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  1. Antti_K

    DH Venom Colour Schemes

    I think this is a colourised photo. Take a look at the grass area behind the first aircraft: it is dark blue-gray. And so is also the rising ground beyond apron. Grass areas at RAF Tengah are very bright green all year round. Nothing like in this photo. Photos of this occasion appeared in "Aeroplane" or "Flypast" magazine some years ago and they were all in black and white and of better quality. Kind Regards, Antti
  2. Fantastic work Adey! You have done excellent job with this classic. What a beautiful Nikita. I built one of theseas kid; maybe I was 10 also... This kit received much criticism here in Finland but now when I'm looking at it, it is light years better than the Italeri/Bilek/... offering. Much better in overall shape. I need to find one of these! We had "more than three but less than five" of these at our air force. During my type rating course the aircraft was still classified as "Secret"; not because of it's "state of the art" technology but because of the trade contract between Finnish government and the Soviet Union. Actually the radar and camera equipment were very good; we didn't get nearly as good radars for Learjets that re-placed Il-28s. Nikita was an aircraft that you couldn't fly solo. After engine start-up only the navigator could switch on the generators. Then using a screwdriver you set the voltage to required level. The electrical panel was located on the starboard wall in the navigator's compartment. Oh, I guess I could talk hours about these airplanes Kind Regards, Antti
  3. Antti_K

    1/48 Revell Phantom

    I like this! In fact I like it a lot. Reminds me how things were easier back then. And only one coat of paint was required to make it look good... Thanks for sharing the photos Antti
  4. Antti_K

    Ta 152H colours: Is there a definitive answer?

    Thinking about that time difference between the two documents Kaldrack mentioned: During the war there was a great number of all kinds of "special officials" traveling around Germany and the occupied territories. They all knew someone "important" who gave them a special brevet to execute "Fuhrer Befels" on different matters. This is of course guess work but let's assume that shortly after the publishing of Sammelmitteilung 2 an official appeared at an aircraft factory and said that despite the orders from RLM this is what you actually should do. After one week another official came with different instructions. In many cases those "special brevets" were signed by Hitler himself so it must have been confusing for the aircraft factory's management to decide what to do and whose orders to obey. Make the wrong move and you'll pay for it... Albert Speer used this "multi-layer" bureaucracy to his own advantage. For example at one point Hitler personally ordered him to produce nothing but anti-aircraft guns. Speer knew that it would take at least a year to modify the industry to fulfill that order. So he answered to Hitler that he would personally take care of that matter without giving it really a further thought. After a couple of weeks factories were still producing fighter aircraft and AA -guns. So from Berlin's point of view it was necessary to send the first "special official" to find out why a "Fuhrer Befel" was ignored. This official was then explained that actually the factory was waiting for lorries to take out all aircraft aluminium and return loaded with steel for guns. My point here is that the further the war went the more all kinds of high ranking "special officials" there were giving their own orders at all government levels. Everyone knows how much delays such a system can create; especially if people are afraid on their own lives. Kind Regards, Antti
  5. Antti_K

    1/48 Revell Phantom

    My Lord, I haven't built this kit but those jetpipes really don't look like Speys. Therefore there is work to be done on the under surface also. I'm also looking at the "pointy" nose; it looks too long and out of shape. Viewing from the side the shape of the intakes doesn't convince either; they should curve more. The very same problem is in the Hasegawa kit also. Can it be built into a reasonable model of the British Phantom? I think yes although some work is required. Kind Regards, Antti
  6. Antti_K

    SAC White Metal Legs - Quality Control Anyone?

    Same here. I bought SAC landing gears for my Airfix Javelins (4 of them) and Hasegawa Phantom. It only took a minute to realize that those white metal accessories were direct copies from original kit parts. Even the Javelin's bent nose gear leg was replicated. It was an easy decision to use kit parts in all these kits. Well I can always melt those parts and use them as ballast. Kind Regards, Antti
  7. Antti_K

    What weights do people use for tail sitters?

    If a lot of weight (e.g. 1/48 scale Canberra) is required then I use 9 mm pistol bullets. They have a Full Metal Jacket so no need to handle lead and you know exactly how much one weighs. For small spaces airgun pellets or cal. 22 bullets are good. I attach them with blue tack and/or Milliput. Kind Regards, Antti
  8. Hello Duncan! Here is a little -not so "scientific"- comparison between the real thing and Revell model. To me it looks like the main problem lies in the fixed middle part; it is too long making the pilots canopy too short. Wind shield looks pretty good but some sanding is required on top of the pilot's canopy. Not sure about navigator's canopy. It is very possible that I painted the rear frame in wrong position. Kind Regards, Antti
  9. Antti_K

    Ta 152H colours: Is there a definitive answer?

    Hello all! A dark blue colour was used on some civil aircraft like bf108s (see Monogram painting guide). Ullmann published one of his theories about the origins of RLM 81 and 82 suggesting that these colours could have been the old RLM 61 and 62 re-introduced with "new" labels. RLM 81 and 82 were chosen for use because no imported pigments were required. My question is: Is there a "bond" between this dark blue paint and RLM 83? Kind Regards, Antti
  10. Antti_K

    Luftawaffe Sabre Mk.6 question..

    Hello Artie! Gelboliv is a dark olive green. There should't be any "drab" in it. Humbrol paints differ a lot between batches so maybe my recipe doesn't work with the paints available today. I painted my RF-104 some five years ago using paints that were still produced in India (the good ones). If you have a tin of Hu 100 produced in India (very strong pigment) then all you need in addition is a bright green like Hu 3 and flat black. Be careful with the red (even one drop makes a difference) and compare with a RAL chart as you prepare the paint. Kind Regards, Antti
  11. Antti_K

    Saab Draken colours

    I'm a big fan of the Flygvapnet (especially the Cold War era). My latest project was Tp52 Canberra and it really was a Project using the Airfix 1/48 scale kit. On the bench are J26 and S31. A Really Cool Subject would be S102 (Hugin eller Munin). I also have a Learjet 24 project in Svedair yellow-blue livery. Unfortunately I haven't located a single photo showing the aircraft interior so it is on hold at the moment. A yellow Meteor NF.11 target tug in civil markings is also very tempting... So please keep on inspiring me Now I know that I must try my hands on the Hobby Boss Lansen; the result looks really good. This time a very, very weathered example. Kind Regards, Antti
  12. Here we go. To make a FGR.2 I: - made a new nose radome (can't remember but I probably used a surplus spinner, some plasticard and filler) - removed the Leading Edge slats and fairings - made a new nose gear doors from plasticard - made the strike camera from plasticard (although I didn't have a slightest idea what it was...) - cut the re-heaters and filled the petals - made the auxiliary air doors from thin plasticard - made a dummy sparrow from a surplus missile (note how over sized it is) Almost all decals came from the spares box. Some markings (wing walk area and the Gunner's Stripe) are painted by hand. If you wish to build a F-4J then simply follow the first three steps. A close up showing the nose. I gave the model a quick wash so there is still water inside the canopy. I used a "Flying Can Opener" decal from a Matchbox Tempest, hence the wrong colours... The very yellow under surface. Originally painted with Humbrol 147 and a couple of coats of varnishes. Add 20+ years and this is how your model will look like. It would be interesting to place this old model side by side with the new Airfix FG.1 which I have "on the production line". I'm wondering how I ever managed to paint those ejection seat firing handles. Today I'm struggling with 1/48 scale items! Kind Regards, Antti
  13. Antti_K

    Saab Draken colours

    Beautiful models Bjorn! Excellent job. The paintwork looks stunning. Did you use the A32 or J32 kit for your Lansen? Mine is an A32 and it required a lot of work to convert into a J32E. Where did you get the Petrus pod? I scratch built mine but got a resin and PE Remsfallare. You got me off the ground; I must start something Swedish at once Kind Regards, Antti
  14. Hello Mike! Some 20+ years ago I used a Revell 1/72 scale F-4F kit to build a British FGR.2. I had two books giving me four or five grainy photographs of the subject and that was all I needed... Of course there was a "mention" about Rolls-Royce engines and I noted the shorter re-heaters. No problem, simply cut some off from kit parts. Life modelling was easier back then . The conversion was very simple. As someone said earlier all surface detailing was lost. I found the model and will post some photos for you. Kind Regards, Antti
  15. Antti_K

    Luftawaffe Sabre Mk.6 question..

    I guess it is easy to get confused when there is also Weissaluminium (the silver colour used for Starfighters and Phantoms). In some photos it looks like some Starfighters had Silbergrau under surfaces but that may very well be a question about photo reproduction and printing. Kind Regards, Antti