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  1. Very nicely done, weathering looks spot on and the eagle really suits it!
  2. Phabulous job! Looks nice in the camo, better than the grey all day long!. Ive got an iom one to build, wish I wasnt such a cheapskate and got the fujimi one as this looks great!
  3. Folland Gnat T.1 Airfix 1/72

    Thats great! Just need some legs through the floor now!!
  4. Hi Matt

    They are on Ebay type A400M Atlas RAF 1:72 scale decals

    and you should find them £6.00 plus postage £1.20 

    Hope this helps


    My email is   parkes682decals@aol.com



    1. matt_w


      Thanks Paul, Ill go and have a look.

  5. A400M ATLAS RAF Decals 1:72 scale

    Hi Paul Are you still doing these decals? I Finally got my hands on this huge kit and would like it to be an Raf aircraft. Thanks Matt
  6. That's fantastic, the top photo I thought was a reference photo!
  7. And If anyone wants the measurements for the stad unit let me know and ill dig them out. I measured the unit we have at bruntingthorpe so its the correct scale
  8. I think the best advise is anticipate they will fall apart and cut them into smaller bits to start with. They overlap each other so there is plenty of spare. Use water rather than decalfix to slide them off the sheet quickly and they may be ok! For anyone building this jet, it was all over medium sea grey and didn't have the two tone scheme of some of the other grey jets. Thanks for the feedback, it was only a quick build over Christmas so im happy how it turned out. Its a bit more shiny than I would have liked, but I needed to really seal the decals down!
  9. Here is xx894 in her marmite green anniversary markings. These were from 1990 to celebrate 12Squadrons 75th anniversary I spotted the 75 Anniversary 12 Squadron Decals on ebay and were an impulse buy, that also meant I had to buy another Buccaneer ( I already have plans for the 4 airfix kits I already have). Its a very basic kit, with no cockpit details other than two armchairs that are supposed to be the ejection seats, but overall it looks like a buccaneer. Ive added a few extra antenna as well as the flare pod to the aft of the arrestor hook but its mostly a kit build. The Decals are from Almark, but were terrible, They fell apart and were very brittle, which wasn't ideal given the size of them. They also wrinkled up and no amount of decalfix could flatten them out. I decided to weather it a bit to take the attention away from this ( it is a bucc so leaks from everywhere!) Ive scratch built the mk12 Stad unit out of plasticard as no Buccaneer line is complete without one! Buccaneer by matt wellington, on Flickr Buccaneer-2 by matt wellington, on Flickr Buccaneer-4 by matt wellington, on Flickr Buccaneer-5 by matt wellington, on Flickr Buccaneer-8 by matt wellington, on Flickr Buccaneer-9 by matt wellington, on Flickr
  10. MiG-29 GWH Polish style

    WOW! That's a stunning build! Detail, Paint and weathering are all perfect
  11. Revell 1/72 F-14B Tomcat VF-103

    That looks fantastic! Great detail, looks more like 1/48 scale!
  12. That's a great looking model and the weathering is spot on! The lights are a great touch, I cant wait to build mine now!
  13. Great little build inspired after seeing one at Bruntingthorpe. Painted in humbrol paints other than the dark grey which is a primer I had in the shed. This one is a tailsitter, hence the Blu tack 20160623_205103-1 by matt wellington, on Flickr 20160623_205024-1 by matt wellington, on Flickr 20160623_204926-1 by matt wellington, on Flickr 20160623_204905-1 by matt wellington, on Flickr 20160623_204830-1 by matt wellington, on Flickr 20160623_204814 by matt wellington, on Flickr
  14. A friend bought me this kit as payment for building him the Civic and knowing my love for initial D! Very straightforward build, but this kit had some nice options with a choice of 3 steering wheels, two styles of seat and the option of a full interior or stripped and caged. The way the car sits is also just right as some kits make the cars too high! Painted in classic hachi-roku colours using a mix of some random white spray paint and humbrol. 2016-04-28_09-10-37 by matt wellington, on Flickr 2016-04-28_09-09-53 by matt wellington, on Flickr 2016-04-28_09-09-24 by matt wellington, on Flickr 2016-04-28_09-09-00 by matt wellington, on Flickr 2016-04-28_09-07-56 by matt wellington, on Flickr 2016-04-28_09-10-59 by matt wellington, on Flickr 2016-04-28_09-11-19 by matt wellington, on Flickr