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  1. PVA (white) glue is your friend... It dries transparent.
  2. I'm intrigued... Where does stress come from in printed parts? I'm not questioning the diagnosis, just wondering where/how stress builds up as each layer is cured. Is there micro-shrinkage, or something?
  3. It turned up last week. Impressively smooth prints!
  4. I'm a bit of a believer in the 'You don't get anything for free' school of thought, so that doesn't surprise me. The options on my radar are either (1) get a cheapish bit of kit to do the basics, then remodel in Fusion or similar using the scan as a backdrop, or (2) get a bureau service to do scan and cleanup ready for printing. This thread is targeting option (1). I have quite a lot of experience in 2D digitisation and clean up with Inkscape and Canvas (that takes me back 30 years!), partly I am interested in seeing how the principles move into 3 virtual dimensions. Mike
  5. Hello, I just got access to a 4k Elegoo Mars, the quality is amazing. Does anyone have any experience with 3D scanning, eg hardware, how good/bad are the results, etc? Mike
  6. So... 1/144 jewel vs. Airscale's Fury. I don't know how a judge would decide!
  7. Excellent review, Mike, but it was Captain (self-awarded; he was a Pilot Officer, according to Wikipedia) W E Johns whose books doubtless many of us read in our youths, several centuries ago...
  8. Excellent, thank you both. I *knew* the BM Massive would come to my rescue!
  9. Hello all, I am in the final stages of building the MDC 1/32 Typhoon,which has been fun, and as a resin kit a bit of a diversion for me. I have in my possession a number of W/T and generic stencils in the right scale, but not much idea where I should put them. Can anyone do a scan or photo of the Airfix 1/24 decalling guide, or some other handy source of information that can help me out? Thanks in advance, Mike
  10. I reckon the world needs a state of the art 1/32 Bf-109G. Any takers? Failing that, a Mark IX Spit would probably fill a yawning hole in many modellers' collection. Or, of course, a P-51D... That hasn't been done for years...
  11. Only a matter of time before someone produces a one-piece drop-in replacement with a 3D printer, I reckon!
  12. Looking at the usurious ticket prices for the Duxford BoB air show in September, and seeing the BBMF will be there, does anyone know if the Lancaster is flying? It is not easy to tell from Google, Facebook , the BBMF website...
  13. Glorious! Do you have a build log? It is next in line for my stash reduction, having built up the Dragon Rapide over the winter.
  14. Hello all, As the title implies. Does anyone know of any companies producing 1/32 stencils for RP3 rockets? Mike PS Google, and the forum's search engine, drew a blank
  15. It would have been icing the cake for Airfix to supply the necessary nose weight, like many of the Far Eastern manufacturers do. Still, *definitely* looks like a Vulcan to me, and doubtless it will fly off the virtual shelves!
  16. A bit of Photoshop prop blur on the third pic and you would fool most people, I think!
  17. @max89: Do I interpret your earlier post that you are building a 3D model (he said, drooling over the concept of putting his son's 4k SLA resin printer to better use than cloning Warhammer figures...) Mike
  18. Lovely paint job. Is it tan with a green web, or green with tan splotches?
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