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  1. What kicked off the 'modern world?'

    Nothing new there then !
  2. What kicked off the 'modern world?'

    Well for what it's worth for me it has to be Medicine, from probably the middle of the Victorian times when the human body was more understood than at any time previous and in further push in the timeline, now, medicine is going to the molecular level and the possibilities are amazing. Lets be honest, without modern medicine most of us would be dead at an early age.
  3. Photobucket beware!

    Photo who?
  4. HMS Belfast : 2nd T26

    Just don't let the 'young uns' name them or we will end up with; Like Glasgow, Like Belfast and so on. Oh the thought of it....
  5. Kawasaki Ki-48-1 `Lily`, Burma, 1942

    Superb Russ....you are arf knocking em out, how do you do it?
  6. Pat Pattles Gloster Gladiator

    Very nice indeed.
  7. IPMS Southwell

    Yes it is a nice little show and very welcoming although the name can be a little confusing as some call it the Newark Show when it is at Southwell Racecourse. I will be there so just look for the babbling idiot
  8. Puma HC-3

    None to shabby that, I did not even realise there was such an idea/airframe. You live 'n' learn.
  9. Here is one l been chewing the bit on

    Swearing removed
  10. Spray booths

    Beware though, I know it is tempting but as far as I know an oven extractor is not compliant with flammable gases and if the lecy bits are not shielded then a spark may ignite the very gases and overspray you are trying to remove and that is not a nice thought. I too have a 300DS and I know it is not cheap but I did not want fumes around the house affecting everyone else and I most certainly did not want unwanted ignition of gases and other flammables in my room, of which there are many. They are worth every penny and then some. All the best Gary
  11. Not sure where to start. Mental illness.

    Hi Andy I hope you are well and on the up. My childhood was very much a disrupted affair due to my parents splitting when I was six and having a very fractious relationship with my step parents and to put things in a nutshell I have never been comfortable in my own skin, I sometimes feel very low about myself, my capabilities and question my self worth, my head sometimes feel like it will explode when things go wrong and I feel I do not integrate with people and society in general; I do have friends and I do socialise but I feel I have to work hard at it rather than it coming naturally. What I am trying to say in my socially inept way is that I think I am broken but am I? Maybe I am one broken biscuit in a box of 7 billion but I will certainly echo the comments above. I do find however that I can hold my own in most things I do, I have no complaints from my boss, my partner thinks I am clever and thinks I am a social demon, always getting kind comments from new acquaintances and friends alike, my kids think I am a great dad which I hold dear as my finest achievement even though I even question that because my marriage to their mother went wrong. As for my modelling...well, some end up on BM, some on the shelf and the occasional one ends up like a pancake under my frustrated fist but on balance it is a perfect way to be me. Speaking about it Andy is a good thing and sometimes hard to do so it helps when you know you are not alone but please do show your builds, good or bad, they are a part of you after all. Keep well Andy Gary
  12. LPD

    But Junglierating, we will have 2 new carriers that can replace HMS Ocean, Bulwark,Albion and these 2 new shiny helicopter carriers aircraft carriers can land several hundred Royal Marines with equipment and launch lots of helo's in support of humanitarian disasters at the same time as fighting a blue water war and under going refit/maintainance , we wiil, I assure you not loose any capability or flexibilty what soever. They are not really carriers but 2 new TARDIS machines that can be in many places at one.......but don't tell anyone !
  13. NA39 'Just like the real thing'

    Simplicity at it's best, great job.
  14. The Last Post.

    I watched the first episode of the above drama on Sunday night and within 1 minute was hooked. The first scene at a hot and humid airstrip showed people disembarking a BOAC VC10, beautiful, then almost immediately a background shot with a line of lovely, shiny EE Lightnings. But it did not end there....the camera went vertical and a Vulcan overflew showing it's white underside. Made my weekend and made a comment of this to my good lady who just rolled her eye's. I hope to see more shots like this as the drama develops.
  15. Yes John, as ever true professionalism and coolness of thought from the crew. It looks like a relatively clean break with no ensuing fire which if that was the case may have been a piece of good luck.