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  1. StuG IV the firs armour

    Thanks a lot, guys! My boss ordered me a Tiger and T-80... So i have to dicide to stay at the dirty side! My local hobby shop has a lot of Wilders pigments... So let the armours discoveingr begin!)))) I have seen a good wip about oil dots method (and used it in a aircrafts ).
  2. Hi dear colleagues! I have never builded any armour at all. Never))) I am the aviation guy))) But my chief at work fouded out about my hobby... Once he asked me to build a TANK for his office shelf. There is can not be denied to your superior, esp if you wanna to have vacation in august )))))) So! No problems! Here the my FIRST armour in scale! I still do not know how to gat a true mud and dust immitation, but i like it. It doesn need much caereful as an aircrafts but it needs a lot of new build cpeciffics! Please welcome! Any critics and comments are welcome! Best rgds! Egor! P.S. Sorry for my Trzan english!))
  3. Twin Otters in Male'

    Ufff! I wanna there! Right now!))))
  4. Wish i could to be a such accuracy with a foil as you are! Always dreaming to build foiled overall aircraft! Thanks for sharing!
  5. Mig-19S Syria - 1/48 HPiM

    Very nice build! Love this unusual cheme! Thans for sharing!
  6. Su-7 BMK Fitter - Algeria RamadanWar 1/48

    Looks like a real predator! Great work! Excellent result!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Great work! Very interestig presentation! A couple hours back i have visit a chineese Warship in Baltiysk naval base. The ship should have the same chopper but the militaries hidded him in a hangar((((
  8. RAF BAe HAWK T.1 in 1/32nd

    Nice bird! Excellent paintwork and choise of theprototype!
  9. Spectacular! Excellent result!
  10. Hi dear colleagues! I am Looking for the Jaguar schems with a fine riwett and pannel lines for my not to great Revell 1/48 sepecat Jaguar Gr.1A. Any links, pm and other helps are wellcome! Thanks!
  11. 1/48 RDanAF RF-84F Thunderflash - Tan Models

    Very nice! Good work!!! And if you will try ro add some wash- it will be double nice!!! Best rgds! Egor!
  12. 1/32 Trumpeter A6-E INTRUDER

    Work of art!!!!! Stunning result! BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. 1/32 Trumpeter A6-E INTRUDER

    Work of art!!!!! Stunning result! BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Very well done!!! Excellent build and paintwork! Great prototype! Thanks for sharing!