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  1. My approach, although I work on much larger scale figures. I would paint the stocking first (obviously), then for the lace or filigree pattern I use either of two options: 1: For a simple pattern, hand draw the pattern onto each stocking with a mechanical pencil then go over that penciled pattern with a micron pen. (Steady hand is required else it will look like the seamstress has Parkinsons disease) or 2: Design your pattern in PS or MSPaint, then print it onto transparent water slide decal paper. (Much more accurate pattern wise, however you can have trouble with the decal not settling in the hollows behind the knee and such. Mr. Mark Softer can help alleviate some of this issue. If you are using an inkjet printer, remember to seal the decal before putting it water, unless a blotchy tie dye look is what you are after) If you end up with a gloss finish on the applied decal, a spray with a semi gloss (the material stockings are made from usually has a slight sheen to it) clear with fix the problem.
  2. Secret is to eat the paper too, the fibre helps move things along and the waxy texture ensures no hang ups. Nice work on the ventilators.
  3. Sadly not, I'm only allowed the kids crayons from Big W because of my habit of eating them.
  4. Been following this along from the shadows Steve, outstanding work as always. Have you tried Jackson's in Subi? They're about 300m up from the train station on Rockeby Road. Always found them to have what I wanted and not make the wallet have a heart attack. And I know they have a good range of Liquitex.
  5. It is only worth what someone is prepared to pay for it. If you don't see $80+ in it, then I would say it is not worth it to you. Me personally, I have no issues with dropping that amount on a figure.
  6. Hope this helps. This guy does some really amazing work. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HEG3d0cMuv4
  7. Got talking to a friend of mine that lives in Japan about this little rabbit on a scooter kit I had purchased. But told her I couldn't anything more out about it other than a brief appearance it made at WF 2018. She knew exactly what kit I was talking about. https://www.swash-design2.com/kitspeed-freaks-studio I recall you saying at the start of this thread you couldn't find an original, well here you go and Honey Bunny has two friends with what I am guessing might be a few more to come. I purchased Axell as well as Ace& Domi.
  8. It is nearly all plaster of Paris with the exception of the drain. That was a soft curing wall plaster. The reason I chose that plaster was because it gave me plenty of time to form the concave drain shape and carve the stone work plus it dries soft meaning a stiff bristle brush can be rubbed over it to soften the edges of the stones that were carved in giving them a more natural water worn look. To all, I'm sorry this got put on the back burner. Real life over the last few years has been kicking my free time almost to death. Never thought work, and being a dad would hoover up all my time. I do promise, it is still on my desk waiting patiently for me to get back to it. Which I will.
  9. Just an update for you. My two kits arrived today. And both are extremely well cast with no visible distortions. Even the casting plugs are small and very well placed. Really looking forward to making a start on them.
  10. Looking forward to seeing how you paint this little guy up. Sucks about the primer incompatibility. Having said that, at least it cracked now, rather then when you where half way through painting the model. Some paints just don't play nice with others. Thank you for the link on this guy, ordered two for myself.
  11. Leather work a B&D mistress would be proud to wear. Great work,
  12. I think you're right Will, might be better to just leave it as it is.
  13. A nice little no fuss, easy to build bust.
  14. Quick build to get me back to my modelling desk. The kit is simple and nicely cast, minor flash here and there but literally breaks away cleanly. A few pin holes under Jack's head, but nothing serious. Only big failing of the kit is the Christmas tree bauble, the kit supplied one looks like a ball of dough. Replaced it with a stainless steel ball bearing from the murky depths of my shed, some styrene tube and a ring made from fuse wire. Completed bust in RFI.
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