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  1. TVs best characters

    Too many to mention but my hat in the ring is Ken Dodd...talent and then some. And he only pays 2p income tax!
  2. Looks great Russ and a very interesting subject I was not aware of. Keep them coming.
  3. Scimitars and Sea Venoms - Colour film

    Yep, just realised it is a video. No1 is an obscure type but there are some poor designs in that top ten. I suppose they can't all be winners.
  4. Scimitars and Sea Venoms - Colour film

    That just proves the saying Wez, " Beauty is in the eye of the beholder". If we all thought the same it would be a very monochrome world. The Sea Vixen above may not be a slick slip of a plane but it is big and powerful and that is maybe where it's beauty lay. Portly, how dare you Sir... Out of curiosity, what is number 1?
  5. AMG Bf 109 B in 1/72

    Excellent pair of early 109's, I much prefer the early marks of this aircraft and their more unusual schemes.
  6. Canadair CF-104 "Starfighter" 1:32 MWP Project

    Those hanger shots could be mistaken as an actual photograph of a real time situation, that is how good your build is, absolutely superb and one of my favourite planes in one of it's best markings.

    That's a P40 ? Looks like a cross between several aeroplanes including a Piper Pawnee crop sprayer. A fine model, yet again a silk purse from a soars ear, there is much satisfaction to beat into submission a pig of a kit.
  8. Scimitars and Sea Venoms - Colour film

    Very good and thanks, I have always thought that the Scimitar, in the fashion of the Hunter, was a very clean and elegant aeroplane. Nice to see Sea Venoms as well, a type not often seen or spoken of.
  9. Chinooks by night (more added 13/02/18)

    Very nice indeed, thanks for posting.
  10. QF-104A

    Love it.
  11. New indigenous UK designed fighter revealed

    At last...a rise in defence spending. I see a bright future for this cutting edge affordable aeroplane.
  12. 1/72 Merlin Supermarine Swift

    I build a lot of short run rubbish kits so I know your pain and adulation in making a good job of it. Well done Sir.
  13. HMRC scam

    Cheers for the warning, I have had several over the years and all have been discarded but it is annoying at the very least.
  14. Second hand kits are deadly!

    I played on the railway lines, climbed trees, explored derelict buildings and was out from dawn till dusk, I will take my chance with some old Lego. What is more amazing is I am still here( not sure for how long!) but I do find these reports irritating in the extreme, you would probably have to play with these toys continuously for decades for any issues to arise and most kids are fed up after an hour so it makes this article redundant.
  15. English Electric Deltic Prototype (DP1) - OO Gauge

    I remember fondly as Deltics rumbled through Peascliff tunnel in Grantham and you heard those Gunboat engines making that wonderful growling sound, it could only be a Class 55. Your model is superb and wears a striking colour scheme.