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  1. Hi Richard, I loved the series as a kid and even more so now!
  2. Hi Guys n Gals, my first model aircraft that I made when about 6 years old, was Little Nellie.
  3. Hi Guys n Gals, as a kid, my all-time favourite TV series was Gerry Anderson's UFO. I was most impressed to see that the whole series is to be shown soon on the Forces TV channel, so that's my digibox set to series record then!
  4. Hi PaulJ, what a great catalogue. I only have one of those kits in my stash, and those who know me won't be surprised as to what it is, it's the Beaver! I think it's a 1/80th scale, or something like that and it's really different than the Airfix or Hobbycraft kits, as it's the Series 2 Beaver, which they only ever made one production version of, complete with the odd tail and Leonides engine. Good luck with your continued hunt.
  5. Hi Andrew, fine job Good Sir.
  6. Hi Lee, that sounds like me to a 'T'!
  7. Wonderful model and figure. I reckon that Valle's been on the pasta a bit! The machine pose is exactly what I'd expect from an Elsie.
  8. Hi There, this is always a stand I like to visit at Telford, as each time I've attended, I've been able to increase my Airfix Beaver stash here!
  9. Yippeee, Airfix Beaver masks for me please matey.
  10. Hi Guys n Gals, I log onto this thread daily to look for progress, and every time there has been it leaves me simply amazed at the ingenuity and quality of the work. It will be a great, but sad day, when it's complete!
  11. Hi Pete, we've got one at work and it makes for a really comfortable way of inspecting our grass runways. I was under the impression it's a re-badged Mitsubishi L200? And as for why, well it's built on the same production line but is a lot cheaper!
  12. Hi Guys n Gals, whilst riding to work yesterday morning, I passed a lovely white, 1976, Ford Granada. I remember them as being a massive car but it shows just how much larger cars have become! Regards Reggie
  13. Hi Guys n Gals, I've really enjoyed reading this thread. Those that know me won't be surprised to find that I have a single Frog kit in my stash and it's a DHC-2 Beaver. Bit of an odd scale, something like 1/80'th but any Beaver will do. Regards Reggie
  14. Just don't use the Snake Pass, as local radio has just advised that it's closed due to snow, or in my language SNOCLO. Take care out there.
  15. Hi Stew, I just looked at the link and my first thought was 'What a fabulous flying boat', and as I continued to look at the images my next thought was 'How the heck can anyone paint 1/72 scale figures to that level!'.