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  1. Timely news. We had plans for conversion sets for him. AC-130J and 130W. Good thing I procrastinated. So much work would go to waste. Well, let's do it for Italeri in 1/48.
  2. Two new resin sets. Correct airscrews for Tu-95 familis kits. For 1/72 Trumpeter and Amodel. Sets hawe a 40 resin parts + decals deicers panels. Resin parts are similar for a both sets. but differences decals only (for later and early types airscrews blades)
  3. I will continue to consistently develop the range. Perhaps there will be sets for these models.
  4. don't forget to add the sonobuy launchers block to the rear door and move the large viewing window into right place
  5. Hi. This is AAQ-8 infrared guard sensors. First iterations of the LAIRCM systems. Was be installed to SOS C-130 aircrafts with the Cobham universal pylons, via MAU-12 rcks
  6. At the end of this year, we began work on resin sets of propellers for models of Soviet multi-engine transport aircrafts in 72nd scale. Most of these kits are produced in "Amodel" a series of shortrun and the quality of factory parts is low. Our sets include resin propellers parts and laserprint decals to simulate blades de-icing panels. in size and appearance, the details of the sets correspond to their prototypes. There are currently four sets in our catalog. #794. AV-68D propellers set for "Amodel" An-8 kit #795 AV-68i (later) propellers set for "Roden" An-12 and "Amodel" IL-18/20/22/38 series kits #795-1 AV-68i (earlier) propellers set for "Roden" An-12 and "Amodel" An-10 & IL-18/20/22/38 series kits #797. AV-68DM propellers set for "Amodel" An-32 kit
  7. Merry Xmas & Happy New Year! Be your happy modelling!!!
  8. the only kit to be beaten by a this fresh Zvezda release is ESCI. it can be given to the younger ones as a toy. Zvezda vs Italeri -they stand side by side. Each has its own advantages. It's a shame that, getting rid of the mistakes of her competitors, Zvezeda has done her own. "outstanding model" - I would not say about Zvezda. wery good commercial product for the time being and mediocre according to its prototype.
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