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  1. Just bought my ticket for the second sitting on the big screen.
  2. Corned Beef with boiled carrots and mashed spud and broccoli. Don't know how to make the white sauce and since I'm only cooking for myself, I don't mind.
  3. I think the exhausts in the Beaufighter from the Eduard Brassin set #672076 could be adapted but in my opinion are too short in length in the slotted section by nearly 3mm and you would have to add a length of tube between the outlet and where the slotting starts. They also seem marginally thicker than what's required on the Hampden. It maybe easier to buy an aftermarket decal sheet ( if available ) because they put an option for the kit in their colour call-outs and neglect to give those parts in the kit's release.
  4. Got my Hampden ( AZ 7548 ) in the mail today and whilst the box art as well as the three colour profiles on the back of the box show a form of hedgehog exhaust system on all three aircraft, that is unfortunately not included with the kit at all. Somewhat let down by the omission of parts within the kit and maybe they can send me the parts free of charge.
  5. Some Vallejo equivalents : 77, 70.898 Dark Sea Blue FS35042 112, 70.868 Dark Sea Green FS36118 133, 70.843 Cork Brown with a satin varnish FS20215 144, 70.903 Intermediate Blue FS35164 72, 70.987 Medium Grey FS36306 159, 70.924 Russian Uniform WWII FS34127 157, 70.904 Dark Blue Grey FS35189
  6. Just bought the November edition of SAM to see it's quarterly section of Ship models and noticed that the same section is the November edition of Military Modelcraft International also word for word. Whilst supportive of the inclusion of the article on ships, I find the duplication in a sister magazine quite disappointing, especially in the same month ! Bad move Gary ( and David Grummitt ) as the duplication is highly annoying !
  7. I have this on Blu-Ray and is copyrighted 2012.
  8. Hopefully they can retool the canopy to make more accurate if you can go by the review by Mike Grant in the November edition of Airfix Model World in which he states that the dividing line down the middle of the sliding section is supposed to be on the inside of the canopy and should be perfectly smooth on the outside.
  9. Got a couple of them stuffed inside my deep freezer along with some Kangaroo mince. Time to make a Roo Bolognese before much too long.
  10. Roast Beef with pickles sandwiches with a cup of Tea. And for dessert some stewed Rhubarb with Custard.
  11. Vangelis, Rosetta.
  12. Mk 31.
  13. Nelson and Rodney, mmmm !
  14. Greenstrawberry do a dedicated photo etch set for this vehicle ( 01416 ).
  15. Only ten months to wait so we can give our opinions of the film. I am certainly interested in this one !