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  1. I have always wondered about the different shades of grey in front of the "NAVY" letters on that picture. I doesn't seem that it is any shadow on that part of the fuselage. And the different shade of grays contines on to the fins on the underside of the fuselage. Also a good picture concerning the nose demarkation line between the back and the grey/white. The black nos ends not that far aft that one thinks concerning the "nose jobb instruction". Cheers / André
  2. Well, originally German... ...but as Airfix is Brittish I have to say Brittish...
  3. Thanks Bill! Wishfull mathematics doesn't take us to the moon... ; ) Let's see what I can dig out in my boxes of spareparts... What I didn't have found out yet is if the F-111B sit lower to the ground compared to the F-111A. Or was the landing gear built to compensate for those smaller wheels? Cheers / André
  4. That was information that I can relate to. I always felt that the resin main wheels looked a rather large. 42x13... ...that makes 11,9 mm (?). Well, where are those A-6 wheels again? Cheers / André
  5. Me 262 A1, Revell 1/72 scale

    Comparing those seats with seats in an 1/72 Bf 109, Bf 110 or an Fw 190 they look small. And as the cockpit in the Me 262 is more roomy i looks rather "strange". Comparing with the pilots seat in an 1/72 Ju 88 the Me 262 seat looks like to fit to an 1/144 scale Me 262. Well maybe not that small... : ) Som good pictures of an Me 262... http://www.ipmsstockholm.se/home/messerschmitt-me-262b-in-detail/ Cheers / André
  6. Me 262 A1, Revell 1/72 scale

    Mmm... I have two 262's on my table. One Revell and one Hasegava. The Revell one is the Me 262 B-1a/U1 and the clear parts are as clear as it can be. Is it just the Revell A-1a that suffers from bad clear parts? the only thing is that I feel that the seats in both kits are rather small. Are they in correct size or... ? Cheers / André
  7. Those Eduard parts look nice but where are the swallows? I will have to take a look on my old Revell and Academy Me 262's. It's a cruel summer... Cheers / André
  8. Airfix Wimpy for 2018

    Oh, the "bullet shaped" long winged Mk.VI wasn't the most good looking aircraft I've seen. But for sure not without interest... http://www.chaddesdenhistoricalgroup.co.uk/2011/01/the-wellington-mk-6/
  9. Yes, I knew about that picture showing the difference. And I have been thinking of reducing the diameter or just cut of the wheels from the hubs. One problem is that most peopla here are talking inches where most of us in Europe talk millimeter. But it´s not an big problem and I will found out how to deal with the wheels wheen the time comes. When I started this build for over twenty years ago the only thing I had was the old Revell nose. For now I have three kits on the "table". Two old Revell kits and one Hasegawa kit and my plans are to do the Hasegawa kit as 972. It's ready for painting. In fact the "bottom white" are already painted. Maybe I do someting with the older Revell kits later... Cheers / André Ps. I have an mould to make new "noses" if someone want to build an F-111B...
  10. That's a rather big difference. I had an idea about using wheels from an Grumman Prowler kit but now that is out of question. So what alternatives is there in 1/72 scale? Thank's for information... Chhers / André
  11. Mmm... Concerning size of the main landing wheels... ...where they the same as on the A-6 Intruder or bigger? Cheers / André
  12. Also glad to se the continuation on your F-111B. I also have an Hasegawa F-111B waiting on the workingtable. My plan is to bild it as 974 with differs a bit to 972. But still it helps a lot and clears some questions to me to se your build on the way again! Cheers! / André http://tailspintopics.blogspot.se/2009/10/grumman-f-111b.html
  13. Revell Boeing 747 1/144

    Hello, Just wonder about the mainlanding gear on the Revell 747... ...in the instructions ona are installing the first pair of the landing gear when getting the gearbays to the hull and the second pair in the end of the build. Is it possible to wait with the first pair to the last buildingsteps or will there be problem to get them in place if not doing it by instructions? Cheers / André
  14. Your Airfix top (REALISTIC) future releases?

    With experience of the nice Hawker Typhoon both an Hawker Tempest and an Hawker Hurricane metal wing Mk. I wouldn't be a big surprise. And fore sure I want an Supermarine Scimitar in 1/72... But wouldn't an 1/72 HP Hampden be an realistic future release as we now have an Blenheim, an Beufighter, an Whitley and one coming Wellington? Cheers / André
  15. Radial Engine Hurricane?

    Maybe not the most beutifull aircraft I ever seen... ...but the missing link to the Hawker Typhoon... Cheers / André