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  1. Excellent! I will follow your build and will be taking notes... I've been looking for this kit for years and it's starting to be a bit rare. Now and then a kit is up for sale at Ebay, but the prices are ridiculous! A couple of weeks ago I finally found and bought one at Tradera, a Swedish web auction site. It was very cheap and I'm very excited about this one. I'm a big fan of Classic Airframes. I know that they are usuallly a pain to put together and these kits often are lackning in accuracy. But I still love them. The Gannet is my Classic Airframes kit number 20 in my stash! So... I'm definatly going to look forward to this build... Regards Andreas
  2. I'm going to try and go for the splinter version. I will probably regret it when I'm stuck with all those little pieces of Tamiya tape... I have bought the correct colours from MRP that will be exciting to try out. Hopefully they will look the part since I'm also hoping to use them on my many Viggen kits in my stash.
  3. I really like the old Monogram kit. The shape is so much better than the Occidental/Italeri kit. The quality of the molding of detail is also better on the Revell-Monogram kit. I also agree with MilneBay about the raised rivet detail. Here is a pic of the belly of a Swedish (SK 16) Harvard. Quite a few rivets... Andreas
  4. Right! I almost forgot that I signed up for this group build. I've had this kit in my stash for at least 15 years. I think it is about time that I actually build it. As you can see in the pictures I did start painting the cockpit floor many years ago but somehow I never went any further. This will become a Swedish HKP 4 which I have some fond memories of when it was still in service here in Sweden. The only aftermarket will be an old (slightly yellowed) decal sheet from Flying Colors. I think that I will keep this build simple and concentrate on the exterior. Wish me luck...
  5. I'd like to join this party with this lovely kit. Not what you would call a modern kit, but I think the basic shape is there... Andreas
  6. Please sign me up! I have had the Fujimi 1:72 kit in my stash since forever... I started it some years ago but I only managed to paint the cockpit floor. I have some Swedish decals for it so it will be HKP 4-build. Andreas
  7. Well, why not? Here we go... Some extra fuel is always nice to have! Front fuselage joined with the rear. Almost perfect fit! The thing I worry the most about is not the kit... I've already had a few beers and I might not be sober enough to finish this "barrel" before I'm to tired...
  8. It has been a while since I last worked on this kit. Tomorrow we are going to celebrate the 70th anniversery of the first flight of the SAAB J 29 Tunnan. We are having an event at the museum and I thought that it would be fitting if I have this model on display... So tonight I'm going to be rather busy finishing this old project. To be continued...
  9. Lately I've noticed that I suddenly have become very fond of building british aircraft, although with a swedish flavour... Here is the Hunter that I originally thought was going to be a Swedish Air Force J 34. But now it will be a F.4 from RAF, just to be a bit different... Hopefully it will be finished in a few days so that I can return to my Spitfire. Just to show that I can actually finish something, despite my glacial pace. Here is a Classic Airframes Vampire (1:48) that I built last year. "Slightly modified"! I must try to fix that silvering on that intake decal! I'll be back soon with my more on topic Spitfire build. Andreas
  10. Thanks gingerbob! I felt like an idiot when I couldn't find that tail part in my box... I couldn't find my old scrapped Spitfire 22 so I've decided to build it myself with plasticard. I got a bit distracted when Airfix announced that 1:48 Hunter. I couldn't help it, I love the Hunter. So I dug out my old Academy project from the stash and decided to finish it quickly. I know it's propably illegal here in Sweden but I want to build a RAF one... Andreas
  11. Very unexpected, but very welcome. I will certainly look out for this one! The Swedish Air Force had two Canberras and both are actually "preserved" today. One is standing outside the Flygvapenmuseum (Air Force museum) and the other is in the Svedinos Museum in the south of Sweden. Both have suffered badly after standing outside for many years and they really need some TLC. However, on the positive side, they haven't been scrapped so thats good... That nose is sexy isn't it? Andreas
  12. Lovely idea to build a F 10 aircraft! Why didn't I think of that...? The F 10 wing was unfortunatly disbanded and the airbase closed in 2002. I work as a volunteer at the museum we started in one of the hangars. It's a very popular museum that is completely run by volunteers. (Around 20 000 visitors/year). About the kit... The Hasegawa/Revell kit is a wonderful, easy to build kit. The fit is decent if you're careful and the only place where there will be a gap to fill is below the tail section. There are a ton of aftermarket for this kit, both resin and etch. Most of these aren't really needed since the cockpit is really small and if the canopy is closed none of it will be seen. Here are a few detail shots of the J 35J cockpit (the J 35F is similar). I have lots and lots of leftover aftermarket stuff and decals for the Draken in 1:72. If you're interested send me a PM and I can send you some for free... :-) Andreas
  13. Hej gingerbob! The "under-the-rudder-thingie" is the only thing that is missing from the Seafire-kit. I thought that I had an old started Spitfire 22-kit somewhere in my "stash" that I could steal this part from. However I can't find it right now. Well, I don't think that it will be difficult to scrathbuilt a new part when I get to that part of the build.
  14. Often I get a bit carried away with my builds. This is one of those... I found that one can buy decent copies of manuals and in this case pilot's notes on Ebay. As soon as I spotted this one I knew that I had to have it. Not so much for the modeller but still very interesting to read. The cockpit pics with some information of the various instruments was also useful. Anyway it wasn't expensive and I've been having trouble finding decent pictures of the Spitfire 22-cockpit. I'm using the instrument panel from Yahu. If you're not familiar with this brand I can certainly recommend this range. Absolutely lovely prepainted panels! However they don't do a correct panel for the Spit 22 so I bought one for the Spitfire Mk.IX/XVI instead. The main visable difference are the two colourful instruments to the right. I chose to correct this with some quick licks of paint. I wasn't entirely happy with the result so it took a few tries before I gave up and just decided that it was enough. I also painted everything except the instrumentfaces with a matt varnish. It will do. It looks so much better irl than in the pics. Now it's time to figure out how the rest of the details in the cockpit should be painted... Andreas
  15. That is a J 29F wing... I thought that the J 29B version would be released first. Not that it matters since I really want a Tunnan in that big, lovely scale...
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