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  1. Wow! You have done a superb job, especially with the painting. I like this a lot. Cheers, Antti
  2. Most impressive work with your Phantom Sir! I'm aiready waiting for more And then I must get at least one of these. Cheers, Antti
  3. What a lovely Learjet! I like this a lot. The colours look very good. There was quite a debate among "high echelons" at the Air Force HQ here in Finland back in 1980 when the paint scheme was approved. Original drawing had wavy colour demarcation line between the upper and lower sides (similar than seen in Finnish Hawks). At that time the chief test pilot Lt Col Jyrki Laukkanen who resisted the idea, was at the factory in the USA. When the factory representative asked what they should do with the paint scheme, Laukkanen said that the colour demarcation line should be straight. So they were painted like that. Years later the wavy line came into life when Learjets received new paint. Finally our three Learjets were painted with overall dark grey; as Lt Col Laukkanen had originally suggested! Cheers, Antti
  4. Lovely work Harry! Both Commanders look superb, but for a reason or another I like the "Turbo Commander" more. Are you going to show us more GA types Cheers, Antti
  5. Excellent pictures Jun! I guess they will answer all Neil's questions. Thank you for sharing. Cheers, Antti
  6. Neil, I might have a photo taken from the rear seat looking forward. The plane was Svensk FlygtjÀnst's T.7 converted for the target towing role. If you are interested PM me. Cheers, Antti
  7. stevehnz, Now that you mentioned it, I think it was Pierre Clostermann who told about this in his book. It was his first flight in a Typhoon. I remember trying that myself on my very first flight in a Piper Arrow (after reading the book) and it was shaking rather alarmingly. Brake first then choose the gear up has been my SOP ever since. Cheers, Antti
  8. Hmmm, I would first apply the toe brakes to make the wheels stop and then move the lever into "Up" position. Actually I do that every time (of course I'm not flying a P-51) I'm not an engineer either but everybody knows what happens if you are trying to turn a spinning wheel by 90 degrees (as Bertie PSmith says). Cheers, Antti
  9. Hello guys, unfortunately I can't help with the kit. Here you can find a very nice collection of Pe-2 and Pe-3 photos in Finnish service: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1wLj4cyzNZagIqlZ8CNBEcNu23-dl7_NN It is the Air Force Museum's digital archive. Plenty of photos of other airplane types as well and also scans of aircraft manuals (like Ju-88 and Brewster Buffalo). Cheers, Antti
  10. What a beautiful "Karamelli" Einar! This is the best example I've ever seen. Very well done. Do you know who was the captain on that Helsinki - Madrid flight? Cheers, Antti
  11. On the head of the nail! Our students seem to have a competition, who "survives" the longest time without washing their flying suits. A couple of times one of us instructors has aborted the mission before engine start up because of the smell... Cheers, Antti
  12. Very nice work Harry! This really comes to life with some paint on. Cheers, Antti
  13. Excellent photo, thank you for sharing it Mike! I think that the guy on the left is wearing overalls that has been exposed to the Sun's UV rays. Flying suits are (and were) made out of NOMEX, which is a cotton fabric treated with fire retardant chemicals (causing the colour turning into mustard brown). Then the fabric is dyed with "olive green". The chemicals used are very sensitive to UV -light and certain parts of washing powder. When your green flying suit is turning into "drab" or "brownish" in colour, it is time to replace them. The fire protection isn't working properly any longer. Be careful with that, if you wish to purchase surplus flying suits to be used in real aviation. Cheers, Antti
  14. This is brilliant! Very nice work with the conversion. I'm looking forward to see more. "Turbo Commander" was my first HPA (High Performance Aircraft) type back in the 90s. She was fast (cruising some 320 kt.) and could fly well above Flight Level 300. The fuel system was a nightmare as was the crew oxygen system. Also the engines required extra care from the air crew as they had to be manually cooled after shut down (Garret turbo-prop differs from Pratt&Whitney engines by having a long engine shaft running all the way from propeller to the turbine). Disregard the cooling by turning the engine by hand and you'll ruin the engine. Cheers, Antti
  15. Hello Raphael, the plane in the photo is based on the bomber version, so it is not an Il-28R. The main landing gear bay doors are too short for the "recce" version. Also the engine gondola in front of MLG bay is too rounded. Il-28R has roughly equal length of wing tip tank visible in front of the wing leading edge and behind the trailing edge. I would build the kit without other modifications but those needed for the tip tanks. You can find more detailed information about the modifications required for Il-28R in my (still to be completed) WIP in here: Cheers, Antti
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