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  1. Having your posts headers rewritten by the moderators of this website . Makes me angry as no consultation occurs and the mods just do what they like and change things to suit themselves and the original poster of whatever topic is censored without reason. Not happy at all !
  2. Brilliant album. I saw the album is available from a local electrical retailer for a tidy $75 for the double LP. My copy has only $14 on its price tag that I bought during the eighties.
  3. with the electric frypan
  4. to scramble ostrich eggs
  5. a question about parrots
  6. Hyperborea. Tangerine Dream '83 ...
  7. page 42 dream nightmares
  8. and barium in zimmerit
  9. computer says no, cough
  10. I've an interconnected smoke alarm in my bedroom and kitchen area. Was installed by landlords free of charge. Previous one was hardwired into the ceiling of my unit, which is a 10 inch concrete slab. The tenants above me sound like fairy elephants at times
  11. Klaus Schulze. Big in Japan. Live in Tokyo '10 ...
  12. 1984 For the Love of Big Brother. Eurythmics. '84ish ...
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