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  1. Great Job! Definetly looks like the real deal Ill keep this in my favorites as inspiration for when i build a cobra
  2. Thanks I plan on posting these in ready for inspection when done. The next models are going to be WIP threads
  3. Thanks for the welcome I found a second hand H&S infinity which I was debating on buying, but on inspection of it all the internals needed to be replaced (needle was bent, tip was damage, seals were damaged, etc) and the outside looked like it had been through hell. This was the only second hand I could find (most are sold within hours of posting the ad) and was still a lot more expensive than some other brand airbrushes (as in I could get an airbrush and at least 1 or 2 good kits for the price of just the second hand brush). In the end I decided to go with the Ammo Aircobra and hope to receive it soon. My decision was made on the few reviews I could find and the 0.3 mm needle which(like the ultimate apex) allows for relatively fine work in the first section of trigger travel and larger surface painting in the later section of trigger travel. The travel limiter seems like something that can help me with trigger control and can be removed later on if desired. I'll post a review or something when I get it and use it for awhile. Meanwhile I'm slowly but surely building the UH-1D and the leopard 2a6.
  4. C1Rob

    Where to start...

    Thanks for the suggestion I placed (and received) an order at from AMMO by MIG. Ill give these a shot and experiment with some more brands. (the oilbrusher was free!) For Laquer type paints i really need to get a spray booth with a ventilator which i dont have right now. I do wanna try those though.
  5. I just recently got a AS189 and can only say that i like it so far. Draining needs to be done on any compressor with tank so that needs to be kept in mind anyways nomather what brand you buy
  6. Awesome work on these Love the look of the lynx and you nailed it with these!
  7. Hi Jeroen! Thanks for the welcome! Your Merlin is looking great! Another kit I would like to do some day haha The compressor is the HBM AS189A compressor. Its not too expensive and works nicely Highly recommend it so far. For now im thinking of getting a Harder & steenbeck Evo (silverline) or a MIG Aircobra (once its available again). The mig airbrush seems to be fairly similar to the UMP Apex airbrush but with easier access to spareparts here. Anyways, ill keep my eyes open for your builds and start sharing my own builds soon
  8. C1Rob

    Where to start...

    Hi Will, Thank you very much for the information and suggestions, much appreciated! Humbrol, for me, resonates with testores and Revell in my head. Probably nothing wrong with them but doesn't feel right for some reason.
  9. Haha yes, this was when I first set it up. I was gonna take a current picture last night but it was full of stuff and not really recognizable.
  10. C1Rob

    Where to start...

    Correct I've been reading and watching videos about the different types of paints I'm going to try out the various brands to see what works for me.
  11. C1Rob

    Where to start...

    Thank you Dennis for the insight I'm going to see what I really need to order for this kit and the next kit I'm thinking of building and go from there. I'm going to test out some ammo and hataka paints as well so I have an indication of what I want to focus on.
  12. Haha thanks! Well I've liked airplanes for a long time aswell so its not like im a helicopter only guy. For some reason they are pulling me into the hobby, i doubt it will stay with just them I plan on building some spitfires, harriers, etc as well. Chicago is a nice city I visited it 13 years ago i believe. I remember the big square with the chrome bean statue on it haha
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