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  1. Very nice finish there! Love seeing the TSR in progress... can't wait to see more. -Anthony
  2. Hey all - on a research mission this morning and was hoping some of y'all might be able to help me out. I am after photos of one specific Mirage 2000D deployed for missions over Kosovo in 1999. The aircraft is Mirage 2000D 3-IK Tail # 625 http://www.aircraftslides.com/auction/AuctionDetail.aspx?ID=1311016 Many photos of the a/c show it with quite a large scoreboard on the nose as well as drop tanks with a pin-up and Mirage sketch, with the text "1500 Heures" There was a gentleman named JL. Gaynecoetche who had a bunch of pics before, but his links seem to have all gone dead. Any help is appreciated :)/> -Anthony
  3. That looks fantastic!! May I ask what your finishing process was - what paints did you use? -Anthony
  4. Build Review

    That looks fantastic so far Mike! I may have missed it somewhere... but what colors and process did you use on the airframe? Thanks -Anthony
  5. Looks great... very neat work on the pit. Can't wait to see this coming together. I've got two of these to build later, so I'm taking notes from your build -Anthony
  6. Out of curiosity... Can you go into your paint process a bit more in detail? I'm wondering what Gunze #'s you used for your base coats and subsequent weathering (besides 311) Looks awesome so far! Can't wait to see more -Anthony
  7. Why are the photos so small in some posts? Looks great! -Anthony
  8. Awesome work there! Is there a in progress thread or pics somewhere? -Anthony
  9. What colors did you use for the overall finish? I like the look of the paint you used! -Anthony
  10. Hey, anyone in this thread bought some parts from Piero and don't plan to use them? I will offer you a great price for them.. Let me know via PM please! -Anthony
  11. That looks amazing General! I'm going to have to grab those replacement wing seals for my own build. Great work so far, can't wait to see more - I am taking notes
  12. That's extremely helpful Jason! Thank you so much. Yep, I am sure I can piece together the serials from other sheets. The tailflash was of most concern to me. Can you possible recommend some resin seats for this jet? I heard the kit ones aren't too great! -Anthony
  13. Hey all, I am interested in building one of Airfix's new Javelin kits - and I was searching around for a cool scheme to do. I discovered that there was some aircraft deployed to Kai Tek in Hong Kong. I can see that the general colors and camo seem to be the same as the others, but I am noticing that there's an extra tail flash and some unique airframe serials. Does anyone do a sheet with Kai Tek Javelin markings? or have some more reference other than these small photos. http://www.thunder-and-lightnings.co.uk/javelin/full/xh793.jpg -Anthony
  14. Looks great!! Do you plan to use the clear windows or decals... I personally never built airliners because the dilemma of whether to spend half a lifetime masking all the windows or use decals was too great for me hahaha
  15. This looks fantastic sir! I have a couple of questions for you - Was Authentic Decals able to send you a new sheet? I was looking at these decals for my build too but I am a little scared now. Who makes that rotor head? I may have missed it if you said it in the thread somewhere. Where did you order Armycast's Minigun set? -Anthony