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  1. Hello from the Dominion of Canada

    Hey there, Greetings from the right side of the rocks. I've seen Vancouver Island from air and sea but have yet to visit the location...on the list of places to visit. Welcome aboard, foresterab
  2. Hello from Canada

    Greetings from some where not anywhere near "tarana" as my father calls it or "onterrible" as we bug him. Jokes aside sounds like you've got a good start and incentive to join us all here. Welcome aboard, foresterab
  3. Greetings from Canada

    Greetings from the snowy foothills of the Rockies... I'm jealous you have the Canadian Aviation Museum at your beck and call but more importantly....welcome aboard. foresterab
  4. Hi all from Middle Canada.

    Greeting Panther, All good things come from Saskatchewan...or so the wife reminds me. Welcome aboard from Alberta foresterab
  5. New but not really...from Canada

    Hi Jamie, I was down in your neck of the woods last October and still have a number of relations hanging around the big smoke. Still not sure how you deal with all that traffic... Either way give my regards to Wheel and Wings and greetings from Alberta.
  6. Peas and Carrots Canso!

    Hi Paul, A great job on a great plane. I'm jealous of dogsbody for being able to see it in person but I was on fires at the time of the show he was at... Last summer a colleague retired after 41 years fighting fire here in Alberta...and said his favorite bomber was always the Canso. He would love to see what you've done with that kit. Cheers, foresterab
  7. B.C. Beaver, CF-HGZ

    Nice work Paul, Not many Beavers around here....well planes at least...fuzzy animals abound. But always nice to see another somewhat local float plane in the mix. foresterab
  8. PBY-5A Catalina/Cansa

    looking forward to seeing this completed. Some local farmers to back home just recently rebuilt an ex-Buffalo Airways Canso and had the maiden flight this summer...always good to see more Canso's around. foresterab
  9. Another Canadian Newbie

    Hello Crimea River, Please give my regards to Calgary where despite some fuzzy memories I apparently got some education. Currently west of Edmonton but jealous of the proximity to Nanton and the fun and games of Calgary...until it comes to driving downtown at least. Welcome aboard and looking forward to your next project both in plastic and 1:1 scale. foresterab
  10. 1:18 Canadair CT-114A Tutor (Snowbird)

    Enjoy the trip to the museum...was a definite highlight visiting it a couple of years ago. And yes...lots of batteries especially if they've got anything out flying.
  11. Avis 1/72 DH.60X Moth Amphibian

    Loening Aeronautical Engineering Company also made a few civilian sales as shown by G-CADV which was a M.23 plane used by a Quebec airline. However the D.H.60.X models I'm most familiar with were used by the Royal Canadian Air Force during the interwar period and used a mixture of float systems as I understand. There are references to some being lost at English Bay (now greater Vancouver, BC) as sea planes and I wonder if this was a modification to the float systems as inland work was usually dual floats. http://www.airhistory.org.uk/gy/reg_G-C.html This is the link I'm using for reference on aircraft type and call signs. Hope it might lead to some options. foresterab
  12. Greek Canadair firefighters...

    Interesting to see that Greece is still flying the base model CL-215 with the radial engines. Most of the Canadian provinces have retired their original -215 airframes and upgraded to the CL-415's however Alberta who has 4 frames (#202,203,204,205) went through a multi-year upgrade process and converted their original CL-215's to CL-215T's. Upgrades make them comparable to the -415's with the turbine engines and improved...well almost everything. On the other had they are not the only airframe to be useful and Greece does work with other governments to use Single Engine Air Tankers (SEAT's) such as the Air Tractor 802's from Israel or non-scooper aircraft such as the S2 Trackers used by Securite Civile in France (home of Pelican 33 shown in the clip above near Marsaille). Either way...always a nice sound on the ground when the bird dog siren flies overhead indicating a drop is incoming...sure beats shovel work.
  13. Bravo Zulu Leo, I still have the first model my father and I built together...a spitfire in not much different color schemes. It's missing the odd part now but was part of the incentive to draw me back into the hobby 20+ years later. And wafu_vasco...if I can do half as well with my daughter (5 months today) I'll be a happy man. Kudos to you and your wife...you've set your son up for success in so many ways. Cheers, foresterab
  14. Bristol Bolingbroke

    Hi Nsmekanik, Links work. Jealous you can go visit the museum there in Nanton so easily as it's very well done. The Alberta Aviation museum also has a bollingbroke undergoing restoration but it was mostly bare frame list time I got to go there. Next time I'll hopefully get more than 20 minutes at the Bomber Command Museum in Nanton. Cheers; foresterab
  15. My town from the air.

    no problem dogsbody....incredibly stressful time no matter what side of the line you're one. Just waiting now to find out about BC fires and if I'm going there soon.
  16. My town from the air.

    nice pics dogsbody....spent a few nights across the river there at Macdonald Island. A lot easier to see where the crews crashed there in exhaustion without all the vehicles.
  17. Greetings from Canada

    Greetings from across the rocks from you. Pop out to Surrey...the museum at the airport there is good. And there are a few shops in Vancouver that Google can get you too (or at least didn't get me too lost). Welcome aboard, foresterab
  18. Hello from Great White North!

    oh lordy he's from On-terrible...and Tarana at that. Greeting from Alberta (my father and extended family are from Toronto). give my regards to wheels and wings hobbies...I think I've almost paid off the last visit there. Cheers, foresterab
  19. tonyot I've got some photos of the Yale currently located at the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum at Hamilton, Ontario, Canada if interested? Unfortunately not many due to a limited time to take photos but I can email them to you if you'd like? http://www.warplane.com/aircraft/collection/details.aspx?aircraftId=34 Just send me a private message with your email if interested, foresterab
  20. Dang nab it. It left about a week before I got there and was on the wrong part of the fire to see it or the dc-10 just not not sure if I have the shelf space for one in this scale
  21. CF-104D Starfighter 1/48 Hasegawa

    Hi Martian, What I want to know is where the full scale model is that makes all those fiddly bits actually holdable. Very amazing details and much beyond my skills. foresterab
  22. "well,Its like a tugboat with wings"

    Will be interested in seeing how this turns out. I've yet to see a PBY tanker in action although the North West Territories still has a couple on strength if I recall. Just had a co-worker retire after 40 years of fire duties and he told me the PBY was still his favorite tanker to see overhead. Looking good so far, foresterab
  23. "well,Its like a tugboat with wings"

    Draw decals has tanker 59 decals available as well. Not many users of those old A-26's but they were a great sight to see coming in to drop on the fire ahead of you... foresterab
  24. avro 146 1/144 vacuform REBUILD

    Nice job. Ironically I'm starting to see more of these flying here in Canada despite not seeing them when they are airliners. they're the new airframe of choice for water bombers with several companies now having fleets of them in service (Conair, Airspray, Neptune Aviation) as the older airframes wear out (A-26/Convair 580, Lockhead L-188 Electra's) Cheers, foresterab
  25. Greetings from Alberta, Canada

    Mmm....me thinks a trip to Calgary is in order....what's 5 hours for a shopping trip? Trying to get there however without the other half will be a much tougher challenge as it's usually equal buying sprees in the city.