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  1. Wow! This poor designer, I feel the need to defend this poor soul, seeing as I still work in an industry that is laden with very little praise, one that everyone else thinks they can do the job far better than those that actually do, and one that can literally crush your soul for a simple typo! Take a step back from the fact it's a simple business card that has, unfortunately, had a some rather unfortunate typos on it, and show some compassion. What if this poor person is going through some major drama in their life and, heaven forbid, your business card isn't on the top of their list of priorities. I'm sorry to say but we don't all sit around gleefully waiting for scraps of work like an expectant labbie. Give them a break! Also, in regards to number spacing and other elements, they may actually be working from a style that was set by some else and to keep all of your cards consistent across your company things have to be done that way. Though of course that's not your fault you might not actually no that.
  2. Congratulations to you both!
  3. How did I miss this! Can't wait to see this one develop.
  4. Cheers guys, you are all too kind!
  5. Thanks, though trust me it's more luck than judgement! I was planning on leaving the maskol on until after the matt coat had gone down but it was getting in the way of the panel line wash and couldn't see any other way round it, though thankfully the panel line wash actually really helped that section out in the end. Thanks again to everyone that's hit the like button and taken the time to comment.
  6. Ah sorry forgot that bit! I sprayed the wing roots with alclad airframe aluminium and applied maskol with a cocktail stick to mask it off before spraying the rest of the colour scheme. It's come out 'ok' if a bit ham-fisted, if I do it next time I might try using a tiny bit of sponge to make the chips a lot finer.
  7. Cheers guys I had started off with some pre-shading (but keep that quiet, that word seems to get people riled up ) then a mottled coat of grey for the upper paintwork. Then I moved on to trying out mig's panel line wash. I used Deep grey for the panel lines and general grime, and light grey to bring in some contrast and for around the exhaust stain. Next up was a matt coat and watercolour pencils, I didn't go to far with these as, again, it was the first time I'd tried it. I went over the top of some of the grime with black and brown pencils, used a silver pencil for a few paint chips (though I couldn't quite get that right) and finished up with white around the exhaust stain to finish off. I'm really happy with the result as this kind of weathering is something I've never tried before and this was all a bit of a test.
  8. Thanks guys I'm hoping this is going to kick off my finishing mojo a little bit as I've got far too many kits sat on the shelf of doom in various states and this is hopefully my year for getting stuff done. Too many kits in the stash, too many group builds entered and not finished, and too many kits started on a saturday afternoon to never get any further the sprues being attacked with the sprue cutters.
  9. Cheers Tony, it is an absolute beaut of a kit, my only gripe with the markings is it's not amazingly clear on whether she carried the stenciling or not. I decided to go for a bit of a mix tbh as I only figured it out about halfway through! I like the way eduard have a separate page dedicated to the stencils but it would be really helpful if they made it clear which was relevant to which marking option, but really in the grand scheme of kit build it is a tiny grumble.
  10. Finally managed to get a finish! Here's my version of Eduard's excellent spitfire Mk VIII, this was build straight out of the box from their weekend boxing, the only extra I used was a set of their own masks (I wish they would include these in all their kits ). I went for the grey over pru blue USAF markings, one just to be a bit different, everyone seems to do the Grey Nurse markings from this boxes, and two to practice some weathering techniques over the plain grey finish and to see if I could bring in some subtle variations in colour. Let me know what you think. Cheers Dan
  11. Wow! This is going to be incredible once it's released! Looks to be the answer for all of those that said the tamiya kit was too basic, you always have to watch what you wish for. Thankfully, looking at the cad of the wings, AMK appear to have taken inspiration from tamiya and the wings will be able to be fitted after all the painting is done with some really sturdy attachment points, nice touch!
  12. Wow! Beautiful work Tony! I'd missed this one the first time around but I'm very glad I caught up with it. If you hadn't said I would of sworn this was 1/48 and the nmf is spot on! The standard of your work is really taking off on these builds (pun not intended but a happy accident ), keep it up.
  13. Incredible finish Bill, this one really shines! Build the Anson with the 500 sqn extra weaponry, markings are in the box too. Here's some information to wet your appetite By all accounts they also fitted extra .303 brownings that were mounted inside the cabin and poked out the side windows! Not bad for an auxiliary squadron.
  14. I'm really looking forward to this one too! I've got the tamiya F-14 to build over Christmas and with this one (hopefully) coming next year it could well be one of my only purchases next year. Any updates Martin? You know you want to tell us, we can keep a secret haha
  15. Wow! Beautiful work Joss, your weathering is spot on!