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Sturmovik's 3D printed models thread

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Hello guys,

In this thread I'll be posting all the 3D printed models I'll be building. 3D printing is still a young branch in the hobby world. There aren't many threads dedicated to this style of modelling on BM. 

As a way to introduce the thread, here are three models I assembled and painted.


The first one is an A-4B in 1:72. The aircraft is marked as C-207. This model was gifted to my therapist as a way to thank her for everything she did for me.



These two are I.A.e 33 Pulqui 2s in 1:48 scale. The first one was painted in a scheme which doesn't follow any conventional rules. I just wanted to see how it looked with some coats of paint.



The second Pulqui 2 was painted in the more realistic scheme of the F-86F-40 Sabres Argentina used till the 70s.



Anyway, I hope to see you guys comment on this thread. Next aircraft will most likely be a 1:48 Mirage V "Dagger" as C-408 in the "last flight of the Mirage" in Argentina.









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I got the Dagger, but didn't take photos until yesterday because I was more focused on recording the build video for yt. Here are two after finishing painting the model.

The black areas on the lower surface are the gun channels. They were masked and painted.







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The Dagger has been finished. Now to save for another 1:32 Bf 109G (Sturmovik building German planes? Shocking).





















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5 hours ago, Sturmovik said:

According to this article , It's PLA plastic (polylactic acid). It all sounds like 16th Century alchemy to me.

Thanks. I thought it looked like they were. It is a bit like magic isn’t it. 😃🪄





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I can see the attraction for 3D modellers (the people who do the digital work) to construct the shape files, particularly for unkitted airframes, but why would you do such a common thing as a 1/32 bf-109? Not criticising, just curious! 

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3 hours ago, Chaotic Mike said:

why would you do such a common thing as a 1/32 bf-109? Not criticising

I'll be buying the Revell Bf 109. Mainstream kits will still be from known manufacturers. 3d printed models will remain as my primary source for Argentinian planes (Super Etendard, Mirage Dagger, Pulqui 1 and 2, Tracker). Unless I can go back to Hannants, order the Kinetic kits and pick them up from their London shop.

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