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Lear Fan 2100

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Having bought the Amodel kit of the Lear Fan 2100, I decided to do some researching on the interior colors.

For starters, I saw no point researching the colors of the cockpit/cabin as

  • I couldn't find on the net any specific pic's other than the old company brochure's color drawings, and
  • The windshield and the cabin windows do not provide any significant view of the interior, and
  • The access door is not a separate part, and the work of separating it from the fuselage and scratch building the whole interior, hardly seems to be worth the effort.

On the other hand, the colors of the landing gear and associated bays, seemed worth some effort.

My initial thought was the l/g strut, the interior of the bays and of the l/g door has to be gloss white, as is the case in most, modern aircraft. Well, not so...

The following pics, of N21LF, at the Addison, TX, Air Museum, in fact, seem to provide…a very different picture - no pun intended :winkgrin:



  • Nose l/g: gloss white strut and doors' interior, with a light, greenish-yellow (YZC?) bay
  • Main l/g: gloss white strut, with the topmost part painted a metallic green or blue, sandy brown (not unlike the French interior chamois) door's interior and a black or very dark grey bay (un-primed composites?)

What's your opinion?



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I did some research when I was building this


One thing to mention is that all three planes built have significant differences and only N626BL in its final (museum) form could be built from AModel kit without modifications.

This plane has a hatch / door on the starboard that other two do not have and its frontmost cabin window is not actually a window, it is painted.


Other two airframes have starboard door in a different position


There seems to be no wall between the cockpit and cabin. The cabin itself is hardly visible through the windows so I simply painted in black



The transparent area is large and cockpit content is well visible on the model

Eventually I painted the struts aluminium and bays gray - white is a military standard

There are a few details missing such as trimmer hinges / actuators and some antennae that are quite easy to reproduce

Overall - very enjoyable little kit - good luck with that.

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Hello Pete57,

I have been flying with "old" Lear Jets (24, 25 and 35). They all have gloss white landing gear legs and working cylinders. All the bays (avionics, landing gear, "Hell Hole") are painted with yellow zinc chromate paint. On some components the colour looks more greenish than others.

I'm sorry but I cant help you more with Learfan.

Best Regards,


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Thank y'all for all the useful info.

I'm going to try my luck on 21LF, including the filling and re-scribing.

I'm sure gloss white originated as a mil-spec, but it has since been adopted also by the civilian aircraft industry as - I've been told - it shows hydraulic fluid (Skydrol?) stains (i.e. leaks) better than other colors.

Annti_K seems to confirm the gloss white struts and yellow zinc chromate bays may indeed be a standard practise of the former Gates Learjet Corporation, now Bombardier Aerospace.



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Being that the 3 Lear Fans were prototypes, I'm betting that normal business aviation standard finishing was not a priority. as long as the metal/composites were protected by the primer, the looks weren't important.

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