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Battlestar Pegasus


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Have you seen the pics of the Moebius Galactica from the original series?. That's looking rather tasty, too. B)


Dear wallet,

I know we have been through some tough times of late, Especially after that unplanned visit to Comet Miniatures last Saturday. But if You just let me indulge one more time this year, I promise 2014 will be a less abusive year for us.

Lots of love & respect, Dean.

P.S, if any of my wish-list kits come up, or that 1/8 E-Type materialises on FleaBay, all bets are off... sorry in advance...

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Nope.....That would be me! :yahoo:

I have to say right from the off it is one massively impressive kit.....One of the very few kits that could definitely use a bigger box! :yikes:

I bought the Revell re-box of Galactica to give me a baseline for the review.....Pegasus not only dwarfs it, but looks better done! :thumbsup:

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Received the beast from my good friend Mr Tinsley for Xmas, so i have just ordered the PE and i think ill break out the ole airbrush and throw it together next month :)

will look good next to my Galactica (and Omega Destroyer :P)

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Omega destroyer??? not familiar with that ??BS5??

Where did you order the pe from?

Sorry for asking but it was a prezzie for me as well


Yup, the Omega is from B5


I ordered the PE off ebay, £50 for both the exterior set and the landing bays, I'm not going to light it, but will for the PE :)

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