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  1. Amazing painting & weathering skills! Hats off! Frank
  2. Lovely build! The engine details look fantastic! Love the display too! Frank
  3. Fantastic build! One of the best ´109 I have seen! Frank
  4. Very nice looking Viper with beautiful restrained weathering! Top Work! Frank
  5. Super build & exquisite finish! One of the best Frogfoot I’ve s’en! Frank
  6. Awesome news! The B-17 is one of my favorite aircraft & my introduction to scale modeling when I was a kid with the Revell version! I was waiting this announce for years! I will definitely be a buyer but keeping some money for a potential « E » / « F » version more elegant to my eyes! For reasons mentionned above, I will keep my 2 good & old Monogram kits because they are just a joy to build & make me forget their little mistakes... cheers Frank
  7. Stunning build! Very realistic finish! I just love the dirty look you achieved! I must get one of these bird after completing of my Seafire! Frank
  8. Very nice looking Typhoon! awesome paint job & weathering Frank
  9. Very nice looking bird! Frank
  10. Fantastic model! Very good paint & weathering! Have the same somewhere in my stock to do! Just cannot find a place to park it! Maybe a Dio in « folded » configuration will do the job! Bravo! Frank
  11. Beautiful Junkers! Awesome paint skills & nice Dio. Frank
  12. Very impressive rendition of wrecked aircraft! Something rarely seen on top of that! Very realistic finish & weathering! Please post more pictures... Frank
  13. Very Nice model! Chipping effect is Very convincing! Frank
  14. Fantastic model! Very smart build & perfectly executed! Top notch! Franck
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