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  1. What have you purchased 9

    Amongst other things... these two...
  2. This... Although the 'postie' didn't exactly deliver it. ParcyMcParcelFarce dropped off one parcel but left this one in the van causing me a 45 mile round trip to collect it...
  3. What have you purchased 9

    Updated with a picture now I've finally figured out Flikr...
  4. No worries. I have a couple of others in the queue first and my build speed is verrrry slooooooowwwwww.... but I also want to light mine eventually so will be watching how you get on and looking for tips. Good luck!!
  5. Watching this with great interest. I've just managed to get the kit from that well known auction place and will be looking to light it.
  6. Great news! Still no word from the retailers though.
  7. What have you purchased 9

    1/48 Kitty Hawk SU-35 PLAAF version. Beautiful kit, especially with the extra resin parts. Think I'll build this as a Russian splinter scheme version.
  8. Just checked. Not yet available, still on pre-order
  9. I was just about to ask if anyone had heard anything. Hopefully won't be long before we see some pictures of the kit.
  10. Any more news on this? We're now a fair way past Q3.
  11. The last time I bought modelling paint was in 1987

    I returned to model making a few years back after a 25 year gap. When I ducked out of the hobby I had been using enamel from the tin, thinned with (very smelly) thinners and either painted or sprayed through a Badger 200 (using an air can). On returning to the hobby I tried acrylics, first Tamiya then Revell Aqua Colour. Although nice colours I found Tamiya to be 'almost' as much hassle as the old enamels in terms of smell and having to use their thinners. I found the Revell Aqua Colour to be far more user friendly - thin with water and no terrible odour. But they were a "pain in the airbrush", resulting in a maintenence-to-painting ratio of about 4:1. I then 'rediscovered' enamels, first in the form of Xtreme Metal and then in the form of Alclad Mil-Spec and I haven't looked back since. They stink just like enamels used to but unlike the impoverished teen in the late 80's I now have a spray booth and hurricane mask. They also spray pretty much flawlessly right out of the bottle through each of my airbrushes providing a level of coverage and consistency I could never get from the acrylics (even the so-called airbrush ready acrylics). Airbrush maintenence is a doddle. Zap a bit of odourless thinner and the brush is fine.
  12. Decal sets suggestion open topic.

    My starting wishlist would be: 1/72 VC-10 British Airways Negus and Negus 1/72 Trident 3 BEA 1/72 Viscount British Airways Negus and Negus or BMA 1/72 Boeing 737 British Airways 'Landor' 1/48 F-16 Agressor Splinter Scheme 1/48 F-16 Thunderbirds 1/48 Phantom FGR.2 1435 Flight 'Falklands' 1/48 Tornado ADV F.2 229 OCU 1/48 UH-1D Play Boy or 'Air Cav' 1/48 Bell Jet Ranger BEA 1/48 Apache British Army 1/32 Bell Jet Ranger BEA I occasionally see some on my wishlist at a different scale, such as the airliner decals, but they are often screen rather than laser printed so don't lend themselves to simple upscaling.
  13. Absolutely super!! I have a 1/72 Vacuform kit in the stash that I'd like to build as either a BA or BEA bird, if only I could find the decals
  14. What have you purchased 9

    The Moebius BSG Raptor and Weapons Set. Just to see if they were real.
  15. Wolfpack 1/48 Phantom Wing Fold Set

    Have a set in the stash but not actually tried them yet though I have inspected the parts and instructions. They don't look that complicated, with the main piece of surgery being to remove a slight section of the main wing which will be replaced by a hinged section ready for the wing tip. I'm hoping to drill out small holes in the hinges and use micro brass bolts so that I can have the wings up/down as I please.