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  1. H.P. 115

    Very nice build and your first use of Alclad II is a success in my eyes, this is one I want to build but not the Project X kit.
  2. 1/350 USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76)

    That would take me 9 years not nine months. Your build is 1st class and I love the views of the hangers, it adds another dimension to your model.
  3. 1/48 Republic RF-84F Thunderflash - Tanmodel

    Fantastic and very colourful.
  4. Yet another winner Russ, I was not expecting a P47 to be your next build so a nice surprise, keep em comming. Gary

    Nice back garden....eh,what? oh yeah the SE5A, what can say that has not already been said, a masterclass of model making and proof that aftermarket and add ons are not the be all and end all, good ole fashioned skill and perseverance count for much more. Thanks for sharing. Gary
  6. Do we need an army?

    Because it has the title 'Army' lets not forget that they are also a very powerful and well equipped disaster relief tool, with resources no civilian contractor can match, also they do a lot of unseen and little publicised work in Africa building schools or doctor's surgeries, etc. Here in Blightey too they are there as a security, search and rescue, flood relief and disaster relief organisation of vast experience, so before even firing a bullet they have many chances to use their resources and skill to good effect. Do we need an Army....you bet. And my lad is in the process of joining so it gives him something to do instead of pestering me so win-win.
  7. A civil Canberra Airfix 1/72

    Now that is excellent and a bit left of centre, to be fair that looks more than OK to me with the nice contrasts of the colour scheme.
  8. Superb and a perennial favourite of mine.
  9. Spot of the Day Part 2

    My Cousin swore by the Maxi, most stable towing car ever he said, I thought it looked like a car Grandad would drive, me, being young wanted something a bit more modern and sporty....like a 950 Fiesta....maybe
  10. Yorkshire pudding

    Naa, not for me either, on a Sunday dinner, Toad in the Hole or occasionally with a dollop of Jam to mop up any left over from dinner.....and before you ask, no not covered in gravy and jam!
  11. YF4K Prototype first flight.

    Thanks F32, much appreciated.
  12. 1/48 ZM F-4S Mig Killer in Ferris colors

    That is a seriously good Phantom, very precise in every aspect.
  13. Falcon 1/48 Supermarine Swift

    Oh the humble vac-form, you have achieved a good model there and I did not see any flaws and a brand I have not heard of.
  14. Tornado IDS MFG1 - Revell

    Very nice indeed and well painted.
  15. Watcha

    Hi Lucinda, welcome to the forum which I am sure you will find less volatile than an UXB, bit more akin to a puff of marsh mellow really.