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  1. Greetings from out west in Alberta. Some nice country where you're at there in shield country. foresterab
  2. Welcome aboard, Greetings from just the other side of the rocks. Some great plane museums near you but not sure what you have on the armour front. foresterab
  3. no worries man, Was watching a -205 carrying crews around today and thinking how much better it was then walking. But then it would mean trying to keep up with a bunch of super active 18-22 year olds who like running and decided my role was better. Grey with maroon trim design. Sharp but nothing like your ship. foresterab
  4. Always nice to see one of these built. Tend to see the Aero Commanders overhead all summer as they bird dog out the water bombers for forest fires. Great platform for the work they're doing. foresterab
  5. Hello Robert_, Greetings from Alberta...there's a few of us on here from coast to coast. Cheers, Foresterab
  6. I've seen some pretty crazy Bell - 205 paint jobs but this takes the cake. Nice job and you've got the details down right. Cheers, foresterab
  7. Oh lordy the Hat is invading... Joking aside welcome aboard. There is an amazing range of skills and interests here and you're sure to find a reference or two for the latest project. Welcome aboard and greetings from northern Alberta in sight of the rocks. foresterab
  8. Yvan S...nice start on this and greetings from down the highway from you, I think I built the same kit back when I was a teenager....hopefully my skills have improved a bunch. Keep your eyes peeled because you never know what will be flying through...the Confederate Air Force flew theirs through Edmonton and northern Alberta many moons ago and offered tours. So who knows...it might pass through again enroute to Alaska. Kit is going together well. Seem to remember both props and wheels movable as well but I built it "wheels up" so didn't have that option. Or I glued them in place. Can't remember. Keep it up and looking forward to seeing more. foresterab
  9. Hello starseeker, I'm late to the party but welcome to the forum from the foothills. I remember some of the shops you are mentioning from the youth but we hardly came to Edmonton as kids and if so, was for things not available up north like car parts. Not quite the same for fueling the model maker. foresterab
  10. Greetings from Alberta. Always good to have another Canadian here. foresterab
  11. Salut Francois, I spent a couple of weeks working the Fort Mac fire with the SOPFEU guys out of the Quebec along with a bunch of other agencies. Thankfully their English was much better than my very poor French. Please give me regards to Montreal as I have fond, abit fuzzy, memories of McGill and the pubs there. Welcome to Britmodeller...there's Canadians from the Wet coast all the way to the East coast here. foresterab
  12. Greetings from the snowy hills of Alberta, Mother comes from just south of you (Windsor area) so was in your neck of the woods last fall. Welcome aboard, foresterab
  13. Hey there, Greetings from the right side of the rocks. I've seen Vancouver Island from air and sea but have yet to visit the location...on the list of places to visit. Welcome aboard, foresterab
  14. Greetings from some where not anywhere near "tarana" as my father calls it or "onterrible" as we bug him. Jokes aside sounds like you've got a good start and incentive to join us all here. Welcome aboard, foresterab
  15. Greetings from the snowy foothills of the Rockies... I'm jealous you have the Canadian Aviation Museum at your beck and call but more importantly....welcome aboard. foresterab
  16. Greeting Panther, All good things come from Saskatchewan...or so the wife reminds me. Welcome aboard from Alberta foresterab
  17. Hi Jamie, I was down in your neck of the woods last October and still have a number of relations hanging around the big smoke. Still not sure how you deal with all that traffic... Either way give my regards to Wheel and Wings and greetings from Alberta.
  18. Hi Paul, A great job on a great plane. I'm jealous of dogsbody for being able to see it in person but I was on fires at the time of the show he was at... Last summer a colleague retired after 41 years fighting fire here in Alberta...and said his favorite bomber was always the Canso. He would love to see what you've done with that kit. Cheers, foresterab
  19. Nice work Paul, Not many Beavers around here....well planes at least...fuzzy animals abound. But always nice to see another somewhat local float plane in the mix. foresterab
  20. looking forward to seeing this completed. Some local farmers to back home just recently rebuilt an ex-Buffalo Airways Canso and had the maiden flight this summer...always good to see more Canso's around. foresterab
  21. Hello Crimea River, Please give my regards to Calgary where despite some fuzzy memories I apparently got some education. Currently west of Edmonton but jealous of the proximity to Nanton and the fun and games of Calgary...until it comes to driving downtown at least. Welcome aboard and looking forward to your next project both in plastic and 1:1 scale. foresterab
  22. Enjoy the trip to the museum...was a definite highlight visiting it a couple of years ago. And yes...lots of batteries especially if they've got anything out flying.
  23. Loening Aeronautical Engineering Company also made a few civilian sales as shown by G-CADV which was a M.23 plane used by a Quebec airline. However the D.H.60.X models I'm most familiar with were used by the Royal Canadian Air Force during the interwar period and used a mixture of float systems as I understand. There are references to some being lost at English Bay (now greater Vancouver, BC) as sea planes and I wonder if this was a modification to the float systems as inland work was usually dual floats. http://www.airhistory.org.uk/gy/reg_G-C.html This is the link I'm using for reference on aircraft type and call signs. Hope it might lead to some options. foresterab
  24. Interesting to see that Greece is still flying the base model CL-215 with the radial engines. Most of the Canadian provinces have retired their original -215 airframes and upgraded to the CL-415's however Alberta who has 4 frames (#202,203,204,205) went through a multi-year upgrade process and converted their original CL-215's to CL-215T's. Upgrades make them comparable to the -415's with the turbine engines and improved...well almost everything. On the other had they are not the only airframe to be useful and Greece does work with other governments to use Single Engine Air Tankers (SEAT's) such as the Air Tractor 802's from Israel or non-scooper aircraft such as the S2 Trackers used by Securite Civile in France (home of Pelican 33 shown in the clip above near Marsaille). Either way...always a nice sound on the ground when the bird dog siren flies overhead indicating a drop is incoming...sure beats shovel work.
  25. Bravo Zulu Leo, I still have the first model my father and I built together...a spitfire in not much different color schemes. It's missing the odd part now but was part of the incentive to draw me back into the hobby 20+ years later. And wafu_vasco...if I can do half as well with my daughter (5 months today) I'll be a happy man. Kudos to you and your wife...you've set your son up for success in so many ways. Cheers, foresterab
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