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  1. HI Andy, thanks for the heads up, that will be a great resource for me when I decide to start although I may beat your time spent on this model by a country mile, my build speed is slower than a Thames Tug. Regards Gary
  2. Cheers Lee.
  3. If BM is having a table count me in to help set up, I very much enjoyed my day last year and hope to see more of you plastic bashers there. Gary
  4. Lovely.
  5. I use Carrs Green Flux with Carrs 188 solder heating with a simple iron, no problems, as to your woes, not sure what the problem is so trying another product may be your answer.
  6. Very resourceful, very old school and waste not..want not, I love it.
  7. Very nice indeed and your photography has caught the Lightning well.
  8. How many times do I have to say this...just when you think you have seen the most innovative presentation of a model another comes along and blows you away, that is absolutely fabulous and a interesting story to make a perfectly rounded model display, I love it. Has anyone asked how it was done or is that a trade secret
  9. Very nice indeed, from what I believe to be the Golden Age of Light Aviation,
  10. Now that brings back memories of fast cars, cool copters and much more, thanks for sharing.
  11. Lovely and a well balanced paint job.
  12. Certainly was. I too have a kit of HMS Hood, the Trumpeter 1/350 with enough after market items to build a fleet of Hoods but I do not want to start the build until my skills in modelling reach a more consistent level, plus I am looking into back dating it to the 20's and with no conversion set it will be all toil and sweat with scratchbuilding. One thing I do know is that we should cherish our families and the memories they hold, it is easy to think thy will always be there. I hope you visit the forum often as it is a good source of info and the people are top notch, we sometimes have tables at shows which allows us to meet each other members. I look forward to seeing some of your builds too. Gary
  13. Fantastic paint job and build, well done.
  14. Hello 'Jon the Viking' and welcome to the site. Like so many men on HMS Hood your Great Uncle Harry was a young man lost so tragically that day, even though it is only70 odd years since the end of WWII information is scarce on my Great Uncle, are you lucky enough to have lots of information and pictures of Harry? I would also imagine that the two Harry's new each other even if they were on opposing shifts, there were about 230 or so Stokers of different ranks on board HMS Hood, I would at least like to thing they did. How strange also that after all this time we should meet on this forum talking about this subject having this connection, that is the second time in a year. Kindest regards Gary.