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  1. God afton Björn, I have photos of the Swedish registered Vampire (SE-DXT), including instrument panels. This plane was originally built in Switzerland. Cheers, Antti
  2. Nice progress with the interiors. What is that box in front of the control stick? I was just looking at the photos of my model and there is no such thing in the cockpit. Or did I remove it? I can't remember. Cheers, Antti
  3. Hello Reini78, the fit of the cockpit parts was good in my example. Just make sure everything lines up perfectly. Before attaching the cockpit floor you might want to neaten the window openings below the wing as the fuselage sides are very thick. Do not attach the gunner/navigator seat directly onto the floor plate as the instruction sheet suggests. There should be a rotating pedestal with four feet that run along the floor rails. I encountered problems with fitting the wings (especially the Port one was bad). The center wing should have a dihedral of 0 degrees. At first dry fit showed that also the center wing had positive dihedral. Cheers, Antti
  4. Now that's interesting. "Osasto Kuhlmey" was based at Immola Airport that is located on the Finnish side of the border (it's still an active airfield and the skeleton of one of the big hangars is still there). I would say that the ground crew members are all German in the photo. My guess is based on the clothes and hair style. For example the Feldmutze (cap) visible below the propeller blade isn't Finnish, leather boots were normally used instead of shoes and so on. Cheers, Antti
  5. Terve Troy & Co., I made a search on SA -kuva and found exactly the same B+W photo as you did. I saw this well known photo in full colour in some magazine (probably in Suomen Sotilas) some time ago. They have colourised a fair amount of war time photos. I would say that originally this photo was B+W and the one you posted is colourised. Key word "Immola" gave 293 B+W photos including some detailed close-ups of FW-190s and Ju-87Ds useful for a modeller. Cheers, Antti
  6. Did RDAF use the same Sikkens' camouflage paints that were used by the RNoAF? IPMS Norway published an article about them and you may be able to find in the Internet. Cheers, Antti
  7. Hello Paul, The letters look a lot like Century Gothic or better still Grotesque but the numbers don't match at all. Probably someone here has the exact answer. Cheers, Antti
  8. Hello Reini78, this is a great subject. I built one of these when the kit was first released (you can find my build here on BM). It is nice that there is a company producing kits of these less known types. I got a book from the Swedish team that restored and operates the solely flying example. The book covers the restoration process and flight operations with nice close up photographs and it is a rather good source for the modeller. Looking forward for this build. Cheers, Antti
  9. Hello TeeELL, have you seen my Javelin WIP? More information about FAW.9R in detail. Cheers, Antti
  10. That's excellent news! Thank you RobL Luckily I haven't started to scratch build them yet. Cheers, Antti
  11. Another great photo Dennis, thank you for sharing it. I detailed this area for my 1/48 scale Airfix Javelins using only a couple of poor photos as a resource. It seems that I got it right though. But now I have a proper photo for my next Javelin. Cheers, Antti
  12. Hello Selwyn, I have a couple of technical manuals for Javelins covering several variants. They don't give any dimensions for the intakes. If I remember correctly, at least some of the earlier marks had wooden intake lips and metal was used from FAW.7 on. They might have been slightly different in shape giving the illusion of smaller (or wider) intake. (and of course you know that FAW.9s and FAW.9/Rs were actually upgraded FAW.7s and FAW.8 was the last "new" variant with new cambered wing leading edge. These wings and re-heated engines of FAW.8 were attached to FAW.7 fuselage to create an FAW.9). I also have a small collection of Javelin books and if there is something definitive available it is most likely in "Javelin from the cockpit" or in Maurice Allward's "Gloster Javelin". I'll have a look. Cheers, Antti
  13. Hello Peter, I've just purchased the Academy 1/35 scale UH-1C (kit number 12112) and I think it is the only "Huey" kit in this scale. I haven't made any detailed checks yet, but so far the kit looks nice, although it is rather plain for its size and scale. For example a lot of small details (like very visible structural stiffeners) are missing from the cockpit, the seats are rather plain with molded seat belts and so on. There are also some nasty ejector marks. All doors (including engine bay doors) are clearly meant to be built in the open position. The engine bay lacks details, so scratch building is required if you wish to present your model with the doors open. The fit isn't the best one, if you choose to close all doors. Some push rods are missing from the rotor head and these have to be scratch built. So far the worst thing has been attaching the cockpit roof windows (those green tinted ones). They are very thin, don't match the roof contours very well and the openings are too small. Proceed carefully with these if you choose to build this kit. Cheers, Antti
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