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  1. Hello Rodders, we had a discussion about the kits earlier (see here): Check my photos to see some of the corrections needed. Cheers, Antti
  2. Hello Ken, I had the Matchbox Hawk in the 80s as well. And today I have the Revell Hawk Here is a nice photo of a FinnAF Learjet: The reinforcement plate is visible on the starboard side. Its front edge is inline with the windshield rear corners and it runs along the fuselage all the way up to the third cabin window. You can also see the hatch between the windshield and the oblique camera window (those two vertical panel lines). The RWR antennas are removed from the tip tanks (that round plate) and from the tailcone (there were four antennas altogethe
  3. This is the one at Hyrylä (AA Museum) Kari already mentioned. Thank you Sergei for this Photo! I made some colour comparisons on these parts and pieces as well. Some matched with the results I published earlier in this thread and some didn't. Cheers, Antti
  4. Thank you both Sergei and John. It is nice to have a confirmation. Cheers, Antti
  5. The NCS values (both green and light blue) I published, are based on the wing at Vesivehmaa. The fuselage and stabilators at Hyrylä gave slightly different readings. Cheers, Antti
  6. Oh dear Sergei, and I barely know the alphabets and a few words... Cheers, Antti
  7. Just brilliant Jamie! Thank you for the comparison. It looks like that I can add those AMT codes safely into my notes. I made my comparisons only on the wooden fuselage and wing surfaces. How much would it effect on the result? On the other hand the colours weren't very uniform either; it was darker on other areas and brighter on other. All work was done in daylight. Cheers, Antti
  8. Lovely work Werdna! Excellent paint work and finish. I have the Tamiya kit in the stash which I've planned to finish as "white 13", but I think more information about the subject is still needed... Cheers, Antti
  9. Thanks for the information Kari. I read from a magazine (a Finnish modelling magazine perhaps) that Akan paints are made here in Finland. It was some years ago and it is possible that they got this wrong. Cheers, Antti
  10. Lovely work Mark! A beautiful model and excellent photography. I like those comparison shots showing the real airplane and the model. I like this a lot! Cheers, Antti
  11. Hello guys, I had a chance to study the remains of two MiG-3 fighters (they are on display in museums here in Finland). Using the Swedish Natural Colour System (NCS) colour fan, I made the following comparisons for "olive green" and "light blue" (I'm not familiar with the Russian colour standards or naming): It would be interesting to know, how they match with available model paints, like Akan. Those paints are made here in Finland by Tikkurila paint factory although they are marketed and distributed by a different company. It is possible that Tikkurila use
  12. It very much sounds so. I think the Serbs are making "too much" noise about the one F-117A they managed to shoot down. Yes, they were pretty clever using some physics with their radar equipment but they were also extremely lucky with that shot. The F-117As completed hundreds of missions during the war and lost only one airplane. Cheers, Antti
  13. Hello SoftScience & Co., MiG-21F didn't carry a radar but a radio range finder, so "light" IR -missiles were the only possible type. Here in Finland we had a Dymo tape placard on the instrument panel reading "ÄLÄ AMMU KOHTI AURINKOA" (Do Not shoot towards the Sun). And there was also a small bead board for calculating the correct firing parameters! The Americans were still developing their radar guided missile at the same time and the results weren't very good. Many Sparrows didn't fire or went ballistic. Another fact to taken into consideration is the basic idea of
  14. There is a mention about aircraft #818 being hit, but all details are still classified. The hit aircraft was able to return to base and there are published recollections of the wingman who escorted the stricken F-117A back home. Like you guys I'm rather skeptic about any other combat losses than #806. Possible: yes, likely: no. I think it would have been extremely difficult to hide such an exceptional case completely. Cheers, Antti
  15. Anthony, I really admire your work. Your attention to detail and right shape is inspirational and creates an excellent on-line resource. The "splinter plates" or "vari ramps" are rather poor in this kit (giving its size). A detail that is wrong in every Phantom kit I've seen so far. Luckily they are very easy to fix. Here's mine for the F-4J, but the basic idea is similar for a Spey engined planes. Cheers, Antti
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