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  1. Knowing how it is to build a large AModel kit I am saying - hats off, sir! Very well done!
  2. Now when the airframe in (almost) complete the most interesting part begins - detailing. And this plane has a lot of details that are not reflected in the original kit. Wheel hubs to start with
  3. I think it looks somewhat less boring. I'm inclining towards 2x4 + 2x2x2 configuration
  4. Here is a poll, what configuration of props should I represent? 2x4 blade + 2x2x2 blade OR 4x4 OR 4x2x2 ???
  5. What is this book? As to the view - the greenhouse is not for the pilots but for the observers, these boats were on maritime patrol missions. So the view in most cases was pretty boring - water, water everywhere nor any drop to drink
  6. The biggest KUTA duo ever? More in the building thread:
  7. The biggest KUTA duo ever? More in the build thread:
  8. The wing has sucked a lot of my blood but 2/3 of supporting struts are now in place and the structure is secure enough to remove additional support Is it the biggest KUTA duo ever?
  9. https://northstarmodels.com/product/172-wheels-set-for-soviet-russian-ilyushin-il-76-no-mask-series/
  10. I know a guy in Russia who makes custom decals (including white colour) on request. His portfolio: https://scalemodels.ru/modules/forum/viewtopic.php He has designed and printed Late 302 decals for me KLM Kargo 747-400 http://scalemodels.ru/modules/forum/img_1388225_1497387231_747-KLM-Cargo-1-144.jpg.html 747-300 http://scalemodels.ru/modules/forum/img_1645206_1602133472_747-300-KLM-1-144.jpg.html 747-200 http://scalemodels.ru/modules/forum/img_1647141_1603085110_747-200-KLM-1-144.jpg.html (point being that it will not be too hard for him to do -400)
  11. I was not aware about publicly available ones when I last checked not too long ago
  12. Right choice. I have build RusAir before AWM was out, an AModel ... well ... it is AModel
  13. First of all - very nice result, I like it a lot! What kit are you going to use for 104?
  14. Attaching a large parasol wing is quite challenging and I could not help thinking that something is not quite right After studying existing references and some measurements I realized that the central pillars are 4 mm too short. Original kit plans are way off Old pillar for comparison I need to fill in old strut mounting points and repaint the wing
  15. Not for the first, not for the second time I clumsily knock out the tail fin. I really like to paint wooden propellers. I used a different technique for "production" engines. I painted the "prototype" in dark steel and drybrushed; ths time I sprayed "stainless steel" and did some back washing.
  16. One of the main legs felt victim of the rennovation. Simply speaking was lost. Fortunately Toshihiko has agreed to print me a replacement
  17. I have wide arsenal of sanding tools, including paper, tissues, sticks and sponges including this guy Sometimes I use impromptu-made bows like shown in your link, it takes just a couple of minutes to make one.
  18. Thanks Realized that some of the pics have gone. From the vaults: https://i.posti
  19. Time for KUTA. Blown the dust from the plane, blown some "dull aluminum" on the wing. Because of its size I haven't found proper roundels that are 60mm in diameter. The plan is to print my own but I could not find transparent paper so I ordered more. I find that printing roundels on a transparent paper and applying over the white background works better than printing on white mostly because some toner/ink will inevitably go off on the edges.
  20. If you read Russian or know how to use online translator: http://www.airwar.ru/enc/cw1/ma1.html
  21. Test build: https://propjet.ucoz.ru/forum/18-254-37601-16-1637433127
  22. Continuing in KUTA: 4 engines, 20 parts each
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