems an upgrade (recessed details for example) after seeing the first few sprue pictures, I decided not to pay such sum for that kit (again, it seems not bad but I don't see myself paying $100 for that kit) So the only good outcome was it was a push for me to finish that model that was collecting dust. To
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