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  1. Very impressive model... striking livery... my two attempts at airliners look positively amateurish but yours have inspired me with my next build to step up my game...
  2. Don't forget 1969 saw of of the greatest car movies of all time... The Italian Job
  3. Are pre-orders being taken for this?....
  4. As all BMW 507 were actually roadsters with detachable hardtops you could have both
  5. A gem of a BMW.... extremely rare and very valuable... and your recreation does it justice. Very nice indeed.
  6. I have a moisture trap regulator on my compressor which negates for this type... but when I was using a little diaphragm compressor this type of trap was useful.
  7. I'm sure you knew it was the manufacturers name.... of course it could easily have been in the tradition of ironic names like robin hood's Little John
  8. Great little kit from Airfix... you should have fun
  9. What kind of images are you wanting to replicate... is it a race livery for racecars or artwork on aircraft???
  10. http://modelshop.co.uk/Content/DynamicMedia/cms-uploaded/files/4D_guide-decals.pdf
  11. 1600+ killed in those raids... deadly night RIP all.
  12. You can uncross your fingers... your work is exemplary. Looking forward to seeing it progress.
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