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  1. Also big on the prototype Hurricane. One thing that has prevented me from launching this project is the mods to the canopy. How exactly did you approach that and what changes did you make? TIA.
  2. Looks like more for the "development history of the Me-163" shelf.
  3. First thing I thought as well, Chris. I wonder how they compare in size. Anyone have the stats for the two at hand? Wingspan, length.
  4. I would support this too. Always good to at least have some civil options in the box rather than wait on aftermarket.
  5. Go for it. Original summaries of this type are always welcome.
  6. I think that the Planet Hamilcar is probably a better starting point, though it does have vac canopies. Horses for courses I guess.
  7. Maybe with the cosmic alignment of a new Valiant Wings book on Meteors and a new 1:72 nightfighter Meteor kit from Special Hobby, we can get a sheet of civilian Meteors just from the churn of new interest in the type. Yeah, I know that most of the civil ones are pre-nightfighters, but those kits are already available. Hopefully a renewed interest in Meteors of unusual vintage will get someone to release a sheet. Xtradecal? Freightdog?
  8. Though the He-114 has been done by Planet and Mach 2, at least the canopy will be injected plastic and usable! So I likely will pick one up eventually, though it might not be tops on my wish list.
  9. This seems to be a popular plane this month. I too have one just entering my construction queue. I'll be using the Model Maker special markings decals for it. Hope it turns out as well as this one did.
  10. Most of the superlarge AModel and Modelsvit kits have at least some fiberglass components.
  11. Looks very nice. I should point out that for anyone who doesn't have access to Mike Grant decals, PrintScale also does a series of smoke rings and Italian camo mottling that seem to work just fine (used them on my Mc-202).
  12. This is definitely on the future acquisitions list. And I would second the vote for a Junkers G-38 too. I once had a (Fliegerhorst?) 1:72 resin kit of a G-38 but it was fairly appalling and I sold it on a few years back. Now it is someone else's doorstop!
  13. This one is sitting next to the workbench waiting for a construction spot to open up. Which it will as soon as I get over this stupid spring cold I've got! It is going in along with the RS Models Ae-607.
  14. Personally I'm still waiting for Italeri's promised repop of the T-45 so I can do the two CONA planes that Draw Decals does markings for. But it is taking forever for them to get around d to it.
  15. That looks very nice. I've never seen an Aeropoxy kit in the flesh, so to speak. What was your experience with this kit, and who was your retail source? Thanks.
  16. I may have steered you wrong in reference to the Freightdog set. My eyes were seeing "Typhoon" but my brain was thinking "Tornado". It's the Tornado FGR4 set from Freightdog that has the extra radars for the lower front fuselage. I'll have to defer to others here, but I'm not sure there is any exterior difference between Eurofighter single seaters. Maybe the little sensor thing below the front cockpit on the port side, or was that there on later models of the early variant? Perhaps loadout is different on the FGR4 as well. Sorry to have muddied the waters with bad info here. I'll slink back in
  17. I come down in the middle of this argument. I don't feel compelled to put on every stencil, esp the ones that can't easily be seen due to color scheme or location. But I do like to have an assortment of the larger and more prominent ones to give the flavor of the stenciling job. And Phantoms were notorious for their never-ending stencil jobs. I only work in 1:72 so can get away with not applying the tiny ones.
  18. Have to agree. Hasegawa first, though I think the latest Revell tooling is a close second and half the price. Either will serve your purposes well (along with the Freightdog FGR4 conversion set).
  19. I've built the DH-91 and Brigand, and have the B-45 and Albemarle waiting to enter the construction queue. Though they weren't in any way shape or form easy, I wouldn't characterize them as the worst ever. But then I'm a confirmed kit assembler....
  20. Is that a vac canopy with no injected alternative? Yikes. That would be a dealbreaker for me unless the type is something I have been wanting for ages. Which the Duck isn't. I have no issue with including a vac canopy as an alternate, but in 2019 there should be at least an injected one as primary.
  21. Yes, it is all a matter of perspective (isn't most everything?). If you value detail accuracy over buildability, then HPM are custom made for you. I do not; therefore I couldn't recommend an older HPM kit (not sure about the new owners) for those who prize buildability.
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