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  1. Very nice! The Vixen is superb and the diorama really brings the detail to life!
  2. Tamiya 1/350 IJN Yamato

    Wow! Some serious detail and amazing finish!
  3. Fantastic build, so much detail. Im going to have a go at modelling ships this year, and this is a masterclass example of how to do it!
  4. A great tribute to that aircraft and its crew
  5. Thanks guys! The germans do a great job for tigermeet aircraft, I loved the cybertiger typhoon from a few years back. This one really stands out against the greys and camo of the rest of my collection! Would have been nice to see this one flying.
  6. "not the best modeller in the world" - Looks awesome to me, Id be VERY happy with that!
  7. Very nice build, this kit is on the want list after seeing this.
  8. Here is my finished Revell Luftwaffe Tornado of Reconnaissance squadron 51 in its "Black Panther" scheme worn to the 2011 Tiger Meet. built out of the box other than the crew from my spares box and the stand, this is a great kit anyway with plenty of detail and minimal work needed to make it al fit together. Painted in Tamiya paints, the silver tiger stripes should have been a bit darker, but I'm not too worried as they stand out . I was a bit nervous with the decals as ive had some issues with revell in the past, but the colour is great and they are nice and thick. The decal sheet needs some studying before tacking them and it was fun figuring out the best order to build and paint this. It really stands out on the shelf and I may have to collect all the special scheme tornados CSC_0142 by matt wellington, on Flickr CSC_0143 by matt wellington, on Flickr CSC_0144 by matt wellington, on Flickr CSC_0145 by matt wellington, on Flickr CSC_0147 by matt wellington, on Flickr CSC_0146 by matt wellington, on Flickr CSC_0148 by matt wellington, on Flickr CSC_0149 by matt wellington, on Flickr Some prior to the stores being added. The only issue with this is you loose the movable pylons as they are added after the decals. Not so much of an issue as it was being displayed in flight at 67degrees so they are glued in place now.. 20180215_171338 by matt wellington, on Flickr 20180215_171506 by matt wellington, on Flickr 20180215_171440 by matt wellington, on Flickr
  9. Thanks all! It mostly goes together ok, some bits need a bit of sanding & filing such as the bomb bay cover for the bouncing bomb. The decals have a lot of clear space, especially for the walk lines on the wings and the lettering. For the walk lines cut them into two parts before applying as they silver terribly. Luckily I had a nice sharp knife to trim it all once it had been stuck down, but no amount of decal fix/gloss seemed to help. Horatio, one of these is enough. I never seemed to "get into" building it until paint time. Plus I need the shelf space for when the new 1/72 C17 is released!
  10. Simply stretched sprue, a dab of superglue and a lot of patience!
  11. Red Top Lightning

    I Like that a lot! what did you use for the smoke as that looks spot on?
  12. Finally finished and photographed my Revell Dambuster as "G" flown by Wing Commander Guy Gibson VC, DSO & DFC. This has been on and off for months, but no idea why it has taken so long but mostly an enjoyable build. Only issue was silvering of the wing decals, but I trimmed them down once they had set. Built out of the box and painted using a mix of Revell, humbrol and Tamiya paints. I wish I could have kept the matt black finish for the lower half, but I don't think the decals would have stuck. Ive been waiting for a nice day to photograph it, but when getting it off the shelf I dropped it snapping the rear wheel, hence why its a bit wonky! Thanks for looking. lanc model-2 by matt wellington, on Flickr lanc model by matt wellington, on Flickr lanc model-3 by matt wellington, on Flickr lanc model-4 by matt wellington, on Flickr lanc model-5 by matt wellington, on Flickr lanc model-6 by matt wellington, on Flickr lanc model-7 by matt wellington, on Flickr lanc model-8 by matt wellington, on Flickr lanc model-9 by matt wellington, on Flickr lanc model-10 by matt wellington, on Flickr lanc model-11 by matt wellington, on Flickr lanc model-12 by matt wellington, on Flickr
  13. The red was a bit watery and pink to start with, so I put a dab of revel Ferrari red in. All airbrushed over a white basecoat. Finished with plenty of humbrol gloss cote.
  14. Wow! I had to check the scale of this, then double check on the WIP... the detail and finish doesn't belong on a 1/72!! I honestly thought this was much bigger, you must have seriously steady hands! Great build, looks like its just come off a hard cruise, defiantly more interesting than a pristine jet!
  15. AC-47 "SPOOKY"

    Thanks for sharing, great finish, really captures the weathered Nam look!