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  1. The second of my GB entrants. I may use the box scheme unless I can come up with something a bit more interesting. How brave am I feeling Ok spoiled for choice.
  2. The kit, bought for less than a tenner from the Kingkit Scrapyard, missing the machines guns, but I’d probably have replaced them any way. Still haven’t decided on the finished scheme, but it won’t be Richthofens machine. Built many times as as a kid, I’m finally going to try to do justice to the kit, and put a high level of detail in as it’s such a large scale.
  3. This is the kit, almost a shame not to use the kit scheme, but tbh I almost always prefer to model something a little different. And here is its provenance; a photo with the Queen kindly suggested by @Enzo Matrix I don’t do that many modern subjects and even less in 1/72 so it’ll be a nice change from my usual fare. I’m looking at that decal sheet and have decided it’s a total waste not to use it. So instead I’ll be building this in the 25 years scheme. Trust me you won’t even notice the difference after a while
  4. As my workbench is getting empty again, I have decided to start a new kit and build another model of an aircraft I have flown. This time it is the turn of the ATR-72, which was the first aircraft I flew when I became an airline pilot for Cityflyer back in 2000. This kit will be my first foray into the world of resin, which is a completely new material for me to work with. All I really know is don't inhale the dust - is there anything else important I should know?! The kit is the 1/144 offering from F-RSIN. Here's the obligatory box shot: The contents inside look a little sparse - decals, fuselage, wings, flap fairings, tailplanes, engine nacelles, propellor sections and undercarriage components: I'm hoping this one will go together quite quickly! At some point in the past I have applied some filler to the fuselage, which is dotted with minor pinholes - apart from that, the kit is untouched. My first job will be removing and cleaning all the components, followed by filling and sanding.
  5. My kit bought for less than a tenner from Kingkit scrapyard. It’s missing one horizontal stabiliser but I should be able to make a resin cast from the one that’s still in the kit. In this scheme; SEA and a shark mouth what’s not to like
  6. At the end of WWI no. 1 were equipped with Sopwith Dolphins but also managed to obtain a number of Fokker DVIIs which they flew side by side with the Sopwiths, indeed several pilots preferred the Fokker. I'll be building the Blue max 1/48 Dolphin and an Eduard 1/48 DVII for the GB. I will of course refrain from all the obvious jokes aboot Canadia(it's a Simpson joke) ehhhhy. Right I've gotten that out of my system, modelling next
  7. I’ll be building this, it’s a superb kit which I was going to build in the kit scheme, but owing to world events no red stars will be crossing my work bench. So it will be in one of the schemes below. Decisions, decisions, I’m leaning towards the second one but I like the way the first one looks like someone took a 6inch brush to it in the field,
  8. My build of the Matchbox 1/72 Messerschmitt 410 (PK-113) will be reported here. It really will be an OOB build as I am going to make it unpainted to show the different colour parts as per the box illustration: Box contents and build details will follow. Dave
  9. still have to decide on the scheme. But looking forward to the build.
  10. I received my new 1/72 Airfix Vulcan yesterday and despite having an overflowing workbench, I just couldn’t resist having a look! As is traditional, I’ll start with a shot of the box. It’s big - note the 12” ruler along the side: To be honest, the box could probably have been smaller as the largest sections are the wings, which are half the size of the box… I guess Airfix were aiming for as large a presence as possible when stacked on a shelf! The scheme options are all white, or white undersides with camouflage on top. I will go with the latter: I already have the old kit in a similar scheme: I would have liked to do the new model in wraparound camouflage, but it was not an option and I’m planning to make this one OOB, to see what can be achieved with the basic Airfix offering. Time to look inside! Every sprue is wrapped in plastic, presumably to protect the plastic from scratching. The first sprue has the tail fin, control surfaces and engine plates: Once the bags are opened, some very crisp plastic is inside. Here’s the nose, cockpit and bomb load: And a close up of some of the pieces: The construction is completely different from the old kit. You build the nose and tail sections and then attach them to the central wing section. There are no large pieces in the kit, hence my comments about the size of the box. Here are the wing top sides: Note the housing for the air brakes. The wing top side in more detail: I’ve never noticed those protrusions on the wing before. The panel lines look a little large, so I will probably end up filling these. Here’s the underside: You can see the nose gear bay is moulded asymmetrically. The detail is again very crisp: This is the largest sprue: And again some more detail: All very nicely detailed, which bodes well for OOB! The last major sprue shows the spars - this should be strong: Some lovely detail for the bomb bay and undercarriage bays too. The intakes look far better than the old kit, which is a relief! Finally the transparencies: This looks to be a great kit and I am looking forward to seeing this one come together.
  11. Despite having multiple builds on the bench, most of them are now at the painting stage - time to crack open a new one! After checking GB eligibility with @Brad, I am throwing my hat into the ring with the 1/48 Airfix TSR-2. I've heard it will need some fettling along the way, but I've had plenty of practice with that particular skill recently... I bought it off eBay last month and it reeked of cigarette smoke, so the box was chucked away without delay. Here's a picture from the instruction sheet: It's a big model - look at the length of the fuselage! I'm hoping this will build into an impressive model to join my other 1/48 British jets. This one will be strictly OOB, to see what I can achieve solely with Airfix's kit. I will post some photos soon, once construction gets underway!
  12. A placeholder for now. http://village.photos/images/user/4687b1d8-729a-4290-bd01-dd7e49aa5009/be013bac-75d1-4d0a-b992-e45333c139e5.jpeg I'll probably do it in the kit Egyptian air force scheme but these also take my fancy. A variation in the scheme above. http://village.photos/images/user/4687b1d8-729a-4290-bd01-dd7e49aa5009/7be8940e-943a-4da2-ae53-aa1e9d01c3a8.jpeg http://village.photos/images/user/4687b1d8-729a-4290-bd01-dd7e49aa5009/01a6cb1f-114d-4050-bf89-c086deb406c6.jpeg http://village.photos/images/user/4687b1d8-729a-4290-bd01-dd7e49aa5009/4cfb6a1e-63d3-4df7-a32f-f4797a7c79a2.jpeg Decisions, decisions...
  13. While I blatantly put off riveting my 1/48 corsair in this GB, I’ve decided to do a relatively quick OOB build from the stash. This one was a bit spur of the moment @modelling minion This fella… sprues look pretty good, (although with kinetic’s 2 in 1 box that one gets a ton of waste. not sure of the logic as theres enough parts to make approximately 1.5 models.) and stop… …actually i was going to post all the sprues here, but they’re all out there on multiple sites photographed much better than i can… so i wont. if one is interested you can find reviews via scalemates. but just wanted to personally share that some detail is great and some isnt… and the decals are ace although i might stencil the roundels as they look a pain round the intakes glue has been used! and we’re away… I will load it with some ground attack ordnance of course
  14. Got this yesterday ( ignore the Nesher) it’ll be a bit of a mojo restorer and a quick build. AMW built one a few issues back and it looks like a lovely kit ( head and shoulders above the last Sherman I built which was the Airfix classic Sherman crab, dog rough. And the last Sherman I didn’t build but used for parts for my St Chaumond)
  15. Kit - Revell 1:72 Paint - All enamels Decals - Xtradecal & Kit Extras - None Hawker Hunter FGA9 XE552 'R' 229 OCU / 79 Squadron RAF Chivenor Early 1970's So the second finished build for this weekend and my last Revell FGA9 kit - I did have four at one time, and I still have one last F6 in the stash. Nobody needs me to say anything about this kit, it's all been said before. Personally I love it, and the only 1:72 kit I've built more of is the Hasegawa F-4 series. This is straight from the box except the decals which are from an early Xtradecal Hunter specific sheet, I forget the catalogue number, personally I think the red is too bright, I'd have probably been better using the kit ones, but I can live with that. Unusual for me to finish two builds almost at once, doesn't happen too often. Please feel free to ask any questions, make any comments or criticisms. All the best from a still sunny New Zealand. (All credit to Robin A. Walker / Air Britain). Ian.
  16. I’ll probably keep the kit scheme on the Academy, going to have to find something interesting for the LS. I’ll start chipping away but I reckon I won’t really get going properly till I’ve got my two F16s done.
  17. The Revell boxing of these two classics. Just need to decide which colour scheme.
  18. The other builds A legion Condor E-3 Airfix with a new canopy A 109 E-3 from III/JG 53 Battle of Britain during the period where Goering ordered them to paint out the Pik Aus badge so they painted out their swastikas in protest. Airfix oob Finnish G6 Oob italeri Swiss G6 oob italeri Hungarian G6 oob probably the Hasegawa Italian G6 as probably the Heller K4 with minor modifications Yugoslavian G10 Revell oob Croatian G10 Revell oob Another Yugoslavian G10 Revell oob. if my AVIAs arrive within the GB I’ll post them here too ( not holding my breath in them ) Have to post some sprue shots next.
  19. It’s been quite the year and it’s going to take a while to post the complete list. It’s a pretty eclectic mix. So bear with me as I work my way through it. So in no particular order. 1. 1/48 scratchbuilt RAF Ariel target the first drone. 2. 1/72 mr hobby Me109G2 in Italian colours 3. Airfix 1/72 Bf109E4 in Condor Legion colours. and 4. Airfix FW190G8 in Hungarian colours. 5. Revell 1/144 Typhoon. 6. Williams 1/48 Ford Flivver 7. Airfix 1/72 Swordfish 8. Revell 1/72 me109 G10 in Yugoslavian colours 9. Airfix 1/72 in III/JG53 Battle of Britain colours. 10. scratch built 1/48 Bristol Scout F 11. scratch built 1/48 Bristol Scout F1. 12. Trumpeter 1/144 F117
  20. 1/72 PM kit pretty much oob.
  21. And alongside my Me109 TL Jaeger only a paper project but still an interesting comparison.
  22. My internets been on the fritz all Christmas Day so a belated post. Christmas Day 8:43 sprues 10:50 all parts cut off and fettled. Turret partially assembled and ready for paint. My secret weapon a can of Montana Black Morpheus, ( I bought Dumbo but it wouldn’t spray ) 11:20 painted and a sharpie used for the black on the road wheels. St Stephen’s Day (Boxing Day) 9:50 major assembly finished. Next up, attach the tracks, a bit of brush touch up then decals, white distemper and weathering.
  23. So after fifty-plus years of hammering bits of injected plastic together, I decided it may be time to build my first ever motorcycle. Didn't put any thought in to 'which one', just bought a cheap Tamiya kit, watched a couple of YT build videos and took a brave pill !! Nothing extra added except glue and paint (Tamiya TS51 Racing Blue and my own brew of 'dark silver'). Did I enjoy it ? - well yes, it really did fall together probably because I followed the instructions VERY closely; Will I buy another, erm... perhaps, if I do it will be a racing machine, but which one depends upon whether I can find another cheap - probably Tamiya - kit hereabouts. Feel free to ask any questions, hurl any insults or make any comments. All the very best from New Zealand. Ian.
  24. Been almost a year since my last car build so dragged this one to the bench to re-invigorate any skills that I may have had before diving in to something more exotic / expensive... glad I did as it turns out. Made a bit of a hash of the deepening-out on the front window frame - went through the plastic at one point, also managed to stone-chip the paintwork on the roof when I dropped a tool onto it, and on final-assembly I snapped one of the front axle pins !!. Yep, definitely a six-out-of-ten build. That said, I like the blue (Tamiya X13), it looks very 'period' to my eye, and the car itself looks like it came off the production line yesterday... stunning looking vehicle IMHO. As ever thanks for taking the time to look and / or comment. All the best from New Zealand. Ian.
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