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  1. The Cameraman

    Very rare bird

    Hey Guys, thanks for the info so far and any updates will be much appreciated.
  2. The Cameraman

    Very rare bird

    Hi Guys n Gals, could anyone please confirm if this beast is still in Scotland as, if it is, I need to head Northwards ASAP?
  3. The Cameraman

    Bolton Show 2018 - 1st of the year

    Hi Depressed Lemur, I'll more than likely have a bacon butty in my hand and wearing a black sweatshirt, with a Beaver on it!
  4. The Cameraman

    Bolton Show 2018 - 1st of the year

    Hi Guys n Gals, well by some miracle, I won't be working on the Sunday 28th January, so Bolton Show it is! If anyone will be selling anything DHC-2 Beaver, then please let me know, irrespective of scale etc, kits, decals, upgrades, anything as long as it relates to the Mighty Beaver. Will the same fab bacon butty girls be on duty this year? Regards
  5. The Cameraman

    B.C. Beaver, CF-HGZ

    Hi Paul, she's beautiful. and looks well smart o the amphib floats. I do have a 1/72 scale Turbine Beaver, on floats in my stash, for a future build! Anyway you've done her justice.
  6. The Cameraman

    G-taste - Shoko Okazato

    Hi Crayons, not a usual modelling subject for me but I love to see your work. Fine results/
  7. The Cameraman

    Looking for 1/24 modern motorcyclist figure

    Hi Guys n Gals, so the kit and figure arrived OK and is just the job.
  8. The Cameraman

    Looking for 1/24 modern motorcyclist figure

    Hi Guys n Gals, rather than searching eBay for 1/24 scale motorcycle figures, I changed my tack and looked for kits that already came with a rider and found an old Tamiya Yamaha T-Max scooter kit. The rider has modern bike gear and an open face helmet like mine! And the cost for this was £11 from Japan, inc postage. So I should have a figure I can do something with along with a bike that I can practise my skills on. Result.
  9. Hi Guys n Gals, after many years hunting I've finally found a kit of my first ever brand new motorcycle, a 1982 Yamaha XT250 - made by Bandai. Anyway I thought it would be fun to try to recreate a figure of me riding the bike, so can anyone recommend a 1/24 scale trail type rider figure , prefer with an open face helmet? I'm not looking for a Storm Trooper type character, in one piece leather, just a normal road rider. So any comments would be much appreciated.
  10. The Cameraman

    B.C. Beaver, CF-HGZ

    Hi Paul, looking good there matey.
  11. Hi Paul, you can have one of my Airfix Beavers if you want it, as life intervened and prevented me from building mine, so if you need one I'll post it to you! How's that eh?
  12. The Cameraman

    Pocher 1/4 ducati panigale

    Well you're only a day early, so we'll let you off! Looking forward to watching this beauty progress.
  13. Hi Guys n Gals, from my puddled brain I'm sure I remember Ed's car being owned by DLT, the Hairy Monster? The whole series has recently been repeated on the telly and brought back loads of memories.
  14. Hi Guys n Gals, I'm sad to say that due to a mega heavy work load ( where I'm an Airport Duty Manager), and general life's ability to throw a spanner in the works, that I'm unable to build one of my Airfix Beavers at the moment. This got me thinking and I've decided that I'll consider donating one of these kits to a member here who can build it, under this superb Flying Boat and Floatplanes GB. So those that's interested in taking this on, would you please reply, by saying which scheme you'd build it in and I'll then select the one that most appeals to me! Come on Guys n Gals, it's time for a free Beaver!
  15. Hi Roger, going back over 30 years, I seem to remember Truck Magazine did an 18 wheeler, based on a Ford Transit and called it something like Triple T?