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  1. " First Order " I thought of the Star Wars Universe.
  2. Valoms Handley-Page Hampden is a contender for worst as the canopy was far too wide for the kit.
  3. Warpaint

    Yes, agree with you I do as the lack of the top/bottom drawings is a strange omission in a Warpaint book, but the book is otherwise a great read with many interesting colour profiles.
  4. Oopsie!

    Thankfully its back now.
  5. Yes, I need to finish my kit as it is built up to the painting stage.
  6. Do what I do. Keep your receipts for the kits you purchase ( in the box ) in case of future problems that may arise in the future !
  7. I remember him as Creepy Creedy.
  8. So then would you suggest that the Australian Army & Artillery Museum in Cairns, Queensland or the Australian Army Tank Museum at Puckapunyal in Victoria or the RAAF Amberley Museum move their collections to Canberra where they could get more attention from overseas visitors than if left in their local destinations. Having the vehicles in Cairns, Amberley or Puckapunyal is a much better idea because it promotes tourism that is shared in the local community. Lumping all the artefacts in a single location is not tourism friendly. The AWM has its place, but having other military museums around the nation adds to their uniqueness of their various collections and shares in the money spent from people visiting from overseas. And the Queensland Museum has a unique tank dating from the First World War in its collection and that is where it should be more appropriately located and is a matter of Queensland pride.
  9. Bandai , Slave 1 Modified Kuat Systems Engineering Firespray-Class Patrol Craft, 1/144 Scale.
  10. I always give my teabag a squeeze with my metal teabag squeezer as I prefer the maximum flavour from it.
  11. Disagree with you I do as its home is in Brisbane, Queensland and not in the Australian War Memorial in Canberra. It was brought here from a battalion comprised mainly from Queenslanders and it should remain here in Queensland !
  12. Temporary visit to Canberra, June 2015 to 2018. Will return to Queensland. I remember this tank was parked outside the old Queensland Museum during the 1970's that was enclosed by a fence with a roof to protect it from the elements and when we visited it in that time as kids, we could stand on the top of that fence and try to peer inside the vehicle. And in the early 80's when it was moved to the new State Museum at South Bank it was left undercover, but still out in the open with the circular hatch at the rear of the tank was missing, so I managed to climb inside the vehicle ( at roughly 2am ) and was left wondering how this tank had a crew of 18 men to operate it. Must have been a really tight squeeze ! The tanks interior quite visible in the light in the alleyway where they parked it and in those days no security camera's and there weren't any other people around at that time of the morning but unfortunately I did not have my old camera with me at the time and I left the tank as it was after crawling around inside for a couple of minutes.
  13. I also use the single blade remover, but have modified it for multiple use. I have removed the four locking tabs on the top swinging section so you can use the remover like normal by putting the scalpel blade in the unit and whilst holding the unit firmly between your fingers, you put the blade into the unit, twist and remove the scalpel from the unit and the blade is still inside the remover. I then put the used blade into a Sharp's container that is also used for putting used Diabetic hypodermic needles into after usage. They are available from most good pharmacies ( chemist shops ) and usually have child proof caps fitted.
  14. Had me on the edge of my seat at times and the movie was quite intense at times. Overall I enjoyed the movie and I didn't see that ending coming.
  15. Yes, stay safe and indoors for now. I live down in Toowoomba and we are forecast for some heavy rain in the next couple of days and hopefully not what we experienced in 2011 ( Inland Tsunami ).