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  1. That's a beautiful looking kit even before it's assembled. Looking forward to seeing the progress. The engine looks great.
  2. Love the detailing on the paint, particularly how clean it is around the wiper area. As a complete novice, if I can have mine look half as good, I'd be delighted. Great looking car.
  3. Great choice of colour. Looks fantastic.
  4. So, deffinately learning a few things already from this. First lesson - the Tamiya cement is fantastic so long as the parts aren't painted. I'm having to do quite a bit of touch up where the paint has been removed. On reflection, for the chassis at least, I could have assemble more of it before brush painting. Secondly, spraying the body is deffinately the way forward (for me anyway). The white is on coat number 4 now, and still not a solid colour yet. I think another 2 should do it. I've been taking an interest in the Tamiya Skyline R34 and would deffinately like a white body. No way am I brush painting that. Thirdly, decals are hard work. I thought I had the small decal on the dashboard sorted, until I found it a few hours later stuck to the table. I have been reading up on people's various methods of applying but tried to stick with the most basic. Next time I'll try a different way.... Progress is steady, but I don't mind that. I think I've got everything that's not red or chrome painted now (and the white). I plan to make an attempt on the wheels and start with painting the chrome parts over the weekend.
  5. I really like that. I think I'll try and pick one up. Great job.
  6. Thanks for the kind words I've been strongly resisting the temptation to start assembling all the parts together. I'm trying to get as much painted as I can whilst the parts are still on the sprues, and have made good progress. I'm fairly certain the black is all but finished - just the dreaded tyres and I keep missing the handbrake gaiter. I've managed a few coats of the tan paint for the interior, and also applied the first coat of white on the bodywork. The white on the body is worrying me slightly - it currently seems like it will take 4-5 or maybe more coats to give a good solid colour, time will tell. After watching the video by Stix, it looks like it will be worth investing in some flat brushes (the ones supplied in the starter kit are very fine artist style). If I can achieve a finish remotely like his I'll be happy. Although I may look at using tinned spray paint for the main bodies at some point in the future - I doubt I could ever achieve a finish nearly as good as spraying with brushes. Also, it looks like ill have no option but to try my hand at scratch building. Unfortunately one of the parts has been lost. Luckily though, it is only one of the smaller chrome trimmings that go up the rear of the car, so I think with a bit of patience ill be able to fashion a decent replacement using some of the sprue frame. I'll try to get photos up again soon showing my progress.
  7. Northern Dan


    Hi. Arte et Marte
  8. Hi. Please entertain me if you will in this post documenting my first attempt at a scale model. Hopefully other beginners may read this and see what challenges await them (things the more experienced may not even think about anymore). For my first build I finally settled on the Airfix Triumph Herald Starter Kit. This is a car I really like, and the kit meant I wouldn't have to go shell out extra for paints. Having read many a post about building, and watched lots of videos, I decided to buy two more things. Tamiya Cement and some thinner for the paint. I pulled some snips, a needle file and hobby knife from my toolbox and relieved the wife of her spare nail file. And finally, I found some scotch brite in the shed that I'll use for cleaning up. I didn't want to go out buying loads of stuff, just incase this isn't for me. Finally I'm ready. When I opened the box I've had a real good read of the instructions. They seem pretty straight forward. However, only a handful of items are labelled with the paint colour. This is a bit unnerving as I'm pretty good at following instructions - not so good making it up myself. So I've spent some more time labelling the instructions with what I hope are the correct colours for the parts. Also, to be honest the amount af parts was quite daunting. Looking at the sprues, I'm surprised at the amount of extra material on the parts. I'm sure this is probably normal, but it's the first time of seen it up close, and it will deffinately take some time and care. I've now tidied up the parts where I think they need it, and decided to start painting. I've left as much on the sprues as I can following advice I've see online. The paint thinner is a deffinate good buy. I got the paint to the consistency of milk as I've heard mentioned quite a few times and done most of the black now. At first I thought the paint wasn't taking properly and considered wiping it off and rubbing the surface down to give it a key. But I'm happy to report that after a few minutes and them going straight away with another coat, a decent covering was achieved. I've now given the black 2 coats and it looks good. I'll give it a final 3rd tomorrow. I've also started painting the engine block too. The paint for that (humbrol 53) gives it a really good look that surprised me. With the thinners, brush strokes are all but gone. I'm now at the stage where I've assembled the suspension and have quite a few parts painted and I'm feeling pretty happy about the build. A word of advice for any fellow beginners though, patience is deffinately needed for the fiddle little bits of the suspension. The only frustrating thing is I think I've gone the wrong colour for the suspension and drive shaft. I've painted it all black, and maybe should have gone with the same colour ad the engine block. So far I think I'm doing OK. I've not come a cross any situation where I've not got equipment yet, apart from maybe tweezers (the wife's going to get mad) so it's also proving to be a cheap hobby. I'm looking forward to adding more colours and start putting it all together - but I'm absolutely dreading the wheels, and trying to make them look neat. Apologies for the long ramblings, and thankyou if you made it to the end. If one person finds it helpful, that's great, and if its give some of the pros somethi g to laugh at, I'm happy with that too. Any advice is well appreciated - especially with regards to brush painting.
  9. That looks fantastic. The finished paint looks incredible. Must be hard to get at the spare tyre though
  10. That looks fantastic. One of my favourite cars.
  11. Hello I've been lurking for a while and decided to introduce myself. I'm completely new to scale modelling, and have thoroughly enjoyed reading through the build pages and seeing how its done. Now, I've finally gathered the courage to attack my first model. Cars is my passion, and I'll be building the Triumph Herald (starter kit). I plan to document the build on this forum, so others completely new to scale model car building like myself can see the challenges encountered from the perspective of the virgin modeller. Looking forward to the build.
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