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  1. A person on a French forum discussed with Bassin Maquette. A 1/48 kit won't happen for several reasons: - more costly project - expected lower sales so break-even less likely to be reached - Modelsvit needs to receive some payment at the start of the project so only one project at a time can be financed
  2. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SUPER-MIRAGE-4000-2-Decos-P-E-Mask-MODELSVIT-PLASTIC-KIT-1-72-PRE-VENTE-READ/122936545523?hash=item1c9f96d0f3:g:i~oAAOSw4HNabHfk
  3. Well since the Mirage 4000 is a commission project for Bassin Maquette so perhaps a British retailer could do the same ?
  4. Look at the inside of the nozzle. You can see though some other objects. You cannot pilot a CNC machine with underdefined objects. When all the objects will be designed, sprues layout will have to designed also and then only tooling will able to start. IMHO the kit is unlikely to be released before 3rd quarter of 2018.
  5. Updated CAD. Source: https://www.facebook.com/groups/369828906819827/
  6. Kinetic catalogue 2018 - online

    Please clarify. http://www.sa-transport.co.za/aircraft/atlas/cheetah.html 840 is a Cheetah D ? The main landing gear doors look like legacy Mirage doors. This means that the Mirage IIIDZ landing gear was kept in the D ? 845 is a Cheetah D2 ? The main landing gear doors look like those in the Kfir. This means that that the airframe was retrofitted with a Kfir landing gear also ? https://www.airteamimages.com/atlas-cheetah_861_-_251920_large.html 861 is a Cheetah B ? It has a Kfir landing gear right ? If so how to distinguish it from a D2 ?
  7. Kinetic catalogue 2018 - online

    How do you differenciate a B and a D ?
  8. I'll second to that !
  9. Dunno but KH has walked in the footsteps of Eduard: Lyulka-plastic with Tumanski-decals.
  10. ... ding... ding... ding...
  11. The fuselage was cut in three sections in order to do the single/dual-seaters options and show the engine. If an R-29 boxing had been intended the middle fuselage section would have stopped at the rear of the wing box. Yet KH could perhaps do one by making a new "mid & rear fuselage sections sprue". And the under fuselage profile could be fixed at the same time.
  12. Kinetic catalogue 2018 - online

    Even "radar-less" is vague when one is talking about the Mirage 5s... the Mirage 5BA nose is different from the Mirage 5F for example. If you want to build a Mirage 5F, you can wait for a dedicated boxing or you can buy the South America boxing and add Wingman decals.
  13. Kinetic catalogue 2018 - online

    Dagger not Finger if I remember correctly. No I didn't use it as I have no Heller kit to use it on. It's easier to work on the LatAm Kinetic boxing: Nesher nose provided, no need to rescribe.
  14. Kinetic catalogue 2018 - online

    "Mirage 5" is just an export designation. Different Mirage 5 versions have different external characteristics. Examples: Mirage 5SDE with had a "Cyrano-radar nose" Mirage 5BA which didn't have a radar
  15. 1/72 - MiG-21 Fishbed by Eduard

    Thanks Borisz ! No need to apologize