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  1. There is a photo of XT596 in Patrick Martin's "British Phantoms" vol. I and it shows a very weathered/faded paintwork on upper sides. So faded that the museum staff had to make more than their usual magic to get the aircraft look as good as it does. Re-paint before the aircraft was donated to the museum seems plausible. On the other hand there are still details on the exterior surface that were McDonnel items only; like those small white circular seals applied on certain panels. I believe that they weren't re-applied when the aircraft were re-painted in Britain. Is it possible that XT596 was o
  2. It would be nice to visit the RN museum at Yeovilton "armed" with few colour fans and note book... Any volunteers Cheers, Antti
  3. Hello all, I have a couple of photos I've downloaded from the Internet showing brand new FG.1s and FGR.2s side by side. Okay, one should never trust on old photos and all that, but the grey colour looks exactly the same on both variants. At least FG.1s should look somewhat darker than FGR.2s if a different grey paint was used, but they don't. To my eye it looks like Dark Sea Grey and the original American paint on FG.1s also faded considerably when exposed to elements at sea. I used Hu 27 and Hu 34 for my FG.1 with a satin top coat of Hu 135. When comparing my model against ph
  4. Hello CC, we have one Airacobra here in Finland very much in the original state. Will these photos be of any help for you? And I have plenty of more photos in case you need more information. Cheers, Antti
  5. Antti_K

    BAE Hawk canopy

    Hello F7F3p, does this photo answer your questions? Cheers, Antti
  6. James, thank you for the information. It all makes sense now, if only one camera per cupola was installed. By using only fast emulsions it has been possible to mitigate the effects of image motion (small enough Circle of Confusion). Cheers, Antti
  7. You are welcome Spitfire madman The kit is excellent (among the best kits Airfix has ever released) and I'm convinced you will enjoy the build. I've already built two and plan to convert the next one into an FAW.4 in the markings of No. 41 Squadron. Check my WIP "Borneo Escort" as well. Cheers, Antti
  8. Interesting photos! And weird looking cameras; a some sort of periscopic system perhaps? That location is possibly the worst for an aerial camera as the tail is in constant motion around the Center of Gravity. And that would put great demands on the Image Motion Compensation (IMC) system. More information needed... Cheers, Antti
  9. Hello Spitfire madman, At least some of the Javelins of both 60 and 64 squadrons were re-painted during their time in Singapore. Here are some notes: - the paints gave a gloss finish - the colour demarcation line along the sides of rear fuselage was lower than in those aircraft painted in Europe - slightly larger upper wing roundels were applied in Singapore than in Europe - walkway markings were applied in Bright Yellow on those aircraft painted at Seletar MU - quite many Javelin had its radome painted with Dark Green - first colour to start fading w
  10. Sounds familiar. I built the Trumpeter 1/48 scale Sukhoi Su-24M a few years ago and the box was loaded with parts trees filled with all kinds of weapons. Some were mock-ups that never even materialized. No matter how hard I studied the parts, that most common (and the only one the aircraft can both fly with and fight) load of four 500 kg FAB -bombs couldn't be created without the help of the spares box. Currently I'm building the Tamiya 1/48 scale F-117A. My primary source was "Walk around" -book until I realized that the close up photos were taken from different airfra
  11. Beautiful work James! The paint scheme with faded Dayglo orange looks very tempting. It seems that I will need to buy this kit. So when do we fly I'm good to go! Sextant - Checked DR -kit - Checked AP 3270 - Checked Goggles - Checked Cheers, Antti
  12. Hello Paul, I would scan all of them and keep the originals. If you need (for example) to check for colours later, then the best way is to examine the originals. Playing with monochrome negatives and Photoshop is useless. On the other hand it is nice to scale up the photos on computer screen, when looking for details. Cheers, Antti
  13. Thank you Wulfman and Gary Brantley AaCee: do you know if Lysanders were used as target tugs here in Finland? Kippis, Antti
  14. Great photos, thanks for sharing them! Now I want to build a Tornado in "Shiny Two" special markings. That lady in "Scud-Hunters'" nose art looks very much the same as the one in my ULAS badge; mirror image though but... Cheers, Antti
  15. Thank you Nanond, Ron Pearcy and Shark444 Hinauskone for everyone! A group build for WWII era target tugs; that is a nice idea. The following types come to my mind immediately if we can widen the time line slightly: - Mosquito - Hawker Sea Fury - Meteor T.7 - B-26 Invader - NA B-25 Mitchell - Miles Martinet - Fairey Firefly - Bristol Blenheim - Hurricane Mk.1 - Fokker CX - Skyraider - Me 210 Cheers, Antti
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