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  1. Oh how I laugh....you won't see me doing that I said, 100 plus and still counting over a 3 year period. Welcome back.
  2. I went to an open air concert once, in Dublin to see the Killers, very apt, both my partner and I nearly came to blows over young people with poor manners and zero respect. NEVER again. We just wanted to enjoy the music but got pushed and shoved backwards... that was until we fought back but it spoilt the whole event.
  3. That would have been nice and a great idea.
  4. I always felt this was the better plane and far better looking, I would say one of the best looking of all time, but that is subjective. Your build is nice and I would like this in my stash but I find the prices a little too high at the mo.
  5. Oh how I wish I could have done so however I have seen several world records being taken by the UK and will be watching the Bloodhound attempt. I am heartened that we are still capable of such feats and the spirit of the Campbells, Cobbs and others is still alive and well.
  6. I don't like any of them as they are just down right stupid or false and if I want something I will find it.....I am not a number, sorry, idiot. But above all I hate any ad that makes no sense at all and I have just wasted 20seconds of my life and then gone..."what was that about?" I know you may think me an idiot but I would rather pay and have none, DAMN, I do and I still get them...
  7. I do like a bit of Whiffery and there are some crackers there. It is nice to see such models as there is not much else left of them so it keeps them alive as you might say.
  8. Will it be towing one of the broken down Type 45's for protection ?
  9. Thanks folks, so there is no one reason just a bucket full of personal reasons. I may keep it then as I have heard no bad comments about it and dream up some wonderful scheme for it. Cheers.
  10. I like Merlins and I was pulled in by the box art but after a period of reflection I decided to concentrate predominantly on Prototypes, Experimental, Test and Evaluation and projects that were cancelled with the odd interloper thrown in. I have an Italeri 1/72 Merlin kit which will be one of the prototypes but I can find no place for this kit other than a What If. I just wondered why so many are up for sale but no one buys them. Cheers Gary
  11. I recently had a sale on BM and one kit that did not sell was the 1/48 Airfix Merlin HC3. I have seen many for sale but never seen one bought including mine and I was looking at it today thinking IMHO it looks like a good model in regard to the plastic but then it dawned on me...is it unloved because the schemes on offer within the box are too similar and there is very little difference among the whole fleet so as to limit artistic prowess. Am I right in this assumption? This got me thinking, do you have a kit or know of a kit that just will not sell or you just do not like because of a similar choice by the manufacturer as I would like to make the kit but it falls outside my genre and to justify making it I would have to do some ' whatiffery' on it. Any thoughts would be interesting to hear. Cheers Gary
  12. Here is my finished Bluebird K7 made from the AlleyCat iteration of a previous kit I believe in 1/72. The kit is resin and involved several alterations in the form of scratchbuilding. Hope you like her and thanks to all who showed and interest.
  13. Incoming, Incoming....If I remember right the Americans joined us, not the other way round. Why is it an illusion to think we can maintain credible defence forces, nobody expects us to have US size forces but what I think we do expect is that what we do have is joined up to function as a whole, not go scrounging to others for MPA or other capabilities and lets be honest how many times in history have we assumed it cannot happen when it has happened, and with seriously close results. As the fifth largest economy we should be able to have a fully rounded defence structure, we have not and have not had for years. What is robust about having nuclear subs that have no in house de lousing capability of an MPA or have a capital ship like a carrier land troops that much cheaper and specifically designed ships could do, the whole defence thinking in this country is fatally flawed because the price will not be a limited range of assets at the bottom of the deep blue briny but real men and women that are the real heart of our defence forces and the only thing holding it together. I know we will not take on China or North Korea unilaterally and unfortunately that overstretch is here and now and has been for a while and to be honest at the moment we are fighting mainly terrorist factions within states and not states themselves which is a whole different ball game altogether. My ideal world would be no fighting and just airshows and navy days so we can build models to our hearts content....I can dream.
  14. Very nice indeed, I am building the Whirlybirds offering at the moment and what struck me was that when offered up to similar aircraft of 1/72 it was a big plane and would have been impressive on the ramp. Gary
  15. Absolutely super. Your day-glo is not too garish and the silver just right. Love it.