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  1. 734 Sqn FAA Whitley VII

    Curiouser and curiouser. Thanks SeaHawk. Is there any chance of uploading a shot of the photo as I cant get hold of the book?
  2. 734 Sqn FAA Whitley VII

    Is they any chance of doing a screen shot of the photo as I cant get hold of the book. This is all great stuff, many thanks
  3. 734 Sqn FAA Whitley VII

    Thats great Seahawk many thanks. I take it these were in the bomber command scheme and without the YAGI radar fitting.I work at Worthy Down and I am still trying imagine Whitlleys taking off from an "uphill" grass strip!
  4. 734 Sqn FAA Whitley VII

    Has anyone seen any photos of the Whitley VIIs used by 734 sqn FAA at Worthy Down in 1944?. There is apparently one knocking around somewhere . Id like to do my Airfix GRVII as one of the 16 used by 734 whilst at Worthy Down as flying classrooms. Im curious as to what colour scheme and markings they would have had. Thanks in advance
  5. Javelin FAW7 help

    Antii thats pukka gen! Just the job. I read somewhere that the 7 didnt get firestreaks till later.Just found a good pic of a 64 sqn Mk7 at Duxford and can see what you mean about the wing leading edge and missing bullet fairings. Many thanks
  6. Javelin FAW7 help

    Thanks for the vote of confidence guys. After doing a bit of digging I see that the wing leading edge is slightly different .back to doing things the old way back in the Frog/Matchbox days
  7. Javelin FAW7 help

    Ive happened accross a Mistercraft repop of the Plastyk Javelin.. Now, apart from consigning it to the bin, what would I need to do to turn it into a passable FAW7?. Does anyone have any decent MK7 photos or be able to point me in the right direction?
  8. Short Stirling wing cell bomb doors

    Thanks Mark. I,ll take a look. Got to figure out how to get the doors off my MKIV now!
  9. Short Stirling wing cell bomb doors

    After having built Italeris Mark IV I am about to embark on their Mk I. I have just read the Haynes manual on the Stirling, the wing cell bomb doors are decsribed as sliding within the wing and not in the conventional mannner, hanging down as per the instructions. So who is correct?. Have Italeri got it wrong ?( along with me) Anyone out there know ?
  10. HI Everyone, Can anyone shed any light on what the Tiger Force Lancs would have looked like had they gone into action from Okinawa in Late 45? From the research Ive managed to do It seems that the MU turrets were removed and blanking plates fitted and an overload fuel tank fitted in the bomb bay. I found an image online of what the Fuel tank may have looked like but no idea of its size and postion in the bomb bay. I read somewhere that they were unpopular as the 4000lb cookie could not be carried. Does anyone know if any of the Lancs were fitted out in combat spec before the atom bomb put paid to the need for Tiger force. And if so what roundals they would have carried. I can only assume they would have worn the two colour blue version worn by Liberators in SEAC. Am I right in assuming that the version portrayed in the Airfix kit is a post war version with the MU turret fitted and no overload tank? There dont seem to be many photos around and certainly not of Tiger Force before the war ended. Thanks in advance
  11. Humbrol RLM paints discontinued? Query

    I emailed Airfix direct and this is the reply I got : Thank you for email , I can confirm we have no plans to drop the Humbrol Enamels from the range of products. Yours sincerley Glen Richardson Customer Care I think its back to the old tale of crap overseas suppliers again. However a source in my local Hornby hobbies store told me that some metallic paints were being discontinued
  12. colour matches for RAF Hudsons/Venturas/Bostons

    Top gen everyone .Many thanks .AS always the forum comes up top trumps again.
  13. colour matches for RAF Hudsons/Venturas/Bostons

    Thats top Gen many thanks. I am looking at an RAF version circa late 1940 so will opt for Dark earth/Dark green/aluminium. The interior of those shots looks pretty much spot on for British interior green
  14. Can anyone tell me how close the paint colours of the Lend lease Hudsons/Venturas etc were to the standard RAF schemes of the period?. I read somewhere that the paint in the US was matched as close as possible but was not exactly the same. So what was the nearest match to Dark earth/Green/Sky?
  15. Wellington bomb loads

    Thats great.Just the job.many thanks guys