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  1. Crayons

    G-taste - Shoko Okazato

    Have admit, my eyes are getting old. Got myself a magnifying techno thingy-ma-jigger. Yes that is the correct technical term for us Luddite types. Sorted out the eyes, now that I could see the mistakes. Hair is almost done. I never want to see this part design break up again.
  2. Crayons

    Figure build sequence

    Build sequence for me is always determined by the complexity of the paint job. I hate masking, so I prefer to assemble figures as modules and work from there.
  3. Crayons

    G-taste - Shoko Okazato

    The term "next day or two" in this case was very subjective. Sorry for the delay in posting a photo of the face. Still a few lines around the eyes to tweak. I've been thinking about making eye decals instead of hand painting, the lines would be a lot smoother and neater.
  4. Crayons

    Desk Light?

    Can anyone/someone/everyone give me some recommendations for a new desk light/s? I don't care if it gives me sunburn and or skin cancer so long as it is bright. Recommendations appreciated.
  5. Crayons

    G-taste - Shoko Okazato

    The dreaded hair. I didn't even get a chance to apply heat to it. I was traveling interstate for work and packing the figure in my luggage to take with me to work on. Packed fine at one end, and well, the photo shows how it arrived at the other end. I've never had a resin part break on me because of the application of heat. Heat just makes it go all soft and bendy. Photo update in the next day or two, just finishing painting the eyes.
  6. Great collaborative work on the bicycle. Your husband must have the patience of a Saint. With all that photo etch, it is a pity that they did not give you Fraulein Müller's glasses in PE. Now she's going to get run over by the tram as she wanders blindly down the road.
  7. Crayons

    SS uniform identification

    Looks to me like a disruptive Eichenlaubmuster A (Oak Leaf A) patterned jacket. Issued from 1943 to 1945.
  8. Looks good Brian. I don't think you should be to concerned if the skin tone has a slight satin finish, especially considering that living tissue isn't matt.
  9. You could always go the path of Frankenfigure. Pieces from several different figures until you get the look/pose you are after.
  10. Crayons

    HMAS/m AE2, Scratchbuild

    To those 35 men, lost, but never forgotten. Now found and always to be remembered. A salute to their bravery, courage and the sacrifice of everything they had to give. To all the teams over the years, thank you for never giving up the search.
  11. What would be nice also was if the likes of Hornet started making replacement male/female civilian heads for the civilian figure sets that are being produced. I know they make a country farmer set and a Volkssturm set, but that is about for civilians as far as I know. I shall refrain from making any comments about how a good head...................
  12. Crayons

    G-taste - Shoko Okazato

    The front hair section is a nightmare. It has been a repetitious process of position, mark, heat and bend over and over. Just need to patiently soldier on, I think I still have a few swear words I haven't used yet.
  13. Crayons

    A wooden interlude

    It isn't sawdust, it's man glitter.
  14. Crayons

    I'm Starting Airbrushing- Need Help

    My first airbrush was a Paasche VL. In addition to the stainless steel paint cup it came with a large glass jar style cup (don't recall how much it held). I used to just keep that full of acetone, when I finished spraying one colour, I would take the stainless steel paint cup out, wipe out the tube where the cup connects with a cotton tip soaked with acetone then plug the glass jar in and give it a 10 to 15 second spray. The acetone removed all the old colour from the airbrush and then I just moved onto the next colour of choice.
  15. Crayons

    Iwata Airbrush advice

    Yeah, the Neo can be a PITA to clean. Only other down side to the Iwata's, the needle is very soft steel. A hard stare will bent it, so a lot of care should be taken when removing/inserting it for cleaning. My first airbrush that gave me over a decade of faultless service was a Paasche VL. Fixed double action with line thickness being adjusted by a dial in front of the trigger button. Three different needle size options and possibly the easiest and quickest airbrush to clean that I have ever used. Passed it onto my Dad when he wanted to learn how to airbrush after using the hairy stick for 40+ years.