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Found 20 results

  1. A number of weeks ago I warned you guys that I had started the build of my AR Coupe and that I would be posting a WIP here. Well, it is happening. Upfront, this will not be anywhere near what some of you are displaying here, but I will learn and maybe even master some techniques along the way. I've done some ootb building 40-35 years ago. I'did build up quite a stash of kits, mostly 1:24 scale, I have sold most of them over the past few years and replaced them with 1:8 and one 1:12 (Bentley). I was planning to start when I was going to be retired in a few years, but, well.... Britmodeller happened and I couldn't wait anymore. Back in 1996 I ran into Pocher and actually only the AR Coupe Elegant. A local shop had a number of boxes for what now would be $100. I bought 3, sold one immediately which more than paid for the three kits. I sold the second a few years back for about 20 times what I paid for it. This is the story of what happens to the third kit. I didn't open the box until 2008 or 9. Started the chassis and the engine. I also did the wheels back then, but after that left it until this year. I'm taking pictures but not enough, so apologies for that. As said, this one is not going to perfect, but feel free to comment anytime. I'm here to learn as much as possible. Just one other thing, english is not my mother tongue, so bear with me if I'm not understandable. Here it goes
  2. Finished the Mercedes, I am very satisfied with the result. I scratch built the hydraulic brake hoses, the reference shows straight couplings. Further I added micro LED to the rear lights and replaced the bulbs for the front with LED. For some reason it's not possible to light them both when in parallel connection. Guess I have to add a resistor to the micro LED's to make it work. The windows work well, only one of the pins is a bit too long but besides that they move up and down well. The upholstery and roof went quite well, the vinyl of the door needs to be cut to fit (due to the handle bar). Seats were no issue but they don't look like real sheets. I upgraded the dash board with PE meters, looks better than the stickers. I completed all the wheels. Compared to the wheels of the Alfa and Rolls, the wheels of the Mercedes need more adjustment/time. The 2 plastic rim halves don't fit, all the nipples of the spokes had to be redialled (hole too small) and all the spokes had to be bend on one side. For the bending I made a small jig out of a plastic pipe. I drilled a hole with the diameter of a spoke and the depth to the point where the spoke needed a bend. As the inner and outer spokes were not the same I had to drill a 2nd hole on a thicker part of the pipe. The bending of the spokes was needed to make a better pattern but even if you would follow the Porcher pattern, bending would be required to be able to fixate the spokes. There was a lot of plastic protruding under the steel center covers, removed this so that it's not visible when the covers are mounted. The balance weight I pushed first in place using a soldering iron. The hole is does not fit properly, so it will melt it to the correct size. Afterwards I glued them in place. The steel ring on the outside needed to be adjusted such that the nipples would be visible. This was quite simple by using a big socket and pliers. Then press the ring in the desired position. If some of the nipples were not proper in place at the end, I pushed them in using a hot soldering iron. Finally I painted the sidewalls white using Tamiya white primer. And with these tyres I experienced the same as with the Rolls. The primer dried nicely but after 2 weeks it becomes sticky, caused by the plasticising agent in the tyre. It should eventually become dry but it will take quite some time for that. Guess for the next time I should use a water base acrylic. The hub caps I painted one ring black (the body colour), this is a matter of paint the ring black and the excess amount you wipe off once the paint is dry. I spent some time in scratch building the steering rods. Although the MMC parts look nice I wanted to give it a try to do better. I made ball joints, adjustment clamps and dust covers. For the ball joints I used 3 mm stainless steel beads with a 1.5 mm hole. I tapped M2 thread in these holes so that M2 threaded rod could be mounted. For the housing of the ball joint I used 4x0.5 mm brass rod. Length about 4 mm, the top I cut on 8-10 positions in about 1 mm with a serrated saw (Proxxon)of 0.1 mm thick. With a small hammer I pushed the top a bit inwards, as the cuts are very small it will only go in a bit. Enough to keep the bead inside the housing and still give the joint play. The top I closed with 0.2 mm brass plate and filed it to match the housing. The adjustment clamp is made of 4x0.5 mm brass rod with on top 3x0.5 mm brass rod soldered. After soldering and filing I cut it open so that it can clamp. The dust covers are made from Plasti-dip, this is a liquid vinyl and I followed the suggestion of Ken Foran. Is made a mandril of 4x0.5 mm brass rod and connected that with a 2 mm rod (to match the dimensions of the housing and thread). Dipped it in the Plasti-dip, 2 times, let it dry and first cut the access part and removed it from the mandril. At the end assembled and painted the whole. Although not perfect it came out quite well.
  3. Out driving with the Misses when she wants to stop at a yard/garage sale to look around. Gentleman was retiring and getting rid of mostly household knick-knacks and stuff. Garage/shop/barn is open and there is an old restored tractor I see, the ladies are yabbering so I ask him is that an old MF 990 with the supercharger? He says yeah but in reality it is just a rebadged Oliver 98. He then tells me to come check this out and slides open a door that leads long L shaped extension off the back that is not visible from the front. Lined up are 14 old Oliver tractors of various years most at least partly restored. By the Back sliding door I see a Cadillac CTS convertible parked next to a Corvette ZO6 convertible. As my head turns to the shelving lining the walls I see it …a Pocher Spider touring Gran Sport box. I ask him if he built it and said he bought it 40 years ago and started it but nothing fit and he gave up. I told him when younger back in the late 70’s I had purchased a Pocher 8C 2300 Monza as a Kmart blue light special for like 30 bucks which was a lot of money back then for a teenager and that I too had started it and gave up. I told him that I wished I had never gotten rid of it and have always wanted to attempt a Pocher again. He says I am not ever going to do anything with it if you give me Two hundred bucks for it it’s yours! Knowing that missing parts are common I ask if I can see it. He grabs it and takes it to a table and open it up. The engine is in a zip lock bag mostly complete the carburetor has fallen off and the rubber holding the water pipes is cracked and broken, one tire has on row of spokes done and everything else appears to be there with most of the bags still stapled to the inner cardboard flaps. I am starting to get excited but my conscience gets the better of me and I tell him that the old Pocher Kits a hard to find and people pay good money for them sometimes a lot, it is one of the reasons I have yet to pick one up. He says I know they go crazy for them … a deal is a deal … Two Hundred! Since it looks complete I tell him it is honestly is worth more than that to me and that I would probably go to five hundred but only have four on me. He say he will take the four but only if he is allowed to throw in a surprise. We shake on it and I am beginning to worry what I am going to tell the Misses as I walk out of the barn with the big Pocher box. The gentleman goes and talks to his wife who then goes inside the house. He has got this cat ate the mouse grin on him … Out she comes with a Pocher Sedanca Coupe Phantom II not in the original shrink but wrapped in clear plastic and sealed with tape. Your surprise I am throwing in …. look at that box it is in perfect shape .. opened it and looked at it then sealed it back up been that way for 40 years. I tell him there is no way I can accept that! He replies a deal is a DEAL …you SHOOK ON IT! You are not leaving without it. So I am now the proud owner of two old Pocher Kits one started one pristine for four hundred bucks. Sometimes you are just blessed …or lucky! Lester
  4. Hello All! I am new to this forum and this is my first post. I live in Norway and although I can read english well my writing is not the best. Sorry for misspelling and the occasional new word. I come from the world of RC-cars, and while reasearcing static 1/8 scale models that could be modifyed into RC, I stumbeled over this forum and Pocher models inparicular. Reading the brilliant WIP-threads on here and seeing the amazing detailes kits, I got bitten by the bug, Pocheritis I think you call it, and knew I had to try to build a Pocher. I have not much modeling experience building static models. As a kid I did use enough glue to make kits stay together, but no painting or detailing. Now I am trying to make my RC´s look and behave like real cars. I have buildt a Rc4wd Trailfinder 2, Gelande 2, Axial Wrtaith and a few Tamiya kits, but my detailing skills let me down on a regular basis. Just by reading this forum I have learnt loads, and I hope to learn more. So a big Thank You to all who share their tips, tricks and techniques. It is very inspiring! Ebay is a dangerous place. There are many NIB kits for sale, some parts and some ready built models in various states. I was thinking I did not want to ruin a "new" kit so I am going to start with ready built models, try to restore and hopefully bring new life into them. It is a good way to know the model, disassembling, cleaning and try to put everything back together. I put in a bid for two built up Alfa Monzas, the price was not bad and I won! Lucky me! In this thread I am going to build up one at a time. Since this is my first, I am going to take my time, do some reaserach, find a car I want to build and slowly put a model together. I am going to need some help, I am going to steal ideas/techniques(Thanks again to you all for sharing!!) and comments, suggestions, banter are very much welcome! The Alfas arrived with both front axles broken due to packaging issues, but apart from that they were as excpected. They need love. Its apparent the builder did not have PaulKoos very helpful dvd at hand. There are stripped screw holes, some broken and misshadeled parts. There are missing spokes and broken "leafsprings". Glue has been used but no paint whitch is good. Some panels are warped and plastic as been bent to make parts fit. Need to bend theese back into shape, a task im dreading. Any tips on how to bend the plastic back into shape? I have read about a heating technique using hot water and also a hairdryer/heatgun, but it seems quite intimidating. Theres a big chance to ruin stuff. Anyways here are som pictures. This is where I stand. I have dissassembled everything, washed and have started to clean the parts. There is still flash and mould marks on almost everything. But the detail is great and I am enjoying the experience. Once that is done I think I will have to put the frame and body together to see if I can get a good fit. From what I have read thats where the biggest issues with the Alfa is. This is all for now. Thanks for looking! Terje
  5. Hello! After my latest success with completing a Pocher Fiat kit I decided it was time to start a new challenge. The building of a partially started (not by me) kit of an Alfa Romeo by Pocher. The kit have some warped plastic and some very brittle dito. The kit is complete, but I have ordered a new set of decals. Well here we go!
  6. Hi all. Just setting out on my first big project and I have aimed high with the pocher aventador roadster. I have just in boxed the amazing looking kit, set out a workbench and I am looking at the first step of the manual, daunting but awesome looking thing! Anyone out there with advice for me setting out in this would be great to hear from you. I want to add a few bespoke touches. But need to stay within my novice skill set. What would people recommend?
  7. I see that Paul Koo has just released his Pocher Huracan DVD on Ebay. Item No 322799619469
  8. frosty


    Hi everyone ,I'm just restarting my twenty-five year old abandoned pocher k73 Alfa - this means complete dis-assembly ( engine, gearbox and ancilaries etc) Inspirerd by roymattblack's beautiful work Any ideas what the prototype colours could have been - don't fancy the cream and blue supplied, maybe the "brick"red? Thanks frosty.
  9. frosty

    K73 Alfa

    Hi everyone ,I'm just restarting my twenty-five year old abandoned pocher k73 Alfa - this means complete dis-assembly ( engine, gearbox and ancilaries etc) Inspirerd by roymattblack's beautiful work Any ideas what the prototype colours could have been - don't fancy the cream and blue supplied, maybe the "brick"red? Thanks frosty.
  10. Hello folks! As a newbie in the Pocher swamp, I thought it would be correct to start build the first one. Pocher Fiat F-2 (K70). I found a picture on scale motorcars showing the model I have chosen to build. It obviously had it fuel line direct in to the engine bay as the K70. The later model have their fuel line going through the firewall. It also have a fuel pump between the seats, instead of the one outside the body. It also lacks a number of visible fuel lines on the outside of the body. Sorry for not be able to show you the picture here. Since I writing in a foreign language I beg forgiveness if it some times make no sense or my spelling all but right. It all started at a swap meet i june, where I was to sell a lot of plastic that would never be built, at least not by me. There was a guy who had a kit by Pocher Alfa Romeo. I must have went past his sales table at least 50 times, before I finally bought the kit. A few parts where missing but by then I had established a contact with Peter at pocherpart, who helped me out. He also sold me this kit. I am not sure if its allowed but I have started a blog where I have some pictures of my attempt to build the engine. http://pocher.vidarfransson.se I will try to post pictures direct here in the future, with some explanation. I think the pictures will speak for themselves. Without the internet and the community I never could have figured out all that has to be done with this old and quite fragile kit, to get it reasonable correct. Well, I am in for a great task that will take a lot of time. I get some new ideas the whole time. It is also a challenge to get all the "home made" stuff to fit together and with the kit. At least I have started it. Vidar
  11. Yesterday I received the Lamborghini Huracan from Pocher, going to start with it soon and I will share the progress if people are interested. My first impression is good, the color is amazing (does not show good in picture) The parts also look very nice, like the wheels, chairs etc. Currently the only exception is the plastic color so all the grey will be resprayed, this looks really cheap. Also most of the black parts will be done with Zero Paints. Enough talk, time for some pictures
  12. hay just seen this model at the liberty walk head office/cafe. clearly from the size its a pocher kit but just wondered can you get upgrades to the pocher lambo kit? i will probably never own such a pricy kit so just wondered? here is photo. here is time stamped link to vid...
  13. Hey everyone, Wanted to share my completed Pocher Ducati, Really happy with the end result of this beautiful model.
  14. Lamborghini Aventador Roadster LP700-4 Pocher 1/8 kit, with detailing and LEDs Follow up post of my build thread, where I talked a lot about everything. Here I'll let the images speak:
  15. Hi! In my "building queue" I have (among others) a Pocher Lamborghini Aventador roadster. I have been looking for some tanskit parts for this and found a site from Tommaso Iuele, who have some parts that looks nice. Does some of you here have experiences with this supplier? https://tommasoiuele.wordpress.com/2015/05/15/new-transkit-lamborghini-aventador-pocher-18/ 8-)
  16. Hello everyone, I came across this forum while doing some research (Google image search), and found the work of roymattblack. I originally had bought my Aventador as a decoration for my living room, so the goal was to complete it asap. I was already halfway through and about to connect the engine part to the passenger cabin when I saw what Roy did to his kit. Wow! I loved the tiny little details he added and was so inspired that I started taking my almost completed rear part apart again. I did more research and found more and more things looking wrong on my model. I did build a couple of Revell planes some 15 years ago but didn’t plan to dive too deep into the diecast thing again. Fiddling around with those super tiny water decals for the cockpit buttons and windshield wiper arm was already way more than what I had planned. I went and bought some colors, but the first results were not very satisfying. Turned out I had bought the wrong silver color, mine looked almost white and not shiny (Revell 06 AFAIR). I went back and bought more colors and more stuff, my normally super clean homeoffice turned more and more into a messy place, and the sheer number of small tasks waiting to be completed seemed overwhelming, but I loved it. I took the engine further apart and added more detail, mostly inspired by Roy and the great work this guy had done. My vision is just a little impaired, so I had recently bought a lens lamp which is an enormous help. I’d say this kit cannot be properly build without one. I will keep posting progress as it unfolds. First part that I build with more love to detail was the front axle: custom battery cable (+) and paint job, active suspension (still looking for a way to get black Öhling decals) My workplace(s): redone engine: By the way: I did manage to press the exhaust manifolds, probably the most illfitting part in this kit so far, into place without altering the attachments by the use of sheer force and super glue. It still holds I'd like to add that I mainly focus on the visible parts since most of the engine will forever be hidden under covers. I did add some extra piping but no fuel lines or oil filters. What amazes me is the fantasy you can bring into such a project. The brackets on the airintakes are made of gift wrapping band Fitting test: Visibility tests: Fitting & visibility test: Progress:
  17. Hello all, On request from Poul and Rich, I’m posting a WIP on my Pocher F12 engine duobuild. The build has been stalled for about 6 months mainly due to other builds getting my full attention. But I need to continue work on these as the parts take up a lot of real estate space in my work area, as you will soon notice. A colleague had acquired this kit but he isn’t a modeler so he asked me to build it for him. As I had the same kit in my stash as well, I started both kits simultaneously, as I would otherwise probably not build my own kit anytime soon. I also thought that it wouldn’t take that much more work to build two identical kits (or so I believed…I’d soon find out how wrong I was). Here are some pics of the kit and the parts. Some of these parts are really massive….
  18. Some scratchbuilding included. I could only remember two parts that I haven't modified or replaced... Due to Photobucket, all the pictures are gone However, you can still see them, and more, at https://www.modelmotorcars.com/jo-martins/ PS Following on from a request by Codger, here they are again, courtesy of Flickr And here it is at the moment...
  19. I was looking into this kit while evaluating what might be next and found very lttle information about it here in the forum. So I thought why not start an official discussion about this upcoming kit, possible release dates, first reviews and misc. stuff. Contributions welcome. Found this image on twitter of the actual kit car as shown @ Nurnberg toy fair early 2016. All other images lurking around are CAD renders. I saw a discussion somewhere based on these Images. I for my part highly doubt the cockpit will be as detailed as in the renders. I found old renders of the Aventador and the kit looks not at all as detailed. What I read is that the release date should be at the beginning of June 2016, which would be now. But as far as I know it wasn't released yet? Also didn't find any reviews, and the reviewers usually get the early preview models (or not?). I guess I will wait for a possible Spyder kit, preferrably in blue. Nonetheless I'm interested in what is about to come.
  20. i have this Pocher Aventador build going on at the moment, so i thought that i might show it here on this forum (i have it on another forum too). i started in late october last year, building the parts i can, as i am waiting for the trans kit to be available, to really advance the build. onto the build. the Pocher 1:8 box: and with a 1:18 AUTOart box you can fit 12 AUTOart 1:18 boxes in the Pocher box. 6 in 2 layers the front bonnet right door wheels front and mid section the Aventadors is all AUTOart 1:18 (except the Pocher 1:8 of course) i wont build it straight out of the box. i want add some extra details and my personal touch/taste. various parts would benefit greatly from some new paint, so i will do that. a trans kit is in development, which i most likely would add. paint interior in some color combo, maybe like in the AUTOart 1:18 Aventador. repaint wheels in another color. thinking of either silver or light gun metal. definitely not black. nooo
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