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  1. Thanks Roy. Good point with the suggestion for where this should be.. Perhaps I can move it? Let's see..
  2. Thanks Ray, very thorough and detailed answer. I had purchased the X-22 for this purpose and then wondered if I was creating a problem for myself. Good to know that this should work.
  3. I am doing an aircraft model currently ( Wyvern 1:48 by Trumpeter) and am approaching doing the weathering and washes. Does anyone have any warnings or advice about using enamel washes such as the MIG stuff, over Tamiya acrylic paints? I was planning on applying a clear semi-gloss over the pigment colours, and then the wash and weathering elements. Anyone have a dire warning, for example? Thanks!
  4. Looks great! A couple of questions, if I may? I am currently building the Trumpeter 1:48 version of this. 1) Interior colours: Cockpit and wheel wells, etc. I am seeing some saying aluminum, some saying black, and some saying grey.. Any suggestions or insights? 2) Wing tips. I see pictures with the tips of the wings also folding. I see you did not do this. Possibly as the documentation shows very little info on this? Also insights are sought and appreciated. Thanks !
  5. Thanks anyway, David I thought it might help to ask. One never knows where to find knowledge Appreciate your taking the time to reply though.
  6. Hello David. I too am currently building a mid 50s Royal Navy Wyvern. Same EDSG over Sky I have chosen to go with acrylics, so I am thinking mostly of colour matches in Tamiya. Actual British colour spec for these I believe are: BS381C 210 Sky BS381C 640 Extra Dark Sea Grey What, in your opinion, do you think of the Tamiya Tamiya Dark Sea Gray XF-2481724 Tamiya Sky XF-2181721 Your input would be appreciated..
  7. Thanks Dragonlance I appreciate your advice Thanks Franky. I will look them up.
  8. On aircraft, in painted finishes ( not bare aluminum) I am looking for some recommendations on how to darken the rivets and panel lines a bit. I am not looking to make it too dark. Not a "wash this airplane please!" look.. Similar to this: Or this:
  9. Looking nice Tony. Your WIP pictures are not showing up. The RFI ones do show. When you cut open the panels over the engine, did you scratch build all the details there? What colour/paint did you choose for the prop spinners? I like it and the texture/gloss level. Was it "RailMatch 2306 BR Maroon (acrylic)" ?
  10. I am preparing to build a 1:48 Westland Wyvern based on the Trumpeter "S.4" kit 02820. http://www.trumpeter-china.com/index.php?g=home&m=product&a=show&id=2281&l=en Homework time: I heard that this was a quality set of extrusions, so I bought it. Thanks to Rod Dumouchel at The Kit Bunker in Edmonton , AB for supplying me fast and affordably Box opening experience was not disappointing. I have never used one of the Trumpet sets before. Detailing is superb, flash almost non existent, and parts are well defined. I have chosen to build this in the Suez co
  11. Thanks for your thoughtful words, Dennis! I appreciate the things you have pointed out so far, such as the changes toward acrylic paints, for example. For the one kit I am starting with there are a few good articles, including one here by Tom Cleaver. I think I will probably spend the next month simply gathering the materials and supplies that are needed for it. First and so far most challenging seems to be which brand of paints to be using. Candidates so far seem to be Tamiya and Xtracrylix The planning seems to be the most tricky part of the exercise Hey To
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