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Found 7 results

  1. IMAI straight from the box Steve
  2. I vacformed a new canopy to replace the blue-tinted kit item but otherwise straight from the box Steve
  3. IMAI straight from the box Steve
  4. So for my third entry into this GB, I have decided - probably against my better judgement to have a go with at least part of the huge 1:44 scale Thunderbird 2 I managed to acquire recently. In case you didn't see the post it was this kit: (Note the 12" ruler in the photo!) I'm not quite ready for the whole thing just yet so I thought I'd start off with something simple like - ahem - building the internals of the pod!!! There are plenty of references out there, for example: So lets start off with looking at the pod that is supplied in the kit So the first thing to observe is I'll need to cut open the door. That little nick you see is where I experimented with cutting this material. Its very strange stuff - very dense expanded polystyrene with a resin outer coating. Its VERY hard to cut! inside the pod you have this: for the bottom - the lumps are indents in the underside to accept rollers as the undercarriage. In these photos you can see how think this stuff is! So the first job was to fit a floor for the pod - those bumps look like a nice base to work to, and here is my first attempt: However you can see its a bit undulating as I only used 0.5mm plastic card which just isn't solid enough. So I tried again with 1.5mm and got this You can also see I've cut out the lower part of the doorway down to the level of the floor. This leaves a bit of a gap under where the moulded door goes further. I'll have to fill that later. Finally for this initial post, here is where I am on cutting out the upper part of the door This took about an hour and half last night after which I'd had enough - its really hard work cutting this stuff, especially as if you saw too fast it generates too much heat and the stuff melts where you are trying to cut!!! I'll try to finish this cutting off today and in the meantime start designing the inner ribs that will define the internal shape.
  5. Hi all, Some photographs of 4 of the kits I've completed since getting back into kit building - this time with a Sci-Fi/comic book slant. All mostly 'out of the box' builds and all great fun to make! Airfix Angel Interceptor Polar Lights Batmobile - Snap Kit Polar Lights Batmobile - Snap Kit Moebius Batpod Imai Thunderbirds Zero-X I have uploaded some photos of 4 of the real space kits I have completed since getting back into kit building and they can be found here. My current build of Bandai's ISS Space Suit can be found here. Cheers, Stix
  6. Well its complete! I can't say this is entirely 100% accurate - the kit is a bit too rubbish to get too close to the studio model and this at least LOOKS like Sky 1! So without further ado, over to Captain Carlin... and now to don my string vest and leap into the garbage chute...
  7. I haven't been posting much in the way of builds for a few months so I thought I'd make up for it with this quick build I started last week. I didn't originally intend to do a build thread so I didn't take any photos early on, so you'll just have to make do with these First off the box: As usual with Imai models they were intended as toys, so always have inappropriate working parts, eg the Spectrum Passenger jet with missiles! This is no exception, with spring loaded missiles - well actually the missile pods themselves being fired out of the front of the engines, chunky big wheels and an opening rear bulkhead which gave access to a compartment to store a miniature Mobile and Straker's car! Sigh! So here is a sprue shot showing the bits I'm NOT using: and here is the instruction sheet that gives an idea how poor this kit really is: The first thing that is immediately obvious is that there is no cockpit detail and no Captain Carlin to fly it! So I started looking around to see what I had that would allow me to scratch build a cockpit. I came upon one of the remainders of this kit in my stash from which last year I stole the missile fins for the Alien Dropship pod torpedoes: My first though was that I coulb rob this of the pilot seat and instrument panel and then I had a closer look at the cockpit: Hmm that looks an interesting size... so I measure it up and bugger me if it didn't fit the cockpit glass and the cockput bulge in the fuselage almost perfectly!! It did mean chopping it up quite drastically, but I had bought 4 of these kits for £5 each last year just to get the missile fins! I've already given 2 of them away as they are a great little starter kit, very simple but looks fantastic: (scuse the flash washing everything out!) so I wasn't all that worried about doing some drastic surgery. I found a resin figure in the spares box, also left over from the Aliens Dropship build, who had a suitable helmet and close enough jacket and with some careful painting this was the result: which is close enough to this considering the scale. So what of the rest of the kit? well the fairing on the underside is totally misshapen. The kit has it with a rectangular cross section whereas the original has a rhomboid shape and the front section has a metallic grille: So this has had to be completely rebuilt! In addition the rocket pods in the kit were designed to be spring loaded and were a terrible shape: Instead, I've replaced them with the front part of rocket pods from a 1:32 scale Hawker Hunter... the one that acts as my avatar (and which STILL isn't finished ) and you can see the result in that photo. The nose cone also needed work - in the original, it had a grille inside whereas the kit only has a sort of cross-like pattern engraved in the plastic. So this had some brass mesh added: and so did the front part of the underside fairing: Here you can also see the colour that will be used as the base colour. Its Ford Oyster Gold Metallic paint from Halfords. I'll try to put some panel variation in to give it more interest. Finally, here is where I am as of this evening: I've drilled out the cannon barrels that stick out. The panel "lines" are the usual trenches that Imai uses, but I'm not going to do anything about that. You can see from the previous pics that I've started spraying the nose cone. The very front appears to be dark silver. I started with some Metallic Grey, but I think it needs to be darker,so next I'll add some Gun Metal. I've left the nose off so I can insert the cockpit later and save having to mask the windows.
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