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  1. Hi Guys n Gals, I'm sad to say that due to a mega heavy work load ( where I'm an Airport Duty Manager), and general life's ability to throw a spanner in the works, that I'm unable to build one of my Airfix Beavers at the moment. This got me thinking and I've decided that I'll consider donating one of these kits to a member here who can build it, under this superb Flying Boat and Floatplanes GB. So those that's interested in taking this on, would you please reply, by saying which scheme you'd build it in and I'll then select the one that most appeals to me! Come on Guys n Gals, it's time for a free Beaver!
  2. Hi Roger, going back over 30 years, I seem to remember Truck Magazine did an 18 wheeler, based on a Ford Transit and called it something like Triple T?
  3. Hi Jaime, works for me too, very nice.
  4. Hi Jaime, I prefer the Chronological composition, as the text seems to fit better with the spacing allowed under the Sunderlands. Nice job Sir.
  5. Hi Simon, there's nothing wrong with them at all, they happen to be my all-time favourite aircraft.
  6. Hi Jaime, we can't not have a Beaver on floats now can we!
  7. Airfix DHC2 Beaver questions .

    Hi Roginoz, thanks for the comments re RedRoo, I've sent 'em an email.
  8. Airfix DHC2 Beaver questions .

    Hi There, from Neil's amazing website, you'll find the following con numbers; VP-FAJ = 1342 VP-FAE = 500 VP-FAV = 1233 1342 results in this -missing entry. 500 (2) results in this - http://www.dhc-2.com/cn500.html 1233 results in this - http://www.dhc-2.com/cn1233.html I trust these details help you on your build of my all-time favourite aircraft? A friend has borrowed my stash of Beaver decals, where I have examples of most that have been produced so far. I also have a somewhat healthy collection of Airfix Beaver kits, and spare bits, so if you break, or find anything missing then please let me know and I'll post parts to you. As for your choice of subject matter, I have a passion for these particular aircraft myself, so I'll be looking forward to following any build thread that you may create. Before I forget, here's a link to Adesalis' Beaver build, showing the work he did to the roof windows, on page 4 of his build thread, http://airfixtributeforum.myfastforum.org/viewtopic.php?f=372&t=29527&hilit=Beaver&start=60
  9. UFO series back on the telly soon!

    Hi Richard, I loved the series as a kid and even more so now!
  10. Your first aircraft model ?

    Hi Guys n Gals, my first model aircraft that I made when about 6 years old, was Little Nellie.
  11. Hi Guys n Gals, as a kid, my all-time favourite TV series was Gerry Anderson's UFO. I was most impressed to see that the whole series is to be shown soon on the Forces TV channel, so that's my digibox set to series record then!
  12. Hi PaulJ, what a great catalogue. I only have one of those kits in my stash, and those who know me won't be surprised as to what it is, it's the Beaver! I think it's a 1/80th scale, or something like that and it's really different than the Airfix or Hobbycraft kits, as it's the Series 2 Beaver, which they only ever made one production version of, complete with the odd tail and Leonides engine. Good luck with your continued hunt.
  13. Hobbycraft 1/72 DHC-2 Beaver ****FINISHED****

    Hi Andrew, fine job Good Sir.
  14. 1/12 Tamiya Yamaha RZ/RD350 Valentino Rossi

    Hi Lee, that sounds like me to a 'T'!
  15. 1/12 Tamiya Yamaha RZ/RD350 Valentino Rossi

    Wonderful model and figure. I reckon that Valle's been on the pasta a bit! The machine pose is exactly what I'd expect from an Elsie.