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Found 14 results

  1. No 7 then this time Bruce Jenner’s as was gto class imsa mustang obviously not painting that scheme as this eBay purchase decals look past there best and I’m not one for replicas at the moment ,not good enough to do justice .I have 3 in my stash (it’s up to 4 now)that I want to do correct ,maybe ,but skills need to improve, as long as I can keep finding something else to build in the meantime they may escape my clutches till I have the skills anyway the build is under way lots of parts primed some painted body already spoilt I have wet sanded this back and had another go it’s a bit better no pics yet but not perfect , on spiny’s advice I’m ordering some micromesh see if we can improve the body a bit .on that subject the tailgate has a twist to it any recommendations for fixing I’ve tried just flexing back helped a little but not enough .black paint is rattle can by the way all other Vallejo through airbrush that is a pos
  2. Onto model no 6 a sprint car ,these cars are nuts not a fan of the sponsors with this so I bought aftermarket and changed colour scheme added spark plug wires ,some fuel lines for rear tank and braces for wing the seat supplied look like it came from the 70s early 80s when this kit was 1st issued so I had a go at scratchbuilding a full containment seat not perfect but it will do ,again poor paint lots of mistakes but I’m getting there and importantly enjoying it
  3. So this is the 1st one on RFI. I bought my first model on 1st of may during lockdown looking for something to do this is model no 5 and the 1st to make it here ,1 to 4 can be found on wip although there all complete now i have not had much success with painting and less with decals hence the model below but I am enjoying the process this one is my first attempt at weathering ,and a little bit of detailing with spark plug wires battery leads and a lone brake pipe pictures are not great taken with an old iPhone any pointers welcome bearing in mind I’m the wrong side of 50 with fat fingers failing eyesight no patience and not a lot of finesse thanks for looking
  4. So I’ve posted the 1st model earlier this week alpine a110 rally these are the current builds I’m undertaking the nsr 500 just needs the decals finishing and a few details on the bars painting this was built at the same time as the alpine and lots of similar mistakes were made I’m a bit disappointed with this But it’s nearly done and from the other side of the room looks ok the ducati 888 happy so far engine built and in frame trying to get carbon decals on silencers at the moment bodywork is painted rattle can but will need wet sanding first attempt at that coming up finally the Porsche which I’m building at the same time as the duke engine parts painted and body painted same issues as ducati
  5. Hello, my name is Thanos. I am new to scale modeling, currently I am building a Kinetic F 16 (1/48) and a couple of Eduard Spitfires (1/72). I have made a relatively good investment buing some tools, like a set of tweezers, a H&S Ultra (2 in 1) airbrush, a compressor, a knife with No11 blade and a razor saw. Also I bought some brushes (10/0, 3/0, 2/0, 2, 4 round brushes + an old 12 round Da Vinci and No 3/8, 4, 8, 10 flat brushes). For gluing I am using Mr. Cement S, but I have problems due to its fast evaporation. For gap's filling I bought an AK grey putty and Mr Surfacer 1200. I would like to ask for recommendations regarding the adhesives and paint brushes. Also I would like to ask for must have tools or other important tools.
  6. I am apprehensive..... I wouldn't ever call myself a beginner at model making as even though I haven't done this sort of modelling for 40ish years I am not without practice. The first post in this gives an idea of where I am coming from However figures is something that I have no experience in at all. 1:76 and 1:87 figures are just too small to even think about doing anything with but getting ready painted ones out of a box and placing (yeah I know there are people who will paint them and even 1:144 scale ones too but...). So I am coming to this completely cold. Obviously the putting the actual figures together is straight forward but its the painting and weathering where it appears the art lies. Anyway here is what I am starting with Figures 1 by nomisd2002, on Flickr Deep breath
  7. Hi. Please entertain me if you will in this post documenting my first attempt at a scale model. Hopefully other beginners may read this and see what challenges await them (things the more experienced may not even think about anymore). For my first build I finally settled on the Airfix Triumph Herald Starter Kit. This is a car I really like, and the kit meant I wouldn't have to go shell out extra for paints. Having read many a post about building, and watched lots of videos, I decided to buy two more things. Tamiya Cement and some thinner for the paint. I pulled some snips, a needle file and hobby knife from my toolbox and relieved the wife of her spare nail file. And finally, I found some scotch brite in the shed that I'll use for cleaning up. I didn't want to go out buying loads of stuff, just incase this isn't for me. Finally I'm ready. When I opened the box I've had a real good read of the instructions. They seem pretty straight forward. However, only a handful of items are labelled with the paint colour. This is a bit unnerving as I'm pretty good at following instructions - not so good making it up myself. So I've spent some more time labelling the instructions with what I hope are the correct colours for the parts. Also, to be honest the amount af parts was quite daunting. Looking at the sprues, I'm surprised at the amount of extra material on the parts. I'm sure this is probably normal, but it's the first time of seen it up close, and it will deffinately take some time and care. I've now tidied up the parts where I think they need it, and decided to start painting. I've left as much on the sprues as I can following advice I've see online. The paint thinner is a deffinate good buy. I got the paint to the consistency of milk as I've heard mentioned quite a few times and done most of the black now. At first I thought the paint wasn't taking properly and considered wiping it off and rubbing the surface down to give it a key. But I'm happy to report that after a few minutes and them going straight away with another coat, a decent covering was achieved. I've now given the black 2 coats and it looks good. I'll give it a final 3rd tomorrow. I've also started painting the engine block too. The paint for that (humbrol 53) gives it a really good look that surprised me. With the thinners, brush strokes are all but gone. I'm now at the stage where I've assembled the suspension and have quite a few parts painted and I'm feeling pretty happy about the build. A word of advice for any fellow beginners though, patience is deffinately needed for the fiddle little bits of the suspension. The only frustrating thing is I think I've gone the wrong colour for the suspension and drive shaft. I've painted it all black, and maybe should have gone with the same colour ad the engine block. So far I think I'm doing OK. I've not come a cross any situation where I've not got equipment yet, apart from maybe tweezers (the wife's going to get mad) so it's also proving to be a cheap hobby. I'm looking forward to adding more colours and start putting it all together - but I'm absolutely dreading the wheels, and trying to make them look neat. Apologies for the long ramblings, and thankyou if you made it to the end. If one person finds it helpful, that's great, and if its give some of the pros somethi g to laugh at, I'm happy with that too. Any advice is well appreciated - especially with regards to brush painting.
  8. Hey all! I'm in the market for my first airbrush and compressor set, and I admit I'm pretty much in over my head. As far as compressors go, I'm looking at this Artlogic - it seems not-too-cheap but also not breaking the bank? For my first airbrush, I've got a couple options that have been recommended to me several times over - first, a Badger Renegade Krome, and second an Iwata HP-CS. Some people I've spoken to have said the Krome is better serving as a dedicated fine detail brush, to be combined with a more generic paint-sprayer, but I dunno how relevant that would be to someone like me who'll be fumbling for his first few dozen hours with the thing regardless. Any pointers or suggestions? What was your first airbrush and would you recommend it to a budding beginner? Generic as hell topic I know, apologies.
  9. C1Rob

    Where to start...

    Hi everyone, My first question and my first real post besides my intro post. As a new modeler I have a question about paints: How do you guys go about your paint buying/collecting. I've tried searching but cant really find any discussions or solid info about this on the web. Do you buy paints per kit or do you buy a handful of paints and only purchase that missing specific/exterior paints? Things like the various greys / greens /blacks, both matt, satin, and glosses. The various metals etc. Is there a list of common colors that are good to get for a starting modeler? My LHS went out of business last year so i have to order online. If i'm missing a paint it means i cant continue for a couple of days :/ I still have some 10 year old Testor paints, but i think those are lacquers and mostly gloss. I don't think i will used those very much and don't really feel like dealing with Lacquers anymore... 2 years ago I took an interest in miniature painting (battletech to be precise) and ordered a starter set acrylic paints from The army painter . I've been using these so far and they seem fine. I definitely enjoy painting with acrylics a lot more! I've since ordered 2 Vallejo paints (the 2 main exterior colors for the dutch navy helicopters) but im interested in Ammo by Mig(both are the same price) and some Hataka paints as well(they have some nice paint sets and the paints seems to be true to real life). I'm building my firsts real model now (a revell UH1) which came with some revell paints (i think the Aqua series, but seem to be Lacquer based by smell) but i'm missing a lot of paints, hence the question on where to start. I've managed to mix some of the included grey with some black and white from the army painter set (yea... mixing water based with lacquer based... i wanted to continue!) to match reference pictures but i'm at a point that i need to buy some more colors or spent half my day mixing paints wasting alot of paint. I'm keen to hear your thoughts on this
  10. Hey, After several years of AFV and plane modelling I feel ready for an excursion in the maritime world I was eyeing some of the post war aircraft carriers but I think I should start smaller with a destroyer, for instance. The only problem I have is choosing the "right" beginner kit from the plethora of available options. Here are a few corner stones I have in mind for the selection: - price not over 50 GBP / 50 Euro - scale should be 1/350 - cold war or modern era subject - PE parts are OK; even resin/metal add-ons can be considered - nation is not so important - ideally, an off-mainstream, exotic subject Any suggestion is most welcome! Thank you!
  11. I would like to model an armoured vehicle. I love terrain building since the WW1 trench project at my daughters school inspired me to recreate a trench system about 30 by 20inches. I want a kit that is straight forward that will not require too much to get the parts to fit correctly. Any suggestions...whatever era...with or without figures....max scale 1/35 th. Will eventually start diorama build when I get to grips with the genre. kind regards Gary
  12. Hi All, I've taken the plunge and have ordered an Airbrush and Compressor. I now have to decide what paint to use while I'm learning to use this new tool. I'd prefer to stick with a single brand to avoid any potential compatibility issues between paints, thinners and cleaners. I'd also prefer a brand that's reasonably readily available in Europe. I'll be spraying in a shed, rather than in the house, and have an extractor so strong smells aren't necessarily a deal breaker. Ease of use for a beginner and ease of clean up are high on my priority list. So what's your recommendation for primers, clear coats and colours? Is Vallejo a solid choice or should I be looking elsewhere?
  13. My first photographed build! I don't think a kit review has been done of this one, so once I've finished assembly I'll post one. This is my progress over the last three hours. I made the awful mistake of getting too engrossed and forgetting to take progress photos, something I'll avoid doing tomorrow. Being a Russian kit, the instructions were in Russian, but were helpfully laid out with confusing diagrams. A side shot of the main body of the helicopter, assembled separately from the cockpit. Note the quite sharp recessed panel lines. A top shot, giving a nice angle on the rotor blades, and some more of the detailing. This image also gives away the true nature of my black background. There is, unfortunately, one problem with this kit. A problem which I somehow missed during test fitting. A rather large void is present either side of the rotor support panel, a void for which filling panels do not seem to be provided with the kit. I'm currently debating whether it's worth cutting then re-gluing the rotor shaft to allow me to fill the hole. Hopefully I should have the build phase done within two days, giving me time to get basecoats on before Christmas day!
  14. So, Mrs Tentacles got me an airbrush, a compressor and a stand for Xmas. Mrs Tentacles is awesome! So now what? I've been told I'm not allowed to use it at the kitchen table where I usually work, so I'll have to move my aircraft factory into the spare room. (Is this why she got it? ) I guess I need some sort of spray booth with an extractor? I expect I need to wear a breathing mask? What sort? And safety specs?? I have loads of humbrol enamels - can I spray these if I thin them down? Itching to get started with it, so any advice gratefully received. Thanks - and happy Christmas!
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