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  1. I'll be going next ( cheap ) Tuesday.
  2. Additionally when released in 2009, the mail US Flag only had 41 stars and was missing 9 of the other stars on the US flag at the time. I did let Airfix know their mistake when I bought the kit back in 2011 and they had the main flag reprinted by Cartograf Decals that included the correct amount of stars on the main flag. The smaller US flag wasn't corrected when they updated the larger flag.
  3. I see that the kit is available on Hobbyeasy for roughly Au$56.00 or 34 Pounds Stirling.
  4. I always sit through the credits as funnily enough they put the music information and where the film was shot in the end of the credits. I am always the last person out. Overall I thought the movie was good and can hardly wait for the next instalment in three years time !
  5. Warpaint

    Must buy this copy as I have the old Airfix kit along with the Airwaves conversions sets plus various decal sets covering the Wasp.
  6. Just buy the AV Vallejo colour for RLM 23, 71.003 Rot.
  7. My town of birth. Does the place with concrete crocodiles still exist ?
  8. Nicely built, but a criticism about the kit is that Trumpeter got the gun barrel rest's legs way too long as about 3-4mm needs to be taken off both legs as the distance between the bottom of the base and the spring is roughly about the width of your hand ( 4-6 inches ).
  9. Uhura, open a sub-space channel to Star Fleet !
  10. Brian Eno , Reflection. Just uploaded to my iPod.
  11. Yes today they send me an email saying they got my earlier email, however they did not give any explanation as to why they put something in the box art schemes and forget to include it in the kit. I guess that they are too embarrassed to admit they could get it so wrong !
  12. You could try rare earth magnets namely the smaller ones by drilling small holes in the tyres and gluing them flush with the bottom of the wheels and placing the corresponding magnet into the base beneath. Do check the polarity of the magnets so they grip properly when assembled
  13. Yes, the plastic is safe, but my Tim Tams aren't doing so good.
  14. We had our hottest February day today at 40.8 C or roughly 105 F on the old scale and some places in Queensland went above 47 C or 116 F. Don't you just love heat waves ?
  15. Oingo Boingo, Only a Lad.