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  1. Ive never airbrushed metallic paint before, is the metallic flakes ok spraying through H&S infinity, I have a 0.4mm nozzle set and a 0.6mm nozzle set? Ill be using Tamiya paints.
  2. Will a H & S Ultra 0.2 nozzle & needle be suitable for a H&S Infinity CR Plus?
  3. I think some parts of the decking will need painting, my plan is when I get to these parts is probably paint them before fixing them into place. I have a feeling this is going to take a while to complete I seen this ship while on a cruise, it was berthed next to the ship I was on, it was quite colourful.
  4. I'm about to start building the ship in the subject title. I have joined the 2 sides of the Hull together, the instructions give no colour indicator for the Hull above the waterline. Out of the box the Hull is a very smooth and white glossy finish. Should I paint over the glossy white or leave it as it is, perhaps a gloss varnish? I notice other white parts white glossy guard rails etc do not have a colour code in the instruction pamphlet. Any advice is much appreciated.
  5. I fancy having a go at a scale model motor bike, not sure which model yet or scale size. Anyone recommend a stand to perch the bike on while building or painting, also where to get them
  6. FrankJ

    Covid Jab

    Never got anything with my jab to say that I have had it done, maybe at the 2nd jab I don't know. If not perhaps they will leave that to your local gp surgery, and charge you for it.
  7. FrankJ

    Covid Jab

    We did our 1st cruise 2019, liked it so much we saved enough to do another in 2020, then this damn bug put paid to that. Spent the money on other things. Like modelling tools etc.
  8. FrankJ

    Covid Jab

    Got my jab yesterday morning, had a really crappy night, I usually never have reactions to injections. Sore neck arms and achy joints I couldn't sleep. Strange thing was I woke up starving. It did warn of side effects in the leaflet.
  9. I'm about to start painting a 1/72 Lancaster BII bomber, i have airbrushed the plane with black primer (Stynylrez). I believe the underside should be matt black, I'm using Tamiya x-1 flat black. Would it be wasting my time & paint black basing the underside when final coat will be flat black?
  10. Cheers Paul, order has been placed with you now.
  11. Thanks Paul, I have a little-jet compressor I bought from your Web page with a hose. Do you have this adapter in stock?
  12. What size of quick release adapter do i need for H&S Ifinity? Thanks
  13. Probably unsure on making them, last time I used a stand with a model plane would be back in the 1950s. Just restarted model building about 6 months ago.
  14. I'm 1/2 way through building a Airfix 1/72 Avro Lancaster BII. Can any one advise what decent pedestal stand to get for it, also I assume I will need to create/drill a hole in the undercarriage somewhere to accommodate the pedestal, where would the best position be? Bomb bay doors will be in closed position and wheels down. I've not 100% decided whether to stand it on its wheels or on pedestal. Thanks
  15. What colour of primer would be better for Airfix 1/72 Lancaster BII bomber that I'm about to start, Vallejo grey surface primer or Vallejo black surface primer. I've found Vallejo primer clogs the H&S Ultra airbrush quite often even though thinning it with Liquitex medium. I'll be using airbrush mostly. I'm open to any better brand suggestions
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