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  1. I'm going to try and save the Maestro canopy. Perhaps I can make it fit better by cutting it down a little in the rear and add a bit of plastic card? I discovered that Heller made an error on the rear fuselage. They have somehow managed to get the two "shoulders" for the horisontal stabilizers assymetric! They should be of the same lenght. I don't know which one is of correct size but I'm going to take the easy way. I'm going to shorten the longer one with some careful sanding...
  2. Ohhh, the irony... That picture of the J 29F cockpit is taken at Ängelholms flygmuseum here in Sweden where I work. I actually painted and restored that very cockpit... When I built my 1/48 scale Tunnan (Pilot Replicas) I used the good old Humbrol 30. In my Lansen I decided that most of the cockpit won't be seen anyway and sprayed whatever dark green I had close to my airbrush. I think it was the dark green from the Draken camouflage from MRP. Rudolf_Filip/Andreas
  3. Small update... I found some damage on my canopy. It was boken loose from the sprue and had a crack in it. Also, since it was also very thick I thought that I might as well replace it. Even though I haven't spent any extra effort in the cockpit, it would be nice to see what is there... I ordered the Maestro vacformed canopy. Well... I guess that Maestro haven't actually tried to use their own products before they sell them... (Not the first time I've had this issue with their products). The canopy doe
  4. Well. I haven't built as much as I've wanted on my Lansen. I feel rather inspired though. Since I already have decided to cut up the wings and airbrakes I want to step up a notch. I ordered some extra detail from Maestro. These arrived very fast, as usual, from Rebell Hobby in Stockholm. This is going to be fun!!!
  5. Finally I've started building the SAAB A 32! Well... define "building"... I've opened up the bays for the airbrakes in the fuselage. I have the detail set from Maestro with the etched brakes. The airbrakes are always deployed on a parked Lansen. Besides they also add some nice detail to the rather smooth aircraft. I might have to go over the holes later. I can see that they are not completely straight. I've also decided to seperate the flaps from the wings. This might turn out to be a bad decision later... If I manage to pull
  6. Well... I really have my hands full for the moment and I'm working on some other kits as well beside the two in this group. I've also had some bad experience with the Heller Viggen. Some of them are fine and some seems to be badly warped and almost impossible to build. (I have a Heller J 29 Tunnan that is on my workbench that is almost finished though. ) The reason for me to build a Lansen is mostly because I've recently found and bought a dataplate from one. I figure it would look nice to display the model next to it. I still haven't found any p
  7. Heller had a good eye to Sweden in general. Rumour had it that one of the Heller staff actually was from Sweden. That should also explain why, besides the obvious SAABs, they also released several "Swedish editions" of their other kits. I remember buying many kits with an extra decal sheet with Swedish civilian aircraft stuck inside the plastic wrapping. I remember buying their Junkers Ju52/3m, Arado Ar-96, Arado Ar-196, Caudron Simoun, Messerschmitt Bf-108. All in 1/72. In 1/50 scale I bought and built the Bell Jet Ranger, Piper Cub and Cessna
  8. I find the lack of SAAB aircraft in this groupbuild disturbing. Heller did quite a few SAABs in 1/72. As a Swedish modelbuilder I feel grateful for Hellers efforts and I got to build a Swedish Air Force aircraft here. After looking through my somewhat huge stash I decided to go for an A 32A Lansen. I haven't built any of those for many years. When I was a teenager I must have built at least five of these nice kits. The J 29 Tunnan was also a favourite and I remember building many of this wonderful kit. I was in "Flygpojkarna" which was youth activities arr
  9. Well... I've been browsing the net after more information and pics of the Trident. I almost wish I didn't! Right now I'm even more confused than when I started. There were two versions of the Trident, I and II. There are some rather big differences between them and now I'm a bit confused over what aircraft Heller actually tried to depict. The kit looks like a Trident I with shorter main landing gear and a nose with a probe. However the decals on the front fuselage says "Trident II"... I think that I have to study the pictures some more and decide whi
  10. I've been saving this kit for a special occasion like this group build. It's extremely basic and will require some extra work to bring up to todays standard. Since it's an oddball of an aircraft I'm not going to measure it to see how accurate it is. I will probably just add some detail here and there. The cockpit and landing gear are some parts that I feel need some love. The decals are not only useless because of old age, they also look very inaccurate compared to the photographs I've found of the aircraft. This is going to be fun!
  11. Very nice! I'm also going to build a Trident in this group. However I'm going for the larger 1/50 scale kit. The amount of parts and detail in my kit look about the same as your tiny one... So I guess that it will either be a really quick build or one with some scratchbuilding required...
  12. Sorry, I went away for a couple of days on vacation. Regarding the engine fairings on my Heinkel He 111G-3. In my pictures they were not glued in place because I couldn't find any decent references who showed how their shape. I still haven't found anything useful... I guess that they should be smaller than the Junkers Ju 86 ones that I'm going to start from. They are probably slightly larger than the original ones due to the larger frontal area of the engines? If you find any information on this I would be really thankful. Nice work with your modification
  13. Well... I'm also from Sweden and I would love a couple of SAABs... if they where issued in a "proper scale" like 1:144 or 1:72. I thought that the dark days of "box-scale kits" where long gone. Perhaps this series will be a sucess? I guess that it depends on the price. If these are really cheap and nicely done, maybe they will sell some since these are very attractive aeroplanes. Rudolf_Filip
  14. It turns out that I even made a thread here on Britmodeller! Rudolf_Filip
  15. Very interesting! I have been going to build that very Heinkel He 111G-3 myself. I have it half finished somewhere in my stash. I messed up some of the windows and I kind of lost interested after that... Someday I will try and finish it. I used the wings from an Italeri Heinkel. They fitted better to the Roden fuselage than the Roden wings did! Engines and propellers came from an Italeri Junkers Ju 86. The really hard part was to figure out how the engine nacelles should look. I used the Ju 86-parts and some Milliput. I'm not sure if I got it
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