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  1. Here I show two kits I did along my brother; a Leclerc tank + British modern paratroopers (bought in a flea market). Pictures were taken a long time ago in some gardens, but I never got round to show them anywhere. Shows British paratroopers cooperating with UN forces inspectioning a suspicious abandoned vehicle . Hope you like it. </p><p><br /></p><br data-cke-eol="1" /><div class="separator" style="clear: both; text-align: center;"><a href="https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-uFhVB3gXkW
  2. Shocking how weird and small looks the turret. Seen it many times in books, never in 3d. Nice camo, one I must remember to do myself one day.
  3. Very nice job . I understand this is a 1/35 model, it certainly looks a very impressive model. I must agree, that netting is wonderful! As suggestion, some dusting with drybrush over the soldiers would make them look more realistic, as they look a bit as if they have just arrived fresh from home. Finally, that canvas over the lights puzzles me, it is done to protect the lights in the desert? or to avoid giving too much glare? I have never seen such a thing in a modern vehicle.
  4. Here is one of the kits that confinement helped produce, this Valentine Mk IV. I gave it as a present to my father about one year ago, and thanks to lockdown he's had the time to finish it . I helped airbrush dust on top, and gluing the tracks (bit by bit, painstakingly). This was a old kit of Azimuth Productions, with resin turret, apparently when there was no regular kit with this version of turret.
  5. Hi , many thanks for your reply, I will try it with a old 1:32 montgomery staff car that was ruined by a thick layer of horrible glossy green by somebody and see if I can save it for the war effort.
  6. Latest tank to go out of my father's confinement factory . Slightly touched up by me prior to photographing. A kit bought in this year's only model exhibition here in Malta before everything was cancelled due to the pandemic. Just for 5 €. A nice kit, with lots of photoetched (a bit too many, for our taste) and wonderful rubber tracks and moving wheels that allows smooth movement. To photograph this in the wilderness was an odyssey, trying to find somewhere remotely similar to Finland in the middle of the Maltese summer. After walking for hours on end, we decided for a small spot
  7. Very nice . Surprising that there are so few WW1 kits out there. Your collection is really menacing . I need to enlarge my WW1 tanks, I only have three Male tanks and a handful of Renaults...
  8. Nice effort restoring it! good idea to place the doors in that shape. I didn't knew bleach will take off paint without damaging the plastic. Does it need to stay for very long? does it work both for enamel & acrylic?
  9. Many thanks . I knew the Peruvian army had many (there are a good dozen in perfect condition still!) after googling, but I didn't know it was due to the altitude.
  10. Here I present another recent kit to be completed in my household . Built by my father, airbrushed by me, final touching ups by my brother. The airbrush started stuttering and I ended up mostly covering up everything, to which my brother had to fix. Not very convinced by this, but anyway, my brother and my father likes it so here it is;
  11. Hello all, I show you here this combo build, built by my father, airbrushed by me, some mud finishings by my brother. First proper airbrushed model kit we make, without needing any major brush correction. The airbrush is either tricky to use, or we bought the wrong one . Seems almost impossible to airbrush fine lines slowly. Anyway, I guess practice makes perfect, if one has the patience for it. This is a very tricky kit, one of those that there is hardly any piece bigger than a coin, and the unbuilt model is a bunch of micro sprues. One of those kits that it
  12. Here I post this British 18pdr, built and painted by my father. I found the camouflage and made the pictures . Not many first world war kits in 1/35, so when we saw this in a model kit exhibition at just 5 € we snatched it. Sad that the crew is just 3, five would have been more like it. Placed upon an improvised diorama. The kit is very simple, but looks quite good all the same. If all were so simple, we would have a few thousands more in house!
  13. Thanks for the comments. Yes, indeed, that would be something cool to see!
  14. Here I post one of my father's latest builds, an Iraqi BRDM-2 with D-20 cannon. Made from a Dragon kit, and the cannon is Trumpeter. These cannons have been sold from Bulgaria to Iraq, so my father decided to couple them together. It was not very clear how decals should have gone, so it was a bit made on free interpretation. I made the pictures and did the dusting on the model . More pictures here; https://toysoldierchest.blogspot.com/2020/05/135-iraqi-dragon-brdm-2-with-d-20-152mm.html
  15. This is all sorts of amazing! I love kits of vehicles I didn't even know they existed. Awesome!
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