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hi everyone

long time admirer of everyone brilliant builds on here and have a few of my own I will post when I get confident

i do need help with my current supra build though.

after priming and sanding lightly the paintwork is very poor

what would everyone recommend? More coats or scrap and re do!?



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In my honest opinion, from what I can see in the pic I'd be stripping it and starting again. You might find the more paint you add the worse it will get and in the end you may get so fed up with fighting a losing battle that it'll end up in the bin! I think most of us have been there, done that! 


What process are you using to paint? Brushes, spray cans or airbrushing? What paints and thinner? Is the body clearcoated in the pic? More info may help us give you some advice if you'd like it.



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Hi Keith thanks for the reply!


yea that’s what I was thinking it does not seem to be getting better so may be another dettol Soak job! As I scuffed lightly before primer it may be not fixable!!
I air brush mainly but for the body I’m using a rattle can primer and body colour 

it isn’t clear coated in the pic

love model  building but it can be so frustrating!! 


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To me it kinda looks like there's almost dry paint hitting the model, but it could also be a reaction between paint and primer. I've had that happen in the past with rattle cans that weren't compatible with each other.

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Where you are aiming at a smooth paint finish - say on a car or a bare metal plane - it is worth spending time on preparing the plastic before applying paint. Get it as smooth as possible first. Maybe also consider a gloss primer - gloss black works well under metallic paint.


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It was a tamiya primer and tamiya spray can so it’s all a bit off I usually get really good results with tamiya 

I think because I tried to do prep work this time I messed it up more than fixing it! 
thanks for your advice everyone 

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I would clean it, primer it, polish the primer (or lightly wet sand with 2-3000 grit), paint it and see what happens. Metallic finishes are demanding, the base needs to be close to perfect. 

There's nothing wrong with scuffing the body before primer, I do it all the time because it helps the primer bond to it and also it helps you see sink marks.

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