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  1. Thank you for the link to the build log,, much appreciated.
  2. Lovely finish to the lorry, I used to drive a similar type in the 60s delivering milk. Your comments on the emahar being well engineered went down well with me, wife got me rhe Emhar Bedford O Series SWB Recovery Truck Model Kit 1:24 as a xmas present, I look forward to starting the build after my current project.
  3. Santa kindly left me a £60 Amazon voucher when he visited my house a Xmas. I have been pondering on what to spend it on. I was thinking of using some or all of the voucher on a Ultrasonic cleaner/bath for my AB & parts (H&s infinity cr+) & other non modelling parts ie; wife's jewellery. Any recommendations? Do you just use plain water in the cleaner or a particular type of fluid.
  4. Almost finished Revell Series 3 Land rover. Should I finish paintwork with gloss or matte varnish (using Pledge Revive It for gloss) or no varnish at all? Opinions welcome.
  5. Anyone discovered they have had to give up modelling due to painful upper arms/shoulders, gave up the hobby either permanently or taken a holiday from it and found the arms/shoulder pain went away? I am 70yrs old and not sure if it's a getting old thing or something else. I use my old pc computer desk for building models and Im sure my posture sat at the desk is ok. Today someone suggested to me the modelling maybe the cause of my pain, head bowed slightly when working on small parts and looking through a magnifying lamp. I've been to see the GP and awaiting to hear from the physiotherapy to get checked over.
  6. I don't know about South of the border but apparently a new ruling on smoke/heat alarms comes into force in Scotland February 2022. Interlinked alarms to be fitted in houses, not just new builds. Wondering if anyone has them fitted in the same room/workstation where you build & paint your models where there maybe lots of paint, thinners & other chemicals are stored.
  7. I wasn't sure how this would d be when I first opened the box as a Couple of previous revell kits were disappointing with parts not fitting together well, however I was surprised to find most of the kit was well moulded. One or too niggly bits but easily overcome. So I will consider revell kits again I just wish I'd tried to put some led lights inside, maybe the next time Wife convinced me to get a display case for it, had to get it custom made due to the length. Wasn't cheap from "Striking Displays.
  8. I've not built any locos carriages before but fancy have a go at it once I've finished the 2 current jobs. Just one question, when purchasing a loco or carriage etc does the kit normally come with length of track to sit the model on?
  9. Just ordered another bike tamiya 1/12 Ducati 916 also something different for late 1/24Paris taxi https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/264408329394 for afters.
  10. Err! Not quite Stef, still fences and shed to paint. Luckily it rained here for a wee while.
  11. Now that I have completed my latest build I think I need to put off buying another kit for about 2 or 3 weeks. Got a garden shed, bike shed, a small lean too shed and 2 long fences front and rear in dire need of painting. Her indoors likes gardening so I can leave her to do the weeding and cutting the grass. I'll spend the evenings deciding which kit to get next. Quicker I get these chores done sooner I can get back to building the next kit with a clean conscious. If I buy a kit just now the chores will be on the back burner again.
  12. Didn't realise you could get photo etch brake discs. Something I'll need to add to my model bike. Do you have a favourite site to but PE brake discs?
  13. My second attempt at motorcycles, a Tamiya 1/12 Yamaha XV1000 Virago. Better than my first attempt which went a bit doolally, probably me. Some of you may think a easy build but hey I'm still learning, I think I want to get a collection of bikes to build, obviously some harder than others, Decals is my nightmare. Most of the build went well, clean cuts of the sprue as expected from Tamiya. One or two little niggles along the way, I thought the front brake discs could have done with a little more detail, pretty flat looking. Paint job on the fuel tank could probably be better, need to practice more on getting a high gloss. There is a sprue which had all chromium parts, I noticed Tamiya Extra Thin didn't stick too well to the chrome parts, super glue did the job. The one decal for each side of the fuel tank was a sorta lined oval shaped loop with nothing in the middle, I messed it up so off it came. I think what I should have done before dipping it in water was to slice it in half, put the top half on first then slide the bottom half up, I think that would have been easier. Overall I'm quite happy with the result.
  14. Loving these really useful tips, keep them coming folks.
  15. Glues I use tamiya extra thin and revell contacta also I make use of superglue. I know tamiya e t melts plastic very quickly especially if the surface has been painted (Acrylics). It cheeses me off when I touch a tiny bit of plastic to hold rubber tubing in place. It just melted straight off The super glue brush tends to get messy and glue ends up where you don't want it. What glues are you guys using? For example a instant super glue type with a neat applicator that can be applied with a single spot.
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