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Found 23 results

  1. 1/72 Pavla Boeing 281 Peashooter is done!!!! The Rigging is the hardest part as the 0.01 mm Ammo rigging is very vulnerable. The interior is the aftermarket PE accessories by Brengun. Had a lot of sanding and gap-filling work to do, although only a few parts were included in this kit. Boeing 281 is the export version of P-26A. The only difference is that model 281 does not have a radio which is fatal to pilots' communication during the fighting. Canton warlord purchased these 10 planes during the 1930s but eventually were received by the Chinese Central government due to rebellion in Canton. Planes come with light grey so the warlord called this unit the White Eagle Squadron. Boeing 281 was the best plane the Chinese government equipped during the beginning of the Sino-Japanese War. They were even better than Hawk III and Fiat CR.32. Thus, they were used to protect the capital city Nankin. Furthermore, they were used to escort He-111A0 and Martin B-10 bombers to attack IJN headquarters during the battle of Shanghai in 1937. These two historical Pictures below were taken by Norbert Poncetti. Quoted from "Boeing Model 281 — Chinese Peashooters" https://sinorecords.org/boeing-281/ Reference Leo Guo (2020) "Boeing Model 281 — Chinese Peashooters", Sino s Records, https://sinorecords.org/boeing-281/ (Norbert Poncetti) Leo Guo (2020) "Boeing Model 281 — Chinese Peashooters" (Norbert Poncetti) Leo Guo (2020) "Boeing Model 281 — Chinese Peashooters"
  2. Good morning, afternoon and evening. Below is my first Classic Airframes Kit Polikarpov I-152, bought from the aftermarket. The interior resin parts were broken, and there were a lot of gaps to fill and sand. The decal number "305" was broken while removing it from the decal sheet, probably because it is an aged kit. I chose to paint the vertical stabiliser in light blue and white that match the colour of Nationalist Insignia. History Pictures in China Interior I hope you enjoy it. Cheers, Tommy H Liu
  3. Good morning, afternoon and evening, Today I would like to share my 1/48 Lindberg Gloster Gladiator Chinese Airforce, 2909. The plane 2909 was flown by American- Chinese ACE pilot John Poon- Yeung Wong, 29th squadron No.9. Picture below quoted from "Aces of the Republic of China Air Force" - by Raymond Cheung. The kit was bought from an aftermarket, the interior is all PE parts by AirWaves and the decal is made by Kora. Rigging was the hardest part of this plane as I needed to make turnbuckles myself. I did not take more pics of the interior this time. But I took some in-progress pics. If anyone is interested in the process of building, I would like to share them in the comments. Cheers, Tommy H Liu
  4. Hi Everyone, Just finished the third of my haul from Telford last November, so I thought I`d trouble you with some photo`s Czech Models 1/48 scale Curtiss A-12 Shrike kit Finished to represent an aircraft of No 26 Bomber Squadron, No 9 AG, Chinese Air Force, 1937-38 Which was an option in the kit Built mostly from the box with the exception of the fragile resin frames and flying control actuators which were broken into little bits in the bag and.... replaced with bits of wire, tube and plastic strip. Took three attempts at the rigging before I got it looking barely acceptable and can`t count the amount of times I broke the undercarriage struts. Suffice to say I`m glad it`s all over. Hope you enjoy the pic`s. Thanks for looking, Cheers Russ
  5. Hi there, Last one out of the production line. Ok, yes, I've yet to add two wing tanks, and one last stencil... I did have a lot of fun with this one, but yet I managed to make a lot of errors and had my share of bad luck, don't worry! So, I'm not 100% happy with the result. 70% maybe? Still, I like it, and hope you will Weathering much too strong for this scale, to be more specific for the exhausts and the guns, antenna wire much more 1/32 than 1/72, bad fi tof the black upper antenna (Gonio?), etc... Also, bad luck with PMA decals. Everything went well with the stylized sun on six positions, but I had three different sets of numbers and stencils wrecked before the one that decided to stay in place! This specific F-51 is part of a group of aircraft that were paid by different donators, 067 (F-51067; 44-74956) being paid for by Taipei City(City name is written under the pit. Any comments welcome, do not hesitate to tell me what you think, whatever it is.
  6. Howdy Everyone, Took some pic`s of the latest addition to my Republic of China WWII collection so thought you wouldn`t mind if I bothered you with a few My attempt at ICM`s 1/48 I-153 `Guomindang AF Fighter` boxing Built straight from the box contents.... With only some engine wiring, seatbelts and rigging added. Drilled out the gun barrels and exhausts too Decals are the kits and went on with no trouble, just a very hot water compress on the rudder stripes to fold them round the edge Great little kit, hope you enjoy the pic`s Thanks for looking Cheers Russ
  7. Howdy Everyone, Thought I`d post a few photo`s of my latest effort Tamiya`s 1/48 FB VI kit, masquerading as a Canadian built FB 26 Built straight from the box contents ( though I realise there were probably a few differences ) apart from the decals........... ...which came from Iliad Design `Canadian Built Mosquitos` sheet Apparently China purchased 190 of these to fight in the civil war but this one was kept in Canada for training purposes..... ...... and carried the CNAC markings instead of the usual RoCAF ones Hope you enjoy the pic`s, thanks for looking Cheers Russ
  8. Hi Everyone, thought I`d share some pic`s of my latest effort with you My attempt at Dora Wings 1/48 P-43 Lancer Kit Built from their `In China Skies` boxing and in Republic of China markings ( no surprise 🙂 ) Finished to represent an aircraft of 21st FS/4th FG, En-shih, late 1943. Mostly from the box contents: replaced the engine push rods with individual bits of wire as I managed to wreck the kit ones cutting them off the sprue. Additions were; ignition harness, canopy rails and brake pipes from bits of wire Replaced the gun barrels with metal tube and decals are the kits. Wasn`t a fan of the etched metal cowling flaps which took me a few attempts to get looking neat(ish) Glad to have one in the collection at last though. Hope you enjoy the pic`s, thanks for looking Cheers Russ
  9. Howdy all, Thought you wouldn`t mind seeing some photo`s of the latest addition to my Republic of China Air Force collection My attempt at Special Hobby`s reissue of Classic Airframes 1/48 CR.32 kit Finished to represent an aircraft flown by Lt Chen, Tse-liu...... ......during the Canton and Kwangsi Provinces confrontation and later against the Japanese but with the white band removed Built pretty much from the box contents with just a few bits of photo etch which pinged away never to be seen again, replaced with bits of wire and such. Not too hard a build but Special Hobby`s instructions have you place the instrument panel too far back, causing much swearing and gnashing of teeth, also... the struts are a bit brittle and kept snapping during handling. Glad to finally have one in the collection though Hope you enjoy the pic`s, thanks for looking Cheers Russ
  10. Way back in 2018 I started this kit for the Trainers GB, but ground to a halt before completing the cockpit. With lockdown I decided to work through some of my half-started models, though barely a sixteenth-started might be more accurate. I acquired this kit for a fiver from the chap that attends our monthly (in the old days) IPMS meetings. I’d never heard of the plane or the kit maker, you can find the aircraft easily enough on the net but I do recommend care if you Google “Lo Models Taiwan”! I believe the AT-3 was Taiwan’s first jet, designed in cooperation with Northrop, and this kit was Lo-Models first and possibly only 1/72 kit – there is a vague suggestion on the net of other AIDC types being kitted but I found no sign. The kit itself is reasonable for its vintage, parts breakdown is fairly standard, the pilot figures are some of the best sculpted I’ve seen! The kit comes with underwing stores for the light attacker role. It would look quite impressive fully loaded out with tanks, bombs and sidewinders, but I stuck with the clean trainer airframe. The paint job on the boxart I assume is from the first deployment of the aircraft. Some have also appeared in SEA-style camo and its also the mount of the ROCAF display team. Anyway I went with the silver and “red”, which I mixed 2-3 parts orange to one part red (Tamiya). I forgot painting red over silver is even worse than over grey primer, so had to add a coat of white hallway through – hence those panels ended up with 5 or six coats! The kit, whilst basic, builds up reasonably well, not noticeably any worse than an Airfix or Revell of the era, certainly not as bad as the few other builds on the net suggested (or maybe their warnings adjusted my expectation). Its certainly quite an attractive aircraft, I believe there is or was a 1/48 version in the offing from some manufacturer. Cheers Will PS Self Reliance is the translation for Tsu Chang as per the boxart, elsewhere the name is quoted as Tzu Chung or Tsu Chiang.
  11. Howdy everyone, now the silly season and the first Shifts of the year are out of the way I managed to finish my latest effort: Freedom Models 1/48 scale Curtiss Hawk III kit Finished in the markings of 25 Sqn, RoCAF, based at Yangchow Airfield, China 1937 and flown by Pilot Mu Fei Chang. The script on the fwd fuselage ( which also appears under the wings ) reads Ningpo Special according to what I found on the web. As usual mostly from the kit contents, I did replace some of the etched stuff with bits of wire but managed to use the interplane rigging and engine harness Kit went together quite well apart from the cabane struts, which I partly replaced with plastic strip as the moulded parts didn`t match the locating holes in the wing The decals are the kits and were impervious to everything I tried except a very hot hair dryer and stiff brush Really glad to have one in the collection at last. Hope you enjoy the pic`s, thanks for looking Cheers Russ
  12. Hi all, Latest one of the production line is my 3rd Hasegawa 1/48 F-104 Starfighter (an Eduard boxing this time) finished in the markings of the Republic Of China Air Force (ROCAF) as she would have appeared in the early 1980's. Painted with a mix of Gunze and Xtracrylix paints and finished with Bestfong decals ( excellent by the way) I hope you like her. For those of you not put off by the pictures above here is a link to the wip, Thanks for looking and as usual all comments and criticisms are gratefully received. Craig.
  13. I saw this scheme on a 1/48 build on another forum and was really taken with it. This is the 1/72 Hasegawa kit, a really straightforward and enjoyable kit.
  14. Hi Everyone, Just finished last weekend, which I was building alongside my Messerscmhitt `108, but which took a bit longer for some reason Italeri`s reissue of Esci`s 1/48 Henschell 123 kit Finished to represent an aircraft of 15th Chungtui, Chinese Air Force, Nankin Region around 1938 Built mostly from the box contents... with the decals from Kora decals DEC4821 set According to the instructions the aircraft were delivered in all over grey and the camo` applied by hand locally Hope you enjoy, Thanks for looking Cheers Russ
  15. Hi, I found these two recently posted videos of some help in researching F-104As in Taiwanese service, so maybe it's worth posting these here. There's not much out there on Taiwanese equipment so these videos were a revelation to me. It's from 1981 and images include pre flight checks on an F-104G and F-104As taxiing away. In Mandarin by the way. Part 1 Part 2 (F-104A at 7.42) Jay
  16. Hi everyone, Just finished my other `Chinese` P-40 that I was building along side my recently posted AVG Hawk 81 Hasegawas 1/48 P-40N completed to represent; `Sam` of the Chinese American Composite Wings 5th FG Flown by Col John A Dunning, Chihkiang, China 1944 Built pretty much out of the box, with just some seat belts, brake pipes and aerial wires added. Decals were from an old Cutting Edge set. Hope you enjoy, thanks for looking Cheers Russ
  17. Hi Everyone, Here`s my attempt at making an AVG Hawk from every ones favourite P-40 kit Finished to represent a Hawk H-81 of the 2nd Pursuit Squadron `The Panda Bears`, AVG, flown by Franklin Schwartz, Burma `42 I made a few improvements to the kit, the biggest being: replacing the cockpit with a resin one I had lying around from an Eduard P-40 Still used the kit instrument panel though, so it`s still not accurate but looks better IMHO and scratch built a replacement seat. Other tweaks include; reduced the rudder chord, lengthened the tail wheel, lengthened the main gear........... Added retraction links to the main gear, Replaced the wing guns with brass tube and sanded the protruding panels down a bit. The Decals came from a Sky models set, which were great except I had to hand paint the teeth behind the spinner Oh and the pitot came off a Hasegawa kit, otherwise just the usual brake pipes, aerials etc Hope you enjoy, thanks for looking Happy New Year, Cheers Russ
  18. After seeing Vincent's thread about his spotting tour of Taiwan air bases, my failing memory told me that I did have a few pictures on the subject, taken not so long ago around the Island State, on different occasions. Quite a few pictures in fact, and fewer worth to be exposed here when you think of my ability at using a camera... But you never know, so here we go. Gangshan An air base on the southwest of the island, between Tainan in the north, and the harbour-city of Kaoshiung. It's the home of the air force academy, T-34 and AT-3 are flying all day long. There's also the air force museum, but all the aircraft are parked outside, and are suffering badly from the elements (typhoons and earthquake are very common in Taiwan). L-19? T-33 F-84G And last, an interesting one, a MiG-19R Farmer C, flown by a defector from the continent in 1983
  19. Once a year I try to spot far far away. After two trips in Japan it was time to find another target. This year I went to Taiwan. I paid visits to Hsinchu (Mirage 2000), Chiayi (F-16), Tainan (F-CK-1), Taichung/CCK (F-CK-1), Gangshan (AT-3 & T-34C), Taitung (F-5), Hualien (F-16 & RF-5) & Taipei/Songshan (transport a/c) airbases. And it was nice, really nice. The RoCAF fighter bases being active 7/7. As when the weather or light conditions are not of my convenience I drop my film cameras (with slides films!) and move to pics for dummies, I mean digital picture. Hsinchu Hsinchu Tainan Gangshan Hsinchu Hsinchu Taichung/CCK Gangshan Gangshan Gangshan Gangshan Gangshan V.P.
  20. Hi all, Just thought I`d show some pic`s of my just completed attempt at making a Chinese Nationalist Air Force Hawk II from the old Lindberg Goshawk kit. Curtiss Hawk II No 2804, flown by Lt Art Chin, 28th PS/5th PG, August 1937. Had to do a few modifications to the base kit, including: eliminating triangular cut out from the rudder, manufacture tail skid and..... fit semi built in slipper tank underneath to replace the teardrop aux` tank. Detail improvements include: ignition wires, exhaust stubs and replacement pilot figure to hide the lack of cockpit detail. Decals from the stash. Built to remind myself why I rarely build Biplanes. Hope you enjoy, thanks for looking Cheers Russ
  21. Hi Everyone, Thought I`d show some pic`s of my most recent completion Academys 1/48 scale P-38 Lightning, done as the Recce option and completed as: and aircraft of 12th Reconnaissance Squadron, Sino-American Wing, Chinese Nationalist Air Force, 1944-45 Built mostly OOB with just brake pipes and seat belts added, with decals from a Blue Rider sheet Was going to complete it in Olive Drab and Neutral Grey scheme but after Googling and looking through books found..... that every reference and profile stated Dark Green and Light Grey as the colours used so presume they were delivered in Bare Metal and painted locally. Whatever colour they were I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for looking,Cheers Russ
  22. Hi Everyone, just managed to finish and photograph my latest build; Eduards weekend edition I-16 Which I finished in the kit markings to represent an aircraft of: Sinkiang Aviation Unit, Dihua airfield, China, 1941-42 Only additions to what came in the box was some seat belts and the undercarriage retraction cables Don`t know a lot about these so probably a few boo-boos but hopefully nothingserious. Hope you enjoy, thanks for looking. Cheers Russ
  23. Hi everyone, Can someone please help me. I recently started working on the 1/48 Kinetic ROCAF Mirage 2000-5Di. I bought the Wolfpack Mirage 2000D resin cockpit for it but from the limited info I was able to gather it seems that the two seaters in service with Taiwan are purely Mirage 2000-5 trainers. I am therefor not sure if the Mirage 2000D cockpit is correct for this kit. My question relates spesifically to the front and rear instrument panels. I cannot find pictures of the Mirage 2000-5Di cockpit anywhere on the web. Does anybody know what panel these aircraft uses? I suspect the front panel is the same as standard 2000-5 and rear as 2000D, without the rubber scope tube extensions. Any info would be much appreciated Thanks
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