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  1. Biggin Hill Festival of Flight 2017

    Some of the finest shots I have seen, I especially like the Reds break and the Gripen.
  2. Very neat and tidy John and one I would like in my collection. I sympathise with your search for the small details that will finish your model, sometimes the more you look the less you find and it all gets very confusing. Gary
  3. I have read a little about this battle and the amazing efforts of those nine SAS men against unbelievable odds, it is a truly awe inspiring battle. I think I will buy the paperback above to get more on this moment in time. As for the Strikemaster, very nice and nice to see a member of the JP family with teeth. Gary
  4. Airfix 1\72 Seaking HAR.3 (new mould)

    Very smart model and a neat paint job ta-boot.
  5. RD.57D-C 1/48 CA B.57 kit bash

    Nobody can say this hobby does not have green credentials John, all this recycling and hey presto, a big wing B57. It is a good job you like scribing, there is some area to cover. Great work so far. Gary
  6. Love your builds Russ, you know what you are going to get get; a cracking finished model.
  7. They do not come much better than that, superb [ and way out my league].
  8. 1/72 Bf 109G-6AS

    Glad you finished it, see it was not so bad now you see her in all her glory. Nice job.
  9. 1/48 SAAB J29

    Superb and a paint scheme that suits us folks with shaky hands. Do give us the Austrian version, they would make a good pair.
  10. WESTLAND WYVERN S4 VZ749 272/E

    Lovely job on a beast of an aeroplane, the FAA colours are perfect for modelling and some of the best on any aeroplanes flown IMHO.
  11. Air France Concorde, Heller 1:72

    Absolute stunners and well done for persevering, I think that Concorde will never age in the looks department, even now she looks like she just flew off the drawing board. I will never tire of looking at this plane. Thanks.
  12. Amazing what can be done with a box, an unusual subject.
  13. Pet hates.

    Now I am off, I nearly forgot about this pet hate. Shoppers who for some reason would rather throw the now unneeded shopping trolley into our river even though the supermarket is directly behind the river, moronic behaviour at it's worst. If I had my way I would seal the top of the trolley with them in it and drown them like the rats they behave like.
  14. HMS Queen Elizabeth to enter Pompey tomorrow

    When is the RN launching Thunderbird 4 ?