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  1. Yes , you rad it right and I cannot believe it, I know the F22 is the new top dog but they need F15's to keep up numbers with what still is a capable platform, but replacing with F16's....over to you. Find here ;
  2. My thoughts are with all those affected by this cowardly attack. I am off on holiday next week and I guarantee while sitting on that plane I will not think once about what they can or will do. Cowards deserve no less.
  3. If I remember right there was similar moans about the was too small to carry a meaningful load, vulnerable and short range. It matured into one of our best warplanes but don't get me wrong, I am not a fan of the F35B in particular, the extra lift engine seems a retrograde step from the wonderful Pegasus arrangement but I can see why they did it. My long term forcast is warm with long spells of F35 sunshine.
  4. Nice Wimpey Les and worth persevering with. Gary
  5. That is a mind boggling paint scheme and you have pulled it off to perfection and a wonderful build taboot. Gary
  6. A charming little build Paul but I have a feeling that the painting process was not a simple affair but it does look stunning. Gary
  7. Yet again a nice kit build and one that is on my 'to do' list, did the decals come with the kit ? I take it from your last couple of posts that you like experimental and research aircraft....ditto. Gary
  8. Very interesting ' what if' and the first SB5 I have seen modelled. I have a couple of Anigrand kits waiting to be built but not this one so thanks for showing. Gary
  9. Sorry to hear of the decal disaster Bill, not what you expected or wanted but I am sure you will prevail. I have been reading this thread over a period of two days and I am blown away by the level of detail incorporated into your build, along with the stalwarts of this site that offer invaluable guidance and information. It has been a sensory overload so we have come this far and my brain is jelly so it would be a shame for the build to stop now. Damn fine work sir. Gary.
  10. I can see a lot of work has gone into that, very nice indeed. Gary
  11. I made the fatal mistake of looking at their website and saw those very models...just when I said I was not going to look at other genre's . They look nice and a little left of centre which is just up my street. Gary
  12. She is a big ole Interceptor, would have been interesting to see how things would have turned out had they been purchased. Nice build and good on you for seeing it through. Gary
  13. Very nice indeed and just the right amount of weathering being a prototype this is right up my street. Gary
  14. worth saving and a fine job.
  15. Thanks for the prompt replies folks, I am not afraid of short run kits as what I build is/can be predominantly short run, I just needed a heads up before buying which I shall. The costs of Dragon and Cyber Hobby kits on evil bay is mind boggling but no news there then. I have brought after market decals so no worries there and the after market parts is a good way forward. Thanks again. Gary.