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  1. Hello fellow modellers The painting is fanally finished. Details like antennas and some lines on the wings were painted with FS36270, the despensers were painted with Jet Exhaust and the Exhaust of the jet fuel starter was painted with stainless steel. Finally I received a new decalsheet with a lot more decals than the other decalsheets. Also the roundels' colour seems more accurate. Another nice feature is that faded decals are also included. Thank you very much!!
  2. After almost a week painting the camo is almost ready. As I said AK Real Colours were used streight from the bottle. Then a layer of Coloured varnish was sprayed (X 22 with X 19 & X 23). The plane prior to varnishing. And after Thanos
  3. Thank you very much!!! The Corsair is clean because I took the picture the day I applied varnish on it, since then I made some weathering using airbrush but I haven't finished it yet I will make a new thread on Ready for inspection topic.
  4. Hello to all of you!!!!! The missiles for both aircrafts are finally finished. .....as well as the drop tanks I finished applying decals on the 023's drop tanks. I know that the placement is not the best, but I had difficulties dealing with the large decals (It was also the first time I applied too large and too many decals), but I am really happy with their integration with the surface. Alongside with fuselage's fitting issues I repaired the shape of the slats' antenna
  5. Hallo to all of you! After I found some pictures of AIM120C's I decided to darken their fins. In order to do that I sprayed RLM74 colour over the stainless steel, which had brown finish and provided the desired darkness. Unfortunately, things didn't go as planned with the HARM missiles, since cracks were found on them. At least I hadn't applied decals on them. So I had to clear the paint and fill the gaps, then I was able to prime and repaint them. Also I painted the nozzle for the second F 16. The processes were the sa
  6. Yesterday, I finished decaling AIM 120's. Cartograf decals provided by Kinetic were used. The decals were really thin and their application straight forward. Since Kinetic's instructions wasn't clear I used reference pictures as an instruction sheet from Two Boss. At next I must finish dealing with the gaps and fitting issues on both models, the biggest of them are found on the nose and on the dorsal spine.
  7. Hi to all of you, I know that it's early to talk about decals, but since I received the decals for the two-seater F 16, I would like to share some pictures of them. The markings on the Modelmaker decalsheet (bottom) seem more accurate, but as you can see in the following pictures 343sq. F 16s have brighter and not so blue markings. Also the numbers have huge colour difference, but I believe that this difference corresponds with real life difference. I am thinking of painting markings using masks, but since I haven't done it before I am scared of it.
  8. Hallo, Small update after a while. Finally I received the decals for the F16D and figure out that Kinetic didn't provide decals for the IRIS T. So I decided to use 4 AIM 120Cs and 2 AGM 88s on the 343sq. F 16 and 2 AIM 120Cs on the other one. Both aircrafts will also carry 2 370gal drop tanks. As I said, I plan to finish them together, so I am mainly working on F16D, in which the nose section and the aft engine cover were mounted. The classic nose fitting issues was occured once again, but this time I manage to position the side pa
  9. Hello and happy new year!!! Hope you are safe during these very difficult circumstances. Unfortunately last months were difficult for me and my time was limited, that's why I haven't posted for a while. During Christmas holidays I was able to buy the camo colours and continue my project, by finishing the new resin (Aires) PW F100 Nozzle (Maybe I will add some weathering). I purchased because the stock nose had a huge gap, that couldn't get fixed, but turned to be a very nice upgrade. I used AK Xtreme Metal Jet Aluminum and Jet Exh
  10. Hello fellow modelers, This project had started from the April, but due to my limited time the progress was very slow and I didn't managed to post earlier. The kit I chose was Eduard's Fw 190 D-9 Late #8189 profi pack. I started assembling the first parts (cockpit, some gun bay parts, gears etc.) and then I continued with the priming. Afterwards I painted the cockpit and cockpits sidewalls with AK true metal silver, I used this layer as a base for the chipping. Then I painted using mostly AK's 3rd gen colors. Unfortunate
  11. Thank you very much for your reply. I know that it's overweathered I had some accidents while removing the masking tape and while cleaning the wash, also I wasn't able to find some clear pictures of the underside of a Spitfire. I will try to take more artistics pictures next time. The most artistic stuff I have done is mechanical drawings .
  12. Hello, I am new in scale modeling. I used this kit (Dual Spitfire Combo) to gain some experience in airbrushing and basic techniques (I had an accident with one of the roundels but actually looks good). For painting the PRU Spitfire I used Tamiya and AK 3rd gen acrylics (camo). For weathering I used Winsor & Newton and Abteilung oil paints (raw amber for fuel leaks, ivory black for smoke, dark rust for oil leaks and zinc white + raw umber for dust effect), also I used AK's paneliner for grey and blue camo. For the metallic base for chipping I used AK's true metal silver. I pre shaded the m
  13. Hello, I am new in scale modeling. This Spitfire is my first complete build, I used it to gain some experience in airbrushing and basic techniques. For painting I used Humbrol Enamels (basic camo) and Tamiya and AK acrylics. For weathering I used Winsor & Newton and Abteilung oil paints (raw amber for fuel leaks, ivory black for smoke, dark rust for oil leaks and zinc white + raw umber for dust effect), also I used AK's paneliner for grey and blue camo. You can see that I tried some chipping (Never chip befor masking.....), for its base I used AK's true metal silver. I pre shaded the model
  14. Last week I assembled the nose section. I used blu tack to position the side parts. With the addition of blu tack I prevented the sinking of the parts. Then I placed the parts and I prepared them for putty application using masking tape. I tried to have a smooth transition on the sides and I left a large gap on the bottom. I used an old blade on my hobby knife to apply the putty. In order to properly fill the gaps I applied putty 4 times. Then I started sanding them, I used grit 600, 1500, 3000 wet sandpaper
  15. Hi, I am new to the scale modeling. Currently I am working on three different projects (2 1/72 Eduard RAF Spitfires and a 1/48 Kinetic HAF F 16). I am pretty familiar with modern jets (camo and variants), but I have almost no idea on WWII airplanes. So, as the theme says, I would like to ask what finish did the RAF Spitfires have MATT or Gloss? I am building two Mk XVIs one with PRU scheme and one on standard day fighter scheme. As you can see I am trying to paint the airplanes with different wear grades. The day fighter was in service for more time.
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