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Found 15 results

  1. My build of Dom's Charger Revell kit from The Fast and the Furious. Painted with Tamiya TS paints, with some light weathering done with oils and pigments. To modify the kit to be a bit more accurate to the movie, I added more supports for the roll bar, trimmed the license plate off the front, omitted the passenger seat, and moved a fire extinguisher to the floor. Also pictured is a comparison with my first ever model kit build, the '68 Charger. I'm very proud of the progress I've made the last 3 years of model building.
  2. I had attempted to build AMT's 1:25 Viper GTS kit as a child but royally messed it up. However I acquired this RT/10 in around 2007 from a friend who was moving abroad for work, and I had completed it by 2011, working on it alongside many of the other older builds I've posted up. The completed pics were taken earlier today, after a quick run over with a soft brush to remove all the dust from it sitting in my display cabinet. Paint was Halfords rattle can for the body, and brushed Humbrol enamels for the rest, except the interior which was brushed Tamiya acrylics. My friend had started it, building up most of the rolling chassis & he had fortunately also done an excellent job of painting the windscreen frame & screenprinting on the glass (which I hate doing) but the body & interior had not been started. I did little on the chassis except free up the front stub axles & rear driveshafts, and finish off some painting to the underside. The detail on this kit is very high - much is prototypically correct but fully hidden - e.g. there is a full side exhaust system even though it is sealed up in the sills... It did however pose some challenges, as for the body to sit correctly to the axle centres, the upper interior tub and rear inner arches were trying to occupy some of the same space. With some careful adjusting, tweaking (& hacking to the front of the inner arch & rear of the upper tub), everything fitted together. I think that I may have had to do some adjusting to get the front bumper & bonnet aligning too, but the rest of the parts all went together very nicely. There were no decals - everything was molded in, and I used a sharpie to pick out the badging, which worked well. For some reason this release of the kit came with tinted lenses for the front lights, which I am not hugely keen on. There is light unit detail behind, but the camera hasn't picked it up. Also, please forgive the right hand rear wheel looking wonky in some of pics - it does fit properly but I didn't spot until after the pics that it had come unglued from the driveshaft (these rotate with the rear wheels). In hindsight, I also need to do the edges of the rear light lenses in black sharpie to make them look more realistic but whilst they are only held in with clearfix, I'm wary of damaging the paint so am undecided whether I will fix this. I also need to add some clear orange over the silver for the front marker / running lights. I never got around to adding number plates, but if I do, the plan is to use the ones from the Chrylser UK's press fleet Vipers - either WOW 110T (with a dot between the 11) or A10 CYL. I also have Revell's snap kit Viper RT/10, which I'll build at some point and will probably be in the usual Viper red! It has a much lower parts count than the AMT and far less of the intricate detail, but it will be interesting to see how the two kits compare once built. Instruments were molded - no decals, so required careful painting. And a few from just before final assembly: Full exhaust system, but all hidden when the body is installed. This last pic shows how the interior parts are split between the body and the chassis - unlike many kits, there isn't the inaccurate and out of scale double floor:
  3. I've decided to take stock and finish some of the long term projects that I never got around to finishing. This will be the first, as it's almost there. It didn't work out quite the way I intended, because I had some paint mixed from the 1969 paint reference, which was supposed to be T5 Copper. I think it's a bit dark and closer to T7 Bronze, but I decided to stick with it. It was shelved when I came to apply the foil and the scalpel slipped, at which point I lost heart and put it away. 😑 Where it all went wrong. Those are the old pictures, from something like 15 years ago. I'll dig it out tomorrow and see how bad it looks.
  4. I've started a new build with something that has always interested me. I'm a bit stunned that there is now not only modelkits of these objects but they are also very, very good! I might warn you that this build might sound like a commercial for the company Pilot Replicas but I don't work for them, unfortunatly... These are the kits I'm going to try and do something nice with: I was going to start this topic a few weeks ago but I couldn't resist building instead. I've started the J 29 Tunnan and I'm loving it. I have been building models for the last 30 years but I have never seen this quality in a "mainstream kit"! The parts fit together like a dream and the sharpness of the detail is great. The whole package just screams quality! As I said... I'm sorry but it's a great kit and I'm very happy. The J 29 is my absolute favourite aircraft of all time. As some of you might already know I have a full scale one to play with! Stay tuned! I will post more pictures of the build as soon as can upload them to Photobucket. Andreas / Rudolf_Filip
  5. '70 Dodge Challenger T/A (2'n1) Streetburner Revell - Nr. 85-2596 - 1:24 https://www.scalemates.com/kits/158534-revell-85-2596-70-dodge-challenger-t-a-2-n1 We will call this one done. It was a pleasure to build. Top quality in every way. Paint used was acrylic and waxed with Pledge Furniture Wax aerosol. Challenger Album google+
  6. Hey all, Hopefully I've posted this correctly. Here's my first post. I will add others as time goes by. This is my 8th build since February.
  7. Back in 2010, having built a 1/35th scale version of my 1/1 scale "Follow Me" Jeep, I decided to have a go at my friend's "Flying Control" converted Dodge WC51 Weapon Carrier. Little did I know that later in the year, the Dodge would change to my ownership, where I would continue the conversion work and fit aircraft radios! This was the vehicle during my trip home with it in early September 2010. So when I set out to build the model, it would be based on how the 1944 Dodge looked prior to my ownership, seen below in 2008. The vehicle is a standard 1944 Dodge WC51 Weapon Carrier, but with a wooden body and observation dome built over the original canvas covered cargo area. The vehicle was rebuilt post war by the Norwegian Army. During the rebuild it was fitted with the late war shorter "Access Body" giving more room for the driver to get past the spare wheel, but with the early war shorter step which was for the longer body! The Flying Control conversion was started by myself and my friend who owned the vehicle at the time. He really wanted a Flying Control Caravan, but as he lived in the Lake District, the roads made it less practical. I suggested converting the truck to an airfield radio vehicle instead which he agreed to. The rear body was made from recycled shuttering plywood, built onto the roof bows that originally supported the canvas roof. The dome was a wartime Avro Anson astrodome. The sides of the rear body were made to fold down to aid visibility when driving. There were no permanent fittings inside the truck at this point, so the inside of the model would be fairly easy. It was a while back now, but I think it was the Italeri kit that was the starting point for the build.
  8. Ok so I finally dragged this kit across the finishing line. The story is detailed in my Mopar Madness thread but as that turned into a one man group build I'll recap it here to save time. Whilst looking for Centreline wheels for my Charger I fished out this Revell reissue of the Monogram 1969 SuperBee which I'd previously started. I decided to finally get it finished and made hast with stripping the engine so I could paint it the correct colour. I then found that the base for the air filter was missing. I assumed it was the reason I gave up the first time and set about a resolve. I chose to use the Hemi engine from a spares and repair Plymouth 'Cuda with the air filter from a '71 Plymouth GTX. The engine proved a right pita as its a lot bigger than the 440 6 pack engine and then I found the missing air filter base . In the end I gave up on it yet again when I'd have enough of the engine constantly breaking lose in the engine bay lol. Well a few weeks back whilst I was building my NASCAR kit I got it out and saw that despite all the niggles I was actually on the home straight with it. So I continued work on it in the background to the NASCAR and actually finished it before that. Though because of accessibility problems with my PC, someone put some Volvo doors in the way and how god awful it is trying to post a topic or even a reply with picture is it is from my phone; I've held off till now to post it lol. Anyway here it is. Paint is VW Mars red btw. As always comments etc always welcome. TTFN Ashley
  9. Ok so there is a story to this build. It's a long one so I'll try my best to keep the soppy stuff to a minimum. Last year I decided to build a model car for each of my closest friends as a Christmas present. My best friend's favourite car was the 1969 Dodge Charger, a kit I new well as I'd build one as a kid. And after quizzing her about what her ideal Charger would be it dawned on me that there was to be a problem with the Revell Monogram '69 kit. Namely that the body in the kit comes with a molded on vinyl roof. But after a bit of research it turned out that the recent '68 release, the same kit but with a new chrome fret, had a body without a vinyl roof but told you to paint it like it had. Problem solved. Get the two kits and swap the bodies. I liked that idea too as it allowed me to build a companion '68 car to act as a sudo friendship bracelet or something to similar effect. I got the info I needed from my friend on how her dream Charger would be and the specs were thus: Black paint without the vinyl roof, Magnum 500 wheels, No R/T stripe over the boot, Black leather interior. (I took a liberty with the wood effect) And this was the result: Unfortunatly those are the only pics I have of the model before I packed it safely in its box and wrapped it up for her present. Now for the sad part. Not long after I wrapped it up we started getting into fights and having big fallouts. In the end I had to walk away coz it was too upsetting and was actually depressing me to a large extent. I did deliver the present and left it as a parting gift. We did reconcile earlier this year, and for a couple of months everything was fine. Then complete silence which became clear was intentional. Too this day I have no idea why. And so the completion of this once friendship project was on hold. After the completion of her '69 Charger the kit was packed away so I could focus on the other builds I needed to complete for presents, with the intent to complete the project in the new year. However because of what had transpired and what followed the kit remained in the stash. At times even the thought of the kit was enough to invert my mood for a week. Everything was just too painful. However more recently I've been getting on with things and forgetting the past. I reached for a Shelby mustang that I started the engine on at the same time as the '69 Charger and before I knew it the '68 kit was out and I wasn't sad or upset. It felt like the right time to build it. And so now that I've finished the Lancia and with all the other builds I have on-going stalled, it's moved onto the workbench. My plan for this kit was to use these: Some may recognise 2 of them from my for sale page. Well with no interest in them I've decided to cannibalise the parts I want. The Centreline wheels from the Shelby using the tyres and backing plates from the 'Cuda will adorn my '68. I did plan on using the Hemi from the 'cuda too but it doesn't fit. So the 440 Magnum engine will do. Not sure whether to do it the correct period Chrylser engine blue or as the change over year to engine red was '69, just paint it like the previous one? I am also using the optional hood i.e the one with the big scoop and it will be painted satin black with the vinyl roof being matt black with the black r/tstripes on the rear. The colour is going to be ford signal green as I have half a tin of it left over from a Hakosuka build. No pics of said build yet as I'm still fettling the body ready for primer and filling some pin marks on some panels that need to be painted body colour. Hope I haven't bored anyone with my story lol TTFN Ashley Edited to lessen the soppiness
  10. Dodge WC57 Command Car, pics mine taken at Shuttleworth.
  11. Finished this morning. Not 100% happy with it, mainly as the door windows decided to fight back as I installed them, so much so that I resorted to cutting the right hand one, and posing it as if the window has been wound-down. Tried to pose the drivers door open but it refused to co-operate aswell, so I've simply pushed it in to place fore the benefit of the camera... - I'll keep working on it tho'. As mentioned with previous projects always happy to take any comment, question or criticism. Kit - 1:35 Italeri/Max-Peerless Paint - All acylics (mainly Tamiya). Washes & pigments for weathering. Decals - Tamiya & Kit Extras - None. AFN Ian
  12. Dodge WC63 Truck, Cargo and Personnel Carrier, 1 1/2 ton, 6x6 with Winch Dodge (G507) Weapons Carrier was based on a lengthened WC51 with an extra axle added. Identical to the WC62 but fitted with a Braden MU2 7,500 pound capacity winch. Pics thanks to Mish.
  13. Dodge L-700 Tractor Unit with Chrome tanker or Box Van Trailer 1:25 Plastic kit from Lindberg Models The Dodge L700 is a medium duty truck manufactured by Dodge trucks in the USA using components from there A100 light duty trucks. The L-700 was available with either a Dodge, or Cummins V8 engine. The L-700 had a smaller sibling , the L-600, that was outwardly similar but designed to pull smaller weights, this had the option of straight 6 diesel of a V8 Gas engine. The Dodge L-700 was available as a tractor with a very short 89inch wheelbase, and a steering angle of 50o for great manoeuvrability in towns and cities, where this truck was designed to live and work. The L-700, and L-600 could also be specified with a longer rigid chassis up to 192inch wheelbase and the Dodge had various bodies, and pulled a variety of trailers. Lindberg have now re-issued the Dodge L-700 in 1:25, this is an old kit but a welcome re-issue.A couple of versions of this kit have arrived on the review bench and as they are very similar I will start by looking at the cab and tractor as they are the same in both boxes. The cab comes as a single part cast in white plastic, the doors are separate to the shell to allow them to be posed open. The cab has some reinforcing bars cast across the door apertures to help the cab hold its shape, take care when removing so not to damage the frame, the cab is nicely done and captures the complex shapes on the cab. The doors are moulded on a different sprue, and they have separate interior door cards. A quick check shows them to be an OK fit, will need some work but I don’t think it will be too hard to get them in and straight. The parts on both kits are nicely cast with very little flash anywhere. I will guess Lindberg have cleaned up the moulds for this re-issue. The interior and floor are cast with the big wheel arches, there is some nice engraved detail on the cab floor showing the rubber footwall covering and some rivet detail on the cab floor and wheel arches. There is no detail on the underside and this is a shame as the Dodge L-700 is a tilt-cab, and on this kit the cab can be tilted to show off the V8 engine. No doubt the detailers will go to town here, Ill add some foil for the heat and noise shields and a few wires and cables under here. The cab interior parts include the basic dashboard as found in this truck, there isn’t allot of detail on the part but in reality the real truck is basic, there are 3 seats that have some nice engraved detail to simulate the stitching in the covers. Some careful painting will bring the interior to life, and I would add some scale cab junk to be viewed through the big windows. Also found on this sprue is the engine parts. This is a small V8 diesel engine, the truck had the option of 2 engines and I’m not sure what is depicted in the kit, but a quick search will pop up some images of either engine to allow you to detail and paint the parts to depict your choice of power. The parts are well moulded with a fair amount of detail on the parts, some extra cables and wires will bring it to life when painted. Also seen in the sprues above is the rear axle, the Dodge has a choice of a single or 2 speed axle, and my guess is a twin speed example is tooled on this build again there is good detail with the rough cast housing and some bolt details on the parts. The chassis is made up from 2 rails that look very short for a tractor unit in this scale, but a quick calculation and looking at side on shots of the real deal on the net show them to be correct as it is a very stubby tractor, and I guess this makes it more use in an urban setting. The chassis is made up from the 2 rails and 5 cross members so you will need to take care to get it all straight and true so you build isn’t twisted. The truck is suspended on 4 multi-leaf springs and 2 axles, the two speed rear axle is described above, and the front axle that is supplied can be build working so move the steering lock. Personally I pose the wheels turned a bit then glue solid for strength. Fuel tanks, air tanks and the exhaust are in 2 parts each so will need gluing sanding and filling before painting and adding to the chassis. A pair of large rear spray flaps is included, they are quite thick and have the IPC logo cast on the parts so I will remove them from the mounting and replace with some thin plastic painted black. The wheels are the trilex style, popular at the time in the States, and they have nice detail on the parts with some bolts in the appropriate places. Also on this sprue is the internal door cards for the cab, again basic as is the real truck with some winder handles for the opening door windows and rivet detail on the parts. There is a clear sprue for the cab glass and lights, they are packed in their own bags and don’t look too thick. A small chrome sprue covers the shiny bits for the cab, the bowls for the headlamps come on this chrome sprue and they include the bezels for the lamps and these are a big feature on the Dodge cab. The cabs bumper is also chromed along with the regulation cab roof marker lights along with wipers, and handles for the cab outside. The chrome is nice and not too heavy but along with many others Ill strip and re-do this anyway. A bag of rubber tyres are enclosed, 14 are included for the tractor and trailer. There is some flash on the tyres that will need a swipe with a knife or sandpaper, nothing too major though. The detail is nice, I would say a little heavy on the sidewalls but as I rub the rubber with some sandpaper to dull and weather it a bit and I’m sure this will subdue this. This now concludes the parts for the tractor units for both kits as I said you get all the above plastic in both boxing. I will now look at the trailer parts from the two kits. Trailer parts Chassis The chassis and running gear is also the same in both kits, both trailers run on two axles sitting on multi-leaf springs. The tanker version does have some basic detail on how to convert to a single axle trailer, but as I said this is basic detail and not complete! The parts are again cast in white plastic and there is some minor flash on some of the parts, You start by making a small chassis frame that holds the suspension and axles. A single air tank need gluing together and adding before the suspension and axles. I would pop some wire in to simulate the airlines for the braking system, and also some cables for the electrical wiring on the trailer. The axles include the hobs and brake chambers, I’d drill and plumb these to the air tank to give extra detail on these parts. The wheels are the trilex style to match the tractor unit with the same rubber tyres shown above. You have optional long or short landing legs so you can hook it to your tractor (short legs) or have it as a solo model (Long legs) Tanker The first trailer I will look at is the chrome tanker, this can be built as the long version shown on the box, or a shorter single axle version. As I said the instructions on how to achieve this is sporadic and you will need to take care and take your time if doing this conversion. The tank comes in 4 main parts, 2 upper and two lower with a joint both horizontally along the tank, and vertically in the centre. The parts are designed to hide this with overlaps on the parts. To build a short tank you need to forward upper and lower parts and in the upper section you need to cut a hole for the manhole, this is shown on the underside with an engraved circle to follow with your knife. There is a lot of chrome with the rear locker, hose lockers and ladders all being chrome. It wouldn’t be hard to strip and re-paint either as a lower spec painted trailer of using your choice of chrome paints. Box Trailer. The second trailer on the review bench is a box van style. This is very 70s in style with its vertical beading on the side walls and the twin axle design. The body is supported by the same chassis and running gear as seen above on the tanker so I won’t go over this again. The body is split across the middle with the roof, floor and sides split needing a centre support part. You start by building the chassis and running gear, adding these to the 2 floor parts to create a flat bed, there is some basic detail on the floor, and if you add a small headboard you could leave it as an open flat trailer. The rear doors and frame is build next, the doors and be left to swing on the hinges if wanted to allow you to open and close them to show the inside of the trailer. The sides, back door section and front bulkhead are then added to the floor using the central support to hide and reinforce the joints, take care to keep it square and straight before adding the two roof sections. In this kit you get a couple of scale wood pallets for the load, they come in a light brown and are made up from slats of plastic glued together, painted and weathered they will look good with their fine engrave wood grain surface. You don’t need to worry about making them too square or straight either! A small decal sheet includes some logos for the box van, the Lindberg logo for the two sides and rear along with some US flag and the ‘Made in the USA’ legend under the flags. Conclusion A very welcome re-issue of some classic kits, they will need some work to get tighter being older mouldings, but them where a popular little truck and this can be converted to other L-700s and even the smaller L-600 trucks. Look forward to getting it on the build bench. UK distributors for
  14. Here there is my try at this old Esci model, reissued by Italeri. It has some inaccuracies, but it is a interesting model. I needed a Dodge truck for my wargaming, but buying just the kit of a truck is always a bit dull, and sometimes quite expensive. When I saw the version with anti-tank "power" for a good price, I didn't think twice. I thought that it was a new tooling by Italeri, but no, it is old school Esci. You can see more pics and a review here; http://toysoldierchest.blogspot.com/2013/06/italeriesci-m6-anti-tank-gun-motor.html
  15. Dodge M43 Ambulance, pics by Mike (Bootneck)
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