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  1. I built my 1/350 Hood as she was on the Empire Cruise 1923/4 I have a few pics of it here and the build thread is in my Sig
  2. So after being away for the last couple of weeks im back to get some work on Warspite done Fortunately the Wood deck has arrived (yay) so with a little luck i can press on now and wont have to down tools while waiting for the deck to arrive basically ive glued the decks down and 'plated over' the 4inch guns, since Warspite had these removed in 1944 after the Fritz-X attack, ive also started building the fwd super structure, its just dry fitted right now, will need to break out the filler to clean all that up but thats something to do tomorrow while watching the F1 Till next time
  3. So the proverbial keel has been laid, the Hull halves have been braced and glued together and the Quarterdeck attached, Ill be water-lining the ship once ive decided how i want to present her in the sea, ill probably try something akin to what i did with KGV. I also drilled all the scuttles on the Hull, i have the wood deck ordered but plan to get the hull into the "water" and painted before that arrives, ill also start on the sub assemblies for the superstructure too I know this kit gets a lot of stick for inaccurate hull shape, but since il be waterlining shouldn't be an issue, and
  4. So not much of an update other than to say ive decided to stick with the Trumpeter kit since a) i really cba to go and Buy a whole new kit for the GB (I have enough in the stash as it is and really cant start doubling up! lol) and having just brought a Metal Replica PKD Blade Runner Blaster AND Proton Pack kit i really don't have the money to be throwing around, So I've ordered a Wood deck from HLJ and Ill be ordering some Brass Barrels and White Ensign generic PE and hope to make a start this week on the Hull, ill be water-lining her and setting in a seascape like i did with KGV. Fortunatel
  5. Yeh, the 3 initial variant aircraft (AF-1, BF-1 and CF-1) all have colourful tails, but they are never intended for anything aside from the initial flight envelope flight testing, not testing things like RCS or combat performance (note they also have the Pito Tube's) that being said, the first F-35C delivered to the VFA-101 has some colour to it
  6. Haha what are the odds that we both return to group-builds at the same time heh Looking forward to seeing this Don im over in the D-Day build with another floaty thing
  7. NOBODY Expects the F-35 Inquisition, Amongst our weapons are Fear, Surprise, A ruthlessly over inflated budget and and almost fanatical devotion to the concept of First look first kill and a nice red hat...
  8. Ahh Bruce and Sheila are looking good ahead of their big day* the -A model looks so much better than the B without the Hunchback as for the whole Grey thing, its 2 fold 1) it helps sell the idea of 'Stealth!!!!!' to the general public and 2) these aircraft are really still development aircraft so are undergoing testing/evaluation and 3) the Stealth skin is actually really advances and i expect they haven't worked out the compounds to add colour pigment to the paints yet (also explains why you don't tend to see F-22's in anything other than 2 tone) * I think the Aussie Aircraft AU-1 and A
  9. Well after many a moon away from the workbench I have decided to return and to tackle a group build since i really enjoyed the last one i did, WAY back in 2012 9HMS King George V, see the Sig) So I've decided to do HMS Warspite because i happen to have a Trumpeter kit in the stash and because she is pretty much the most epic ship in the Royal Navy, EVER! So firstly heres a picture of what I'm hoping to achieve Im planning of heavily weathering the ship to make her properly dirty so heres Obligatory opening shot Now as I said this is the Trumpeter kit, unfortunately I'm not learning th
  10. Hi folks, thinking of doing something for the D-Day group build, and I have a Trumpeter Warspite kit in the stash, but just wanted to know if anyone has any experience using the Pontos upgrade set with the Trumpeter kit as opposed to the Academy kit?
  11. Allo folks, just finished working the Epic 10 day slog that is the Royal International Air Tattoo and Farnborough Air show back to back, bloody knackered but did get a opportunity to take a few photos, and was very lucky to get flight on one of only 2 Air-worthy Lockheed Super Constellations F-35 was a no-show unfortunately but there was a good ole AV8B Harrier from the Spanish Navy so was great to see a Harrier on display (even if the display itself sucked a little compared to the old RAF/RN display ) and a great mock-dogfight with some WW1 Aircraft so anyway enjoy the pics htt
  12. A rare glimpse into the Canadian 'Fusalage' forrest, where Canadian lumberjacks fell these Fuselage sections and then float them down the rivers of British Columbia, The 737, the 767 The Mighty Scotch Pine 777, with their best girlies by their side they sing, Sing, Sing!
  13. Ironically the reason they aren't already over here in the UK is the MOD dragged its feet in clearing BK-3 (the British F-35) to fly to Pax River in the US to join the 3 USMC F-35B's following the fire at Eglin, If they had given the authorisation earlier the 4 jets would probably already be over here and while they would be grounded and subject to the same air worthiness directives at least they would be here. also FWIW as i understand it the F-35's will all be airside at RIAT and will be flying at Farnborough from Fairford so there wont be much chance to see them other than during the displ
  14. it was the parts where the plugs tended to connect which were held in my friction, so they were putting the parts under stress, it just seemed to crumble at all the articulation joints, having glues it it seems ok now, mind you I haven't given it any kind of through inception or anything of late
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