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  1. My personal opinion: Without your secondary description, that message didn't come across to me at all in your diorama. And as I don't know of the character you are referring to, the character reference also means little. As for any shock/controversy value implied or intended, also lost, as the diorama I feel doesn't portray the actions you describe. Not sure what you have going on with the top of the brick with that broken(?) piece of concrete. The figure in the suit looks more annoyed at the inconvenience of being told to cross the street by the Ordnungspolizei. The HY looks like he should be poking his tongue out at her rather having just slapped her. The Adolf looking guy in the back of the vehicle has a swastika on his armband, but the vehicle reichs eagle is missing the swastika? Good story concept, lost execution. But, that's just my 2 cents worth. Sorry, can't give change as we don't do one cent pieces anymore and no refunds given.
  2. Didn't realise a TBar resident haunted the forums.
  3. Yeah, it's that tiny Eastern Territory where all the hot air emanates from one specific building. Welcome to the forums.
  4. Asked me a year ago, would have been a yes. I had a series IIa swb.
  5. Quite the contrary, infantry for the most part accompanied tanks in a protection role. With the proliferation of infantry anti tank weapons such as the Panzerfaust, Panzershreck, PIAT and Bazooka to which either tank armour could not counter or posed significant threat as to render tanks inoperable, doctrine was changed to suit an evolving situation. During the Polish campaign the Germans learned the hard way that tanks are not suited to urban warfare and as such high loses were incurred when moving into Warsaw. The European theatre also posed challenges in that the wide open terrain in which a tank is ideally suited was not there and urban density was very high making tanks face a very unsuitable battlefield in which infantry AT weapons posed serious threat. This is all merely my interpretation of contributing factors to doctrinal changes.
  6. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and armchairs are a very comfy vantage point to look back from. The German military was never not at its peak. It was, at most times, at a strategic disadvantage in terms of materials to wage war.
  7. Are you saying that the opposing armies were neither well trained or spirited and a lack of political will was the downfall of the "Allies" in the early war period? Any military action is a gamble and the best devised plan is only good up until engagement.
  8. Only partially true. The BEF were outclassed by a better unified military that used all elements of said military force as a whole cohesive unit in support of each other. German early war period tanks were vastly inferior to their counterparts. The bulk of the armour used to invade Poland and France and later Russia, were a mix of captured Czech tanks (Pz.Kpfw 35t and 38t) or Pz.Kpfw I and II with small numbers of the larger Pz.Kpfw III and IV. The IV having a short barrelled, low velocity gun designed primarily for infantry support, not tank on tank engagements. The Pz.Kpfw III at the time was fitted with the same gun as the PaK 35/36 otherwise known as the army's door knocker due to its lack of performance against the likes of the Somua S35 or Char 1b Bis or the BEF Matilda tanks. The BEF and French were defeated tactically too. Both countries hanging on to some draconian belief that tanks were to support infantry. And as such, heavily armoured and slow moving as in WWI, minus the heavy armour. The French deployed tanks in penny parcels rather than enmasse and were as history records, over run and over whelmed and the BEF suffered almost the same fate minus the numbers of vehicles the French could deploy.
  9. We didn't even go for the DU armour. Oh no, Australia can't have anything to do with radioactive materials. No instead, lets go for composite armour consisting of kitchen foil and plastic wrap. Same thing will happen when they decided on new submarines. No, let's not consider nuclear powered subs, never mind the fact we have 31% of the worlds recoverable uranium. Let's do what we did the last time. Wring our hands for ten years trying to make a decision, then come up with and agree on the crappiest design ever that makes more noise than a Def Leopard concert and runs on something akin to deep fryer oil. "Australians are around sir!" "How do you know Ensign?" "I can smell a fish and chip shop in the middle of the pacific ocean, sir".
  10. Going to admit, I was very dubious about that red at the start, but I am really liking how this is turning out, especially the face. Excellent work.
  11. If I recall correctly, they were "re-manufactured" vehicles. The exact reasons it was not selected, I was not privy to. Both Challenger and Leopard II were the other tank options considered. I don't recall the exact conversation word for word, but I remember my OC stating that "at least the Yanks are giving us a reach around with this deal".
  12. My immediate recollection, my unit received 6 as part of the initial batch purchased many years ago as a supplement to the Leopards (and the eventual replacement of) and to familiarize ourselves with the vehicles. By the end of the second week, we had two that were still operational. Two had had turbine failures, one had its ventilation system fail (turning it into a WWII Japanese hot box. It got the subsequent nickname of the slow cooker) and the other suffered transmission failure (never saw that vehicle again). Not a good introduction.
  13. Depends on whom you ask. Those that thought it was a good idea to purchase them (the ones whose only armour is a chest full of long service medals and a large desk), definitely. Those of us that serve/d on them, mixed bag but definitely more against's than for's. Now, admittedly, I only spent 2 of my 12 years on them, with most of my time on the combat roller skate, but I don't have one good thing to say about them. Merely my personal experience and opinion of course.
  14. Be nice if they spent the 1.685 billion on building the infrastructure/capacity to manufacture our own stuff here rather than relying on questionable imports.
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