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  1. Yes today they send me an email saying they got my earlier email, however they did not give any explanation as to why they put something in the box art schemes and forget to include it in the kit. I guess that they are too embarrassed to admit they could get it so wrong !
  2. You could try rare earth magnets namely the smaller ones by drilling small holes in the tyres and gluing them flush with the bottom of the wheels and placing the corresponding magnet into the base beneath. Do check the polarity of the magnets so they grip properly when assembled
  3. Yes, the plastic is safe, but my Tim Tams aren't doing so good.
  4. We had our hottest February day today at 40.8 C or roughly 105 F on the old scale and some places in Queensland went above 47 C or 116 F. Don't you just love heat waves ?
  5. Oingo Boingo, Only a Lad.
  6. Go to and download them for yourself.
  7. I sent AZ Model an email regarding the lack of proper exhausts in this release over two weeks ago and typically they have not replied to the email I sent them !
  8. Did you hear about the boy who drowned in a bowl of Muesli. Apparently he was pulled under by a currant.
  9. How many power points are there in this area ?
  10. Then maybe its like the way magazines are sold in Australian newsagencies in which they don't sell a particular magazine for three consecutive months, they get removed from sale until a regular order occurs.
  11. Merit International

    I wish that Merit and Trumpeter would ditch their generic stands that are included in many of their ship kit releases and make a stand that custom fits a particular model.
  12. Do you have access the book titled " Gerry Anderson's Supmarionation Cross-Sections " by Graham Bleathman published by Charlton Books, ISBN 1 84222 411 5, copyright 2000. It has a section on Fireball XL-5 and a two page spread that has a cutaway of the vessel.
  13. Bought a 300mm x 300mm lead sheet from my local hardware store a few years ago and cut into smaller pieces that can be epoxied into the frontal area's of kits. Also bought a container of number 9 birdshot that is roughly one litre in volume that has 10kg of lead shot that's perfect for gluing into tight area's on a model. A 45ml bottle ( 3 tablespoons ) holds about 320 grams ( 11.3 oz. ) of the 2mm diameter lead shot.
  14. Just bought my ticket for the second sitting on the big screen.
  15. Corned Beef with boiled carrots and mashed spud and broccoli. Don't know how to make the white sauce and since I'm only cooking for myself, I don't mind.