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  1. Hi T-21. Yes, the red is insignia red however my local hobby store does not have the largest selection of paints, so I had to settle with a very bright red Vallejo shade. While it may not be truly realistic, it gets the job done anyway. Thanks for the kind words!
  2. Sincerest apologies to everyone following this topic for not posting in 3 months. However I got extremely busy with school (it is my final year after all) and have only found some time to put into my B17 now. Primed her yesterday And added the red touches today. The computer does not render how bright of a red it is, but I love the brightness it brings. Those Americans must of been some level of cocky to use such vibrant hues on their "Flying Fortresses". Nonetheless, I respect it. Will be updating more this week so stay tuned! Now just have to let her dry for the night.
  3. Sorry all for a lack of updates in the last two weeks. I've been busy with school, and that of course comes as the number one priority. This is where I've gotten to: On its left is a P-51 Mustang to give a sense of the size of these birds. As of now, I just have to fill the gaps in the fuselage and a few in the engines, and I'll move on to priming and painting!
  4. Greetings from the aviation department. Beautiful tank you've got there! While the finish is of course amazing, I personally love how you weathered it. Everyone knows that weathering is what makes a tank most realistic, and you've done an admirable job. Regards, Yvan
  5. Hi Steve, If you are making holes in your plane, I suggest heating a sewing needle and pushing it through whichever part of the aircraft you want perforated. I have experimented with it before and it works quite well, so long as you don't get carried away. One thing to remember with this technique is that a small plastic mound will appear on the side you first stuck the needle in, imitating 'swollen' metal. As such it is important to make sure you are starting to pierce in the right place. Cheers, Yvan
  6. I would definitely recommend it, it looked complicated at first but turns out it combines detail with relative easiness. Overall an absolute pleasure. Thank you mate!
  7. Confederate Air Force eh? I may just need to do a bit of research on the topic. It would most definitely be a memorable experience, and I have never been to a WW2 airshow before. As for the wheels, it doesn't seem that Revell included a 'wheels up' option. So I would assume you simply glued them into their cavities. I would like to do the same and I have found this to be quite disappointing. Your support is very much appreciated! Yvan
  8. A most remarkable and accurate analysis. I would have to agree! Those damned cameras. Cheers, Yvan Thank you neighbour!
  9. I am now finished with what seems to be the longest section of the B-17 build. It is quite depressing to think the inner detail will all disappear never to be seen again. Interesting technology with the ball turret, very smooth turning which will definitely be accessible on the final product! Quick snapshot of the complete inside of the fuselage. This time I decided to pre-mask all the clear parts, it took a VERY long time but I have seen good results on other builds. While this does occasionally give headaches, it normally gives a better finish then painting the lines with a brush. Fuselage is now closed, however there is a sizeable gap on the underside of the nose. This seems to be due to a misplacement of the floor in that area. Hopefully some filler will do the job. Stay tuned as I move onto the wings!!
  10. WOWOWOWOWOWOW. What a cracking build. Is there a WIP to go with it? Cheers, Yvan
  11. Hi Nikolay, I unfortunately do not have the expertise or the materials necessary to accomplish such a thing. However I plan on experimenting weathering on the outside, especially because this bird flew quite a lot! The work I did not put in on the inside will be applied to the exterior instead. Your support is also much appreciated. If you have any tips for me, please send them my way! Cheers, Yvan
  12. Interior detail is almost complete. I dread the moment when I will have to connect the fuselage halves, hopefully I will have enough rubber bands and clamps. Everything glued in very well. One recommendation for attaching the bombing bay however is not to glue the bulkheads, simply to place them in which permits them to slide up and down within their 'rail'. When placed in, they must be touching the bottom of the aircraft otherwise fitting issues occur. I really tried to do the least possible amount of work on the interior as it is almost entirely hidden once the fuselage halves are sealed. I am sure it will give an adequate effect once seen from the tiny windows. As of now I must only assemble a few turrets, then I will be able to finish the fuselage and move on to the wings. :)))))
  13. Well that's a shame, seems like I will have to waste some more paint on those sections, especially considering one can see inside the engines! I very much appreciate your input there Neil, definitely will put it to good use.
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