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  1. Thanks Andy, next lesson then is to learn the workings of Photoshop.
  2. If I may ask, is this same method used to make replacement decals if you have no originals to scan ?
  3. Very nostalgic, I only wish I was around then seeing all those lovely aircraft and colour schemes. That Hastings looks interesting, any other info on it ? Thanks for posting Paul and look forward to the next instalment. Gary
  4. Nice build, MB fighters were often underrated as items of engineering and often had advanced thinking behind them.
  5. Indeed, now they were the good old days and the movements at Waddo during that exercise were as good as I have seen anywhere.
  6. Sorry Ragtag there is not a WIP, I do not feel confident enough yet to do one, although it would make a good subject.
  7. Remember it well, what days they were, I remember a scramble at Wattisham when the F4 and Hawk T1A defenders scrambled followed by 5 minutes of silence.....then all hell broke loose with, I beleive Dutch F5's screaming across the base from various directions with the Hawks on their tails jinking all over . Fabulous and never to be forgotten. I only ever saw the Mirage IV's going over at medium level. Can anyone remember the Tactical Fighter Meet at Waddo, I beleive in 86, I missed only 3 days flying, the base was crammed with visitors, FB111A, F15A, CF188A and much more, what a couple of weeks that was.
  8. Cheers mackem01, yes it certainly peaked my interest when I first saw it. I would imagine they had ballast somewhere in the airframe to centralise the Cof G.
  9. Fit seats to the decks and a mobile bar or two and we can go cruising on them as well, or maybe a derrick or two and they can carry plastic dog s##t back to China in containers...oh, I could go on forever, what a joke our procurment system has become. And the best of it is that they will be moaning and scratching their heads when the cost over runs kick in wondering how such a tight run programme could possible go over cost I am going in to the corner now to laugh !
  10. Crikey, I will take all the compliments you want to through at me then
  11. Thank you Darren, the glazing is not perfect but was not sure what to do with it.
  12. Nice pictures and so many that I want to model, C47 ZA947, Viscount XT575, F4 XV424 and Varsity WF379 in those very schemes, thanks for posting from the good ole days of airshows.
  13. Hello SteveR and welcome from Lincs. Gary
  14. Yeah... I second that, I think! Welcome SUNchazer.
  15. Thank you Paul, you have to love a Sea King don't you, I grew up with them after all. Thanks Celt and Scimitar, that was the reason for the build, something a bit left field. I did think of that spaddad as one of my two photo's showed them folded but nothing jumped out at me on the aftermarket, especially in 1/72, there may be one 1/48. Thank you both, I think there is a child in all of us Tony, the only thing that has changed is that I have found Ale and given up sniffing the Airfix glue Cheers Pete, masking was to bad, trying to get the right base colour was a little harder as the photographs I had show it a lighter shade of Blue than standard for HAS2 and early HAS5. Thunderbirds or airborne pass the about pizza delivery?