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  1. Meng IDF Merkava 3D Early

    What a shame Lloyd, there were both looking so good, as always...could you not salvage and make a "destroyed" one? there were plenty that ended up that way.. Nick
  2. Meng IDF Merkava 3D Early

    Oh dear.....it was all going splendidly, hope you can get it all off.
  3. Takom Merkava MK1 Hybrid IDF MBT

    Fantastic, quick build lloyd,i'm impressed (as always) Nick
  4. Takom Merkava MK1 Hybrid IDF MBT

    It might take a while for you to get your dirt. As you know I have a soft spot for Med Hat and keep an eye on the weather over there all the time, its a bit chilly at the moment right....?
  5. Takom Merkava MK1 Hybrid IDF MBT

    Great minds think alike Lloyd, I just got myself an Academy Merkava MK.III. Great kit and fantastic tank. You are cracking on well with it and as usual its looking excellent.
  6. Scorpion and Paras in OP Corporate

    Very nice, a great diorama.
  7. Absolutely fantastic work Etienne...nice to see Challenger 2 not belonging to the Scots DG!!!!
  8. A couple of Challengers 2 ...

    Great result Etienne.
  9. Cold war T-64 on the prowl

    Very nice, great little diorama too.
  10. A couple of Challengers 2 ...

    Thanks, Nice resin figures, nicely done too.
  11. A couple of Challengers 2 ...

    Great crew figures Etienne, who makes these?
  12. A couple of Challengers 2 ...

    Fantastic Etienne, weathering is spot on.